All you need to know about Citizenship and Immigration law in Turkey

Many citizens are looking to either get Turkish citizenship or move to Turkey. However, it is sometimes a large and complicated field that must be done quickly. Thus, as we are an Istanbul Lawyer Firm, we have all the necessary information about Turkish citizenship and immigration law to help you before you complete your Turkish citizenship or start your immigration process. 

Turkish immigration lawyer will advise you on how to deal with Turkish nationality and immigration law. Legal consultancy services with professional and experienced citizenship and immigration lawyers in Turkey are available, and you will be provided with all the information you need from our knowledgeable team. If you live in Turkey and there are immigration law requirements, you can contact Kurucuk and get access to English-speaking lawyers at our law firm. 

The main features of Turkish Immigrant Law. 

Being a citizen of Turkey and the respective immigration policy in Turkey incorporate a certain number of elements. These components mentioned above of Turkish citizenship and immigration law include visa types and requirements, residence permits in Turkey, investments that will lead to citizenship, and citizenship through bank deposit. The following paragraphs explain these. 

Visa Types and Requirements 

There are several types of visas, including tourist, working, and internship visas, as well as visas for archaeological digs, exploration, documentaries, tour operators’ representatives, medical treatments, and accompanying someone. 

In terms of Turkish nationality and immigration laws, the necessity of a Turkish visa contains a valid passport, a biometric photo from the last few weeks, a signed application form for a Turkish visa, financial confirmations, medical insurance proof, and information of residence.

Types of Residence Permits in Turkey 

As to Turkish citizenship and immigration law management, some residence permit options exist in Turkey that include:

  • The ‘Short-term Residence Permit’ is for topping up the people who want to stay in Turkey for less than a year, normally given for this quarantine period. Travelers, learners, investors, and patients who need medical treatment can all use it. 
  • A residence permit, called a ‘Student Residence Permit,’ is for people who come to Turkey to study. 
  • A long-term Residence permit is given to foreigners who legally stay in Turkey for a certain time, most often eight years. 

A work permit is given to those who desire to work in Turkey. 

Family residence permits are for the relatives of foreigners with active residence permits in Turkey. 

Citizenship Through Investment 

Apart from gaining Turkish citizenship, investors from other countries representing their families can also become Turkish citizens since the significant financial contribution they make in return boosts investment in the economy and direct foreign investment. 

Citizenship Through Bank Deposit 

Throughout some countries, economic growth is achieved through citizenship with bank deposits. People owning a minimum of 500,000 USD or its equivalent or more in other currency and keeping that money in Turkey’s banks for three years can be granted Turkish citizenship. 

The Hardships and Solutions related to the Immigration Procedure. 

Turkish citizenship and immigration law rules and regulates mission. People can have easier and smoother processes. However, fulfilling the purpose of Turkish citizenship or migrating to Turkey for studies, work, etc., requires certain requirements. 

If you have an issue related to immigration, it will be wiser to use a lawyer’s services. Only Kurucuk provides attorneys in the field of immigration if you need legal advice. 

Understanding Legal Requirements 

Realizing the legal steps to follow when the immigration process is ongoing can facilitate an easier adjustment to a foreign country. Those rules may be complex but can be achieved through research, planning, and expert advice. Learning the Turkish legal terms in citizenship and immigrant procedures is a challenge. Notwithstanding your attempts to help them, you can get help from immigration consultants or legal experts. 

Language and Cultural Barriers 

Communication difficulties and immigration informational material can hinder a newcomer’s ability to interact with officials and navigate through the administrative process. Mastering basic Turkish words, concentrating in this field, taking Turkish and cultural courses, and having help from English-speaking lawyers can solve these problems. 

Financial and Employment Hurdles 

The other problem that people during the immigration process in Turkey can face is that their financial and employment thresholds are too high. Regarding finances, foreign currency management and getting acquainted with local banking institutions’ operations must be dealt with. The problem may be solved by searching different banks’ terms and conditions and their services to find your fit.

Consequently, immigration techniques encompass the necessity for the applicant to output evidence that they can sustain the family in the new country. Proper financial planning covering everyday expenses, accommodation, healthcare, and so on is helpful. 

Considering that tasks and building a professional network may become obstacles to employment, we can conclude that job hunting is a good idea. Even though scouting for jobs on social platforms may be a problem, social networks can also be useful. Kurucuk has sone top-notch Turkish Immigration Lawyers that can pave your way out!

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