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To an untrained eye, automotive photography is photography. To a professional photographer, each image is unique in its own way. Every  click of the camera offers an opportunity to capture the vehicle’s purpose and personality. The art of professional automotive photography itself is a unique field that requires a specialized set of skills and knowledge. In today’s digital driven world, car photography has taken a giant leap forward, thanks to AI (artificial technology) technology. With the emergence of AI-powered photography and editing tools, photographers, car enthusiasts, and automotive dealerships are experiencing a new era in automotive photography and content creation.

How to Capture Professional-Grade Automotive Images

Prepping for the Shoot:

  • Location: Find a clean environment with minimal distractions in the background. Consider natural light settings like open shade or golden hour for even illumination. Additionally, you can prefer a car photography studio for capturing images in a controlled environment which includes custom car background replacement.
  • Car Preparation: Ensure the car is clean and polished. Dress the tires and attend to any minor cosmetic details.

Mastering Camera Settings:

  • Aperture: Use a narrow aperture (high f-stop number) like f/8 or higher to achieve maximum depth of field, keeping the entire car sharp from front to back.
  • Shutter Speed: Choose a shutter speed fast enough to avoid camera shake, especially if not using a tripod. A good rule of thumb is the reciprocal of your focal length (e.g., 1/100th for a 100mm lens).
  • ISO: Aim for a low ISO setting (100 or 200) for optimal image quality and minimal noise. Adjust ISO only if necessary due to lighting limitations.

Composition and Angles:

  • Move Beyond Eye Level: Experiment with low angles to emphasize the car’s power or high angles to showcase its sleek design.
  • Leading Lines: Utilize the car’s natural lines, like the hood or fenders, to draw the viewer’s eye into the image.
  • Rule of Thirds: Position the car along imaginary lines dividing the frame into thirds for a more balanced composition.

Lighting Techniques:

  • Golden Hour Magic: Utilize natural light during sunrise or sunset (golden hour) for warm, flattering tones and soft shadows.
  • Taming Harsh Light: Diffuse harsh sunlight with a reflector to bounce light and reduce unwanted shadows.
  • Studio Lighting (Optional): Explore using studio strobes or continuous lights for complete control over lighting in controlled environments.

Capturing Details:

  • Close-Up Magic: Focus on specific design elements like the grille, headlights, or taillights to showcase craftsmanship and intricate details.
  • Interior Focus: Capture the car’s interior using a shallow depth of field to highlight the materials and textures of the seats, dashboard, and steering wheel.

Post-Processing (Optional):

  • Basic Adjustments: Apply minor tweaks to exposure, contrast, and white balance for a polished look.
  • Selective Adjustments: Use tools like dodge and burn to subtly lighten or darken specific areas for added depth.
  • Noise Reduction: If necessary, use noise reduction software to minimize graininess, especially in low-light images.

These methods provide a strong foundation for creating professional-grade images, however with the advancement of AI-powered photography and editing solutions offer virtual car photography studios that can streamline your workflow and achieve more striking results.

AI-Powered Photography and Editing

AI-Powered Photography

  1. Enhanced Imaging: AI can improve image quality, allowing for clearer and more detailed photos of vehicles.
  2. Automated Photo Editing: AI algorithms can automatically edit and enhance car photos, saving time for photographers.
  3. 360-Degree Views: AI can stitch together multiple images to create 360-degree views of vehicles, providing customers with a comprehensive look at the car.
  4. Virtual Test Drives: AI-powered car photography studio can create interactive and immersive experiences for customers by simulating test drives through images and videos.

AI-Powered Editing

  1. Object Removal: AI editing tools can remove unwanted objects from photos of cars, ensuring a clean and professional look.
  2. Color Correction: AI algorithms can automatically adjust colors in car photos to make them more vibrant and appealing.
  3. Background Replacement: AI-powered editing tools custom Car Background Replacement for car images, allowing for customization and creating different visual contexts.
  4. Automated Retouching: AI can automatically retouch car photos by enhancing details, adjusting lighting, and improving overall image quality.

Experience the Transformation with Spyne

Spyne is an AI-powered photography and editing app for Android and iOS that helps users capture and edit car images. It offers virtual studio capabilities, 360° spins, and image editing tools for car dealerships, marketplaces, and independent retailers.

Features of Spyne’s virtual car photography studio:

  • 100+ Virtual Car Background Replacement Options: Choose from a vast library of turntable studio, branded showroom, and storefront backdrops.
  • DIY Car Studio Photography App: Create studio-finish car images in minutes with Spyne AI, with guided shoot process and automatic image editing.
  • Create a Virtual Car Dealership Experience: Easily integrate Spyne’s API to edit your online inventory instantly for faster time-to-market.
  • Create 360 Spin Video: Showcase your car from every angle, inspect vehicle dents & damages, and track and manage every car photograph in real-time.
  • Robust Integrations: Spyne is integrated with all major DMS platforms for seamless operation.


In conclusion, leveraging AI-powered tools for automotive photography and editing offers a wide range of opportunities not not only creating captivating images but also a virtual photography studio to generate professional grade images with minimal human effort. Spyne’s virtual studio offers a range of photography and editing solutions such as Car Background Replacement/removal, 360 video, and more.

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