Common Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident Injury

Road accidents are inevitable mishaps that may be experienced despite being a careful driver. After a crash it can be difficult to know what to do and there can be a feeling of confusion.

But you need to keep a cool head and stay alert to avoid being harmed and to protect your legal interests. 

Unfortunately, there are some common mistakes that people commit after being involved in a car accident that can cause them trouble. 

Remember that whenever you get into an accident on the road, you should consult a reputable car accident lawyer in Houston, TX., to get maximum compensation for your losses. 

This blog post will discuss some of the things you should not do after a car accident to ensure you are making the right decisions.

What Are Some Common Mistakes That You Should Avoid After a Car Accident? 

Not Seeking Medical Attention

After a car accident, there is usually a lot of adrenaline and shock to numb the pain and make you think that you are not injured badly. 

Many people will ignore seeking medical attention, thinking they are fine or that the injuries sustained are not serious. 

However, neglecting to seek medical care can lead to adverse health outcomes and affect the legal process.

  • Hidden Injuries:

There are some injuries like whiplash concussion or soft tissue injuries that you may not have any symptoms right away after the accident.

These injuries may not be identified without medical evaluation and may cause complications at a later stage.

Procrastinating medical care can lead to further complications and increase the duration of recovery, which can harm your general health and lifestyle.

  • Documenting Injuries:

Getting medical help right after a car crash is not only important to get treatment but also to record your injuries for insurance claims.

Health records become important when making insurance claims or legal proceedings against the responsible parties.

  • Protecting Your Health

However, you should not ignore the pain and assume that everything is fine; it is crucial to seek medical attention, even for minor injuries. 

Pain you might perceive as minor stiffness or discomfort may be a symptom of an underlying medical problem.

Neglecting to Call the Police

Negligence in reporting the incident to the police and providing a police report after a car accident is a common mistake with far-reaching implications. Here’s why calling the police is essential:

  • Official Documentation:

A police report is an official document that is used to record the particulars of the accident including the date, time, place and the people involved. It is useful when making insurance claims or legal action against negligent parties.

  • Determining Fault:

Police always investigate the cause of the car accident and establish who is at fault based on evidence and witnesses. 

They can objectively determine the cause of the accident and thus indicate which party was at fault, which is necessary for insurance and possible court cases.

  • Legal Compliance:

It is a common practice in most countries to inform the police about car accidents, especially in cases when there are injuries or the damage is serious. 

Not complying with these reporting requirements may lead to legal action taken against the business or issues with insurance claims.

Failing to Gather Evidence

One of the main occurrences after a car accident is the lack of evidence collection at the scene.

  • Documentation:

Seeking evidence like photographs of the accident scene, vehicle damage, road conditions, etc, will help create visual proof. 

This evidence can be used to support your version of what happened during the accident and disprove claims made by the other side.

  • Witness Statements:

It is important to get statements from people who might have seen the accident, as this will provide very important evidence on how the crash happened. 

Eyewitness accounts may support your version of events and strengthen your argument when dealing with insurers or legal proceedings.

  • Preserving Physical Evidence:

Pictures and testimonies are also important, but retaining evidence from the crash site can be particularly helpful in identifying who was at fault. 

This includes preserving damaged car parts, tire marks, and other objects found at the crash site.

After a car accident, there is a risk that the insurance companies and others involved will be keen on settling the case as fast as possible and at the lowest possible cost.

Not Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer

If you are not represented by a lawyer, you may not know your exact rights or how much money you deserve from the claim.

An experienced personal injury attorney can represent you and fight for your interests to make sure that you receive adequate compensation for your injury.

Car accident cases are usually slow in courts and can be difficult to prove due to different laws, rules, and insurance companies.

Car accident lawyers and Mokaram Law Firm are aware of such intricacies and can explain to you the possibilities of legal action and its consequences.

At any stage of interaction with insurance companies or the court, an attorney will be able to give you high-quality legal advice.

Insurance companies are also known to employ various tactics that aim to reduce the compensation given to victims of accidents, such as offering low settlements or denying liability.

A skilled lawyer understands how to deal with insurance companies and present a case in court to get you the highest settlement.

They can estimate the total cost of your injuries, from medical bills and lost income to the destruction of your property and pain and suffering, to make sure you are compensated for all of it.

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