How to Send Unlimited Free SMS with BOMBitUP

BOMBitUP is a popular pranking app that allows you to send a large number of messages, emails, and even calls. It can flood your friend’s phone with your desired option. BOMBitUP guarantees non-stop fun and surprises, so let’s start pranking our loved ones.

Get ready for the ultimate laughter and some epic fun along with make your friends sweat till they faint. Say goodbye to all those old fashioned pranks and welcome some spice with this app. Download BOMBitUP now and start collecting your most favorite future memories.

Features of BOMBitUP

The best part of BOMBitUP is that you can be a teen or an adult or some cool aunty and yet enjoy this new technology. It is going to be some digital mischief and better make sure to be careful. This is going to be the harmless fun with a variety of options as follows:

SMS Bombing

It allows you send messages, like you know those real text messages that cost you balance. Yet, this sms bombing app is doing the same but this is going to be for free

Email Bombing

Now how professional does it sound already? Told ya, if your cravings are not satisfied with SMS then jump to email bombing. Just letting you know a little secret; this can be used for promotional activities as well.

Call Bombing

Now we all know someone who does not really pay any heed to messages, so just dial up and enjoy. It will be both cheeky and cheesy. A series of calls is going to leave your friend super confused.

WhatsApp Bombing

We all are in the era of WhatsApp so this app made sure to help us here as well. Those messages with emojis is going to be super casual and human like but unbelievable at the same time.

These are only a few features and you can further do a lot of modifications according to your mood and choice.

How to use this SMS Bombing App

I am sure you must be excited by now and want to get started already. So here is the guide to how to use this app

Download and Install

    You can easily download it from

    Completely safe and hassle-free that too with complete guidance and more information.

    Then install it in your device and ta-da you are almost there.

    Select the platform

      You now need to choose from SMS, email, calls, or WhatsApp. Making your decision might be a little difficult because of the great variety.

      Do not worry because you can always change your choice for the next time and try every method.

      Enter the Details

        Now you need to decide who are you going to prank first out of your huge circle. By this point you can feel already excitement about the prank.

        You enter the phone number if choosing SMS or call. You put the email address if doing the email bombing and if you choose WhatsApp then just share the account.

        Also choose if you want call or message for the prank.

        Make your Decisions

          This has to be my personal favorite because it is the decision time. HOW MANY calls or messages do you want to send exactly, Exciting, right? You can choose the number yourself. So, go easy or hard it is all your choice friends.

          You can also set the interval between the messages or the calls. All this customization makes me think this app is super amazing.

          Let the Magic Begin

            Press the hit button and enjoy the popcorn because it is as easy as that.


            The information provided here is not to used for any illegal or unethical cause.

            This app is to be used within certain moral boundaries and you will be responsible for your own actions.

            Do not bother anyone or invade their privacy. The complete manual for the usage is provided at its website and you can visit the website to get more information.

            This app provides you with factual information including the app developer, its file size, version, and more.

            Feel free to conduct your research there and download the app only when you are completely satisfied.


            What is this app all about?

              It is an app that can send bulk messages, emails, and even calls. It can be used for entertainment purposes but some might also use it for promotional purposes.

              Is this app legal?

                While it is not illegal to use this app, you just need to make sure that you do not misuse it. The app is supposed to be used responsibly and following the given guidelines at its website

                Can I customise my messages?

                  Yes, you can customize the messages when using the app and even decide the number of messages and the interval between them.

                  Where can I find more information about this app?

                    You can find it on the website which is dedicated to this app specifically.

                    Are there more apps like this?

                      Yes, this app also talks about the different platforms that are providing the same service.


                      BOMBitUP is the app which you might not know but would be needing, the future of pranking. The app should be downloaded from a safe source so that you do not fall a prey to any harmful prank yourself. What I did my researched at and if you further want to explore new websites, feel free to do so!

                      Be careful, stay vigilant and verify information cautiously only from the reliable sources. Best wishes.

                      This app website is exclusively developed considering the kind audience of India. It made sure to cover all aspects in great details and depth.

                      The best part is that this web is safe to use. Having an SSL certificate in this world of suspicion leaves no question to the credibility of this site.

                      DNS Filter also labels this website as safe which can also put your concerns to ease.

                      So you need not worry and feel safe when visiting the site or downloading the BOMBitUP app.

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