Cheerful & Casual: Mobile Games with an Upbeat Vibe

Most people don’t consider themselves gamers. Even if they can name a few popular game franchises and characters, they probably haven’t purchased a gaming console or a PC. However, this is slowly but surely changing thanks to the availability of mobile games. Mobile games are now the most popular (and lucrative) sector in the gaming market. 

And it’s not the big-name hits that have helped put mobile games on the map. Over the last decade, three important factors have driven interest in mobile games. First, they’re accessible—most people have a smartphone anyway. Second, Wi-Fi and connectivity are also more advanced and seamless today. Lastly, mobile games offer casual titles that appeal to non-gamers. 

The idea behind casual mobile games is simple. They allow players to unwind after a long day or take a break while on the go, and then shelve the game for later. No crazy missions or boss battles, no hyper-competitive communities, and no need to make it to a saving point. In fact, many casual games offer players an upbeat and cheerful atmosphere, which lets them unwind even more. 

Let’s take a look at the best mobile games that offer an upbeat vibe.

Sweet Bonanza

We’re kicking off this list with the most popular type of game in the casino genre: slots. Sweet Bonanza is a colorful and joyful slot game that includes candy-esque fruit symbols on its reels. Players simply hit ‘spin’ to get the reel moving, then wait to see if the combinations lead to a payout, bonus round, or another extra feature. There are also fairy tale elements, which slowly unravel as the game unfolds.


This indie release has become one of the most talked-about mobile games on the market. The premise is highly unique: players must unpack the hidden protagonist’s belongings in new rooms. This provides a snapshot into their life as they grow and move from place to place, starting off with dorm rooms and small apartments to more established locales. The music and graphics are cute, offering a bit of nostalgia.


If you enjoyed playing the claw retrieval games in the hopes of taking home a cute stuffed animal, then this is the game for you. This cute mobile title takes you on an adventure where you must collect items as Clawbert, the mechanical claw. The goal is to find Clawbert as many friends as possible. With each new toy collected, players unlock new levels, experiences, and other surprises.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Few people dream of running or managing a pizza shop—after all, that’s a lot of work. However, this simulation game takes all the fun parts of that job and bundles them into a relaxing and upbeat game. Players simply complete pizza orders from a variety of customers. Over time, the challenges slowly get harder. At the same time, players develop relationships with customers, which adds a social element to the game. As they advance, they can improve the store by adding new equipment and toppings.


Maybe running your own pizza store isn’t the stuff of dreams, even when repackaged as a mobile game. If that’s the case, what about a cat café? Calico allows players to step into the dream job of creating and managing a cat café. The twist? The cat café is on a magical, fantastical island where players will complete other small tasks. There are also ‘magical girl’ powers, which allow players to shrink or super-size their favorite cats. Does it make sense? Not entirely. Is it cute and worth a play? Absolutely.

Donut County

Don’t worry—this isn’t a donut-making simulator. Instead, Donut County is about a strange town where large roving holes pop up. Players must navigate the black hole in order to swallow other objects in the game. The graphic design is stunning, though the game’s mechanics are a little strange. Still, it won’t take you long to get the hang of things and enjoy this imaginative adventure. Plus, you’ll have a raccoon sidekick to help you out.

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