A Comprehensive Guide on STD Screening

Being sexually active requires you to be responsible. You must use protection, and get screened from time to time.

Being sexually active, be it with multiple or single partners without protection might lead you to be afflicted with STD or sexually transmitted disease.

These are infections that mostly take place including vaginal, oral or anal sex and can be diagnosed through STD Screening (Dépistage mts). 

But what is STD Screening (Dépistage mts)? And how is it helpful? Is it painful? Well too many questions, isn’t it!!

Let us see in the following article what is STD Screening (Dépistage mts) and what it involves. 

What is an STD?

As the name suggests, these result from unprotected sex. 

The disease passes from one body to another through 

  • Semen
  • Vaginal fluids
  • Other bodily secretions. 

These can be done through a STD Screening (Dépistage mts) at your nearest private clinic (Clinique privé). 

When is an STD Screening (Dépistage mts) required?

Engaging in sexual intercourse is nothing wrong, [provided you are 18 years and above].

An STD Screening (Dépistage mts) should be done when: 

  • You see some sores or bumps on the genitals, oral, or rectal areas. 
  • You experience pain during sexual intercourse
  • You experience a painful or burning urination. 
  • There is unusual vaginal bleeding accompanied by abdominal pain. 

The STD Screening (Dépistage mts) process- the ultimate guide 

This is the most important part of the article, as here we shall be delving into a detailed, informative guide on the process of STD Screening (Dépistage mts). 

1. Blood tests 

  • This is a preliminary step to finding out the cause of all the pain that hinders your sexual pleasure and heath. 
  • The blood will be taken from a small vein in your arm, using a small needle and would be collected in a vial. 
  • Blood tests are used to treat and diagnose STDs like syphilis, HIV and Herpes. 

2. Urine tests 

As the name suggests, here the health care professional will collect your urine sample. 

You will be storing the urine in the cup which is provided by the health care provider to store the urine and later send it up for treatment for trichomoniasis and sometimes even for gonorrhoea. 

3. Swab tests 

Remember the time when covid was around the corner and you were tested for all the smallest symptoms of COVID-19. 

Similarly, for this STD Screening (Dépistage mts), process you would be treated for the same. 

A swab would be inserted on the area of infection where you are experiencing pain inflammation, or any other issues. 

This test in women is done by taking swab samples from the vagina or cervix. 

In men, the samples are taken from the penis or urethra. 

This test diagnoses 

  • HPV
  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhoea 
  • Herpes 

You can get this STD Screening (Dépistage mts) at your nearest private clinic (Clinique privé). 

4. Spinal tap 

A not-so-very-popular method or the diagnosis of STD. 

However, this is done when your healthcare provider has an advanced stage of Syphilis or treating a herpes infection. 

This test is done when the infection has infected the brain or any part of the brain. 

To take this test, first, you need to visit the nearest Private clinic (Clinique privé).  

The test will include a healthcare provider injecting an anaesthetic into your back. 

This anaesthetic here is provided to you so that you do not feel the pain. 

Once the area is numb, the health care provider will insert a thin and hollow needle between two vertebrates in your lower spine. 

Vertebrates are the small bones up your spine and then withdraw the small amount of fluid for testing your infection.

5. Oral test 

As the name suggests, the oral test, is where the health care provider will put a swab into your mouth and collect some samples. 

After the sample is collected, the healthcare provider will take all necessary actions that can help you get better. 

This test is also done at the nearest Private clinic (Clinique privé). 

6. Pap smear 

  • This test is done specifically on women who have contracted the human papillomavirus. 
  • A pap smear test is done to screen cervical cancer, the screening is done by conducting a pelvic exam. 
  • The speculum holds the walls of the vagina so that the doctor can easily see the cervix. 
  • Once the speculum is inserted there can be a sensation of pressure in the pelvic area. 
  • Post the insertion the doctor will take samples of the cervical cells, and using a soft brush and scrapping device called spatula the cells are extracted. 
  • You can get this STD Screening (Dépistage mts) at your nearest private clinic (Clinique privé)

Some suggestions 

Now that we have discussed some tests, let us now discuss some of the suggestions so that these things do not occur and the recipient is safe. 

Some of these include using condoms and having protected sex. 

Maintaining pre and post-sexual hygiene is a must for both men and women. 

Rushing to the nearest health care clinic to view any of the above-enlisted symptoms. 


In sum, as we go on to conclude we can see that having unprotected sexual intercourse can be dangerous.

To get this situation mitigated there are some probable solutions available and getting a STD Screening (Dépistage mts) is a must. 

Apart from this, there are some other probable solutions mentioned that can be incorporated throughout. 

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