Chiffon Vs Satin Fabric: Which Bridesmaid Dress Is Better

With the wedding march playing as background music, the bridesmaids stand by your side and all the guests are wearing gentle smiles. Putting on a beautiful wedding dress, you firmly say “I do” and announce to everyone that you are a couple now. People clap and cheer sincerely. At this moment, you are the happiest woman in the world.

How unforgettable this scene is! When it comes to making plans for the wedding, you are always fancied about those dreamy moments. On your big day, your best friends or family members who serve as the bridesmaids usually make great efforts to help you. But wait, what are they going to wear?

It’s time for you to decide on fabric types for the bridesmaid dresses. In most cases, two fabrics are used most frequently to make bridesmaid dresses. These are chiffon and satin. In this article, you will learn a little more about these fabrics, and go through the pros and cons of each one.

What is Chiffon?

Chiffon has always been a firm favorite for the bridesmaid dresses. This is because of its delicate appearance. It is a light and airy fabric and has a sheer feel to it.

What is Satin?

Satin is a firm fabric with a shiny finish. This gloss and shiny finish make it ideal for formal dresses, of course, including bridesmaid dresses.

How to Choose Between Chiffon and Satin?

When selecting between chiffon and satin, it is important to think about the theme of your wedding, as well as the season in which it is going to be held. The reason for this is that chiffon is best suited for weddings that take place in warmer weather due to its lightweight and flow, while satin is best worn in colder months for formal or evening weddings.

1 Features

If it is flowing bridesmaid’s dresses that you are looking for then chiffon adds a delicate feel to garments as it is transparent giving it a light and airy appearance.

Satin, is a winner, if you are looking for a sleek, glossy, and thicker look with a beautiful finish.

2 Advantages

Because chiffon is lightweight and breathable, it is perfect for outdoor weddings, especially when you want to add an extra dose of romance to the ambiance.

Satin, a more durable fabric exudes sophistication and is less prone to tearing. Its shiny and smooth look is the perfect addition to the overall glamour factor.

3 Disadvantages

Because chiffon is a delicate fabric, it can tear relatively easily, especially during wear. It is also a transparent fabric and requires extra fabric or lining.

Satin, however, while a sturdy fabric is prone to wrinkling and can be less comfortable. It is also not as forgiving on the body and highlights areas that a bridesmaid may prefer to hide.

4 Applicable Seasons

Think of chiffon flowing in the sunshine as your bridesmaids shower you with champagne during the photographs. Chiffon is ideally suited for summer weddings but can also be used in the fall if appropriate layering has been added to the dress.

A winter wonderland-themed wedding is perfectly complimented with satin bridesmaid dresses, as it provides warmth. Satin bridesmaid dresses are also a wonderful choice for elegant weddings.

How to Choose Colors for Chiffon or Satin Bridesmaid Dresses?

When choosing colors for chiffon or satin bridesmaid dresses, several factors come into play to ensure the look that you want to achieve for your wedding party.

Consider the Skin Color of Your Bridesmaids

The couple is the focus on the wedding day, so bridesmaids should avoid upstaging the bride. But it doesn’t mean that they need to dress casually. The bridesmaids serve the bride to finish the ceremony, and they also deserve to wear beautiful dresses.

The first and most important factor to consider when choosing dress colors is skin tone. Bridesmaids with a fairer complexion should wear pastel colors, while medium skin tones look better in warmer shades and earthy tones. For darker skin tones, colors such as dark blue and emerald green can make a stunning impact.

Different Trendy Colors

Both fabrics come in an array of trendy colors. Think soft pastels like lavender and mint green to create a romantic and delicate look. Or perhaps choose from jewel tones and colors such as burgundy or emerald that are particularly striking in satin. For those who prefer neutral shades, then taupe and dusty rose never seem to go out of fashion.

Consider Wedding Theme Colors

Your bridesmaid’s dresses should always be guided by the tone and the theme of your wedding. For instance, if you are having a beach wedding then colors such as sky blue or coral should ideally be used to match with your theme. On the other hand, a more elegant wedding calls for deeper shades to add to the sophistication of the event.

How to Buy Perfect Satin or Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses?

If you are trying to decide between chiffon or sating bridesmaid’s dresses, then it is a good idea to think about the following:

1. Buy Fabric Samples

It is a good idea to order some chiffon and satin samples before you decide on the fabric. It only costs a little money to help you evaluate the overall feel, texture, and quality of each fabric. 

2. Choose Reliable Online Stores

Look for online stores that show up on your search engine. This means that they are popular and probably put a lot of effort into marketing their store. It is a sign that they care about the quality of their products.

Reliable online stores also make it easier when you want to return a dress. 

3. Ask Friends for Recommendations

Reach out to friends or even acquaintances that have tied the knot recently. They will be able to give you some first-hand experience and helpful tips. You can also inquire about them for recommended stores.

4. View Buyer Reviews

It goes without saying that before you invest money into something, You should check to see if the product is worth for money. Reading customer reviews will help you so decide if this is the store that you want to deal with.

5. Check the Blog Update Time

Stores that maintain regular blogs are serious about their business!

When roaming the web for online stores, look a little more in-depth at the ones that have updated blog posts frequently.

6. Buy in Advance

It is important to make sure that alterations are done way, so order the bridesmaid’s dresses in advance. This helps to ensure that you are not running around like a headless chicken the day before the wedding.


Are you ready to say yes to the fabric? Can you picture those beautiful bridesmaid dresses?  And just think about the awesome photographs you can put in your wedding album!

“A happy bridesmaid makes a happy bride.” —Alfred Tennyson