10 Less-Known Mistakes to Avoid While Crafting Custom Chinese Takeout Boxes

American-invented Chinese takeout boxes are a popular addition to the food industry, helping brands to pack and present their food items stylishly. These boxes are known to assist customers with their portable nature, making them easy to carry wherever one wants. With their exotic outlook and functionality, these have become quite a popular choice in the food realm. In this post, we will look into the petty mistakes that most of the brands might overlook when crafting custom Chinese takeout boxes.

Give this post a 5-minutes read and you are going to learn about these errors and common ways to overcome them.


Mostly neglected, this aspect plays a key role in defining the overall shape of custom Chinese takeout boxes. When brands take inaccurate measurements and don’t consider factors such as fold lines and the tapering design, this mistake can lead to incorrect alignment of the edges, thus spoiling the overall shape of the box.

Before proceeding with anything, brands need to ensure they are taking the right dimensions and are having an extra space to adjust folds in design.


This mistake can lead to drastic consequences. The first thing that defines the overall quality of the box is the material used to make it. Therefore, if the foundation chosen is of poor quality, how can a brand assure its packaging to be top-notch? This is going to result in negative customer experiences and harm the brand’s overall repute in the market.

Some of the best material choices for custom Chinese takeout boxes include paperboard and cardboard. Such options help to result in boxes that are not only easy to fold, but also quite sturdy to hold the items intact inside them. Before making any decision, make sure the material is not too thick that makes the box difficult to fold.


Another mistake is not properly looking into the way a particular box closes. For any takeout box, it is crucial to provide a secure closure. Any errors here can lead to unexpected opening of the box at any time, leading to serious consequences for the brand. Therefore, before finalizing the boxes, it is important to test them for a reliable closure.


Handles are added to custom Chinese takeout boxes for offering a perfect support while carrying them from one place to another. Imagine a scenario where you are carrying a box and all of a sudden, its handle falls from its place or rips apart, leading to the entire box falling down. Already sensing it? That is the reason why all brands need to test the wire handles and check out if they can handle the weight of the box’s content. The handle needs to be attached to the box with proper adhesives and must distribute the weight evenly throughout the box.


What’s the purpose of creating custom Chinese takeout boxes if they cannot assure the safety of the food items! As these boxes directly come in contact with the food, they must use inks, colors and adhesive that don’t react with the food, and are safe to use. Overlooking this aspect can lead to the contamination of food, proving to be harmful for all those who consume food in poor quality boxes.


Boxes having a difficult design or assembly take much time and efforts by the relevant brand. This increases the costs of production as well. Therefore, these boxes such be convenient in design and easy-to-assemble, so that brands can handle large-quantity orders without much hassle. To further make the process even easier, clear instructions should be given to the brands regarding how to assemble these boxes in a time-savvy manner.


There are many brands that put dire efforts in designing classy boxes, but forget focusing on the user experience. Any errors in box creation such as poor quality, sharp edges, hard lids etc. can result in spoiling the overall experience of customers. Therefore, before creating these boxes, brands need to keep their customers in mind and ensure making boxes that are much friendly to the users.


Boxes without proper branding details are same as a heart without blood or a plant without water. Branding is the lifeline of these boxes, and that is why brands should mention requisite details confidently on them. Any mistakes in placement of logo, or selection of color or theme can lead to customers neglecting your brand. So, to make your brand get noticed, don’t ever neglect this aspect and leverage these boxes as branding tools.


Customers are becoming much aware of the safety of the surroundings, and monitor their own actions to check out if they are buying goods from brands that are friendly to the eco-system. To turn such customers toward the brand, it is essential for all of them to use green practices and adopt recyclable material choices that cut down the overall manufacturing costs as well as carbon footprint. Brands that are not following this approach are likely to fall behind in the saturated market.


Many brands neglect this aspect and don’t test their prototypes for flaws. And guess what? This results in a large batch of defected boxes, and an even a greater TIME and COST loss for the brands. The prototype thus needs to be tested according to the latest quality standards and brands must ensure to comply to these regulations.

Being mindful of these mistakes, brands can focus on quality control and craft highly-functional custom Chinese takeout boxes that ensure to elevate the consumer experience. Without any more delay, turn towards Packaging Mania– the real power house of packaging- and get all your customization needs sorted in a glance.

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