Decoding Your Snapchat Solar System: A Guide to Snapchat Planets Order

Ever noticed a little gold ring around a friend’s name on Snapchat? Tapping it reveals a mysterious “Best Friends” badge, but what’s with the planets? Welcome to the world of Snapchat Planets, a fun way to see where you rank among your friend’s closest Snapchat buddies.

This guide will take you on a journey through the Snapchat solar system, decoding the meaning behind each planet and revealing the all-important “Snapchat planets order.” So, buckle up, snap happy explorers, and get ready to navigate your social stardust!

What are Snapchat Planets?

Snapchat Planets are a feature exclusive to Snapchat Plus subscribers. They offer a quirky and visual representation of your “Best Friends” list. Imagine yourself as the sun in a miniature solar system, and your closest Snapchat friends orbiting around you like planets. The closer a planet is to the sun, the more you interact with that friend on the app.

How to Access Snapchat Planets

To unlock the secrets of your Snapchat solar system, you’ll need to be a Snapchat Plus subscriber. Here’s how to find it:

  1. Subscribe to Snapchat Plus: Head over to your profile in Snapchat and tap on the “+” icon next to “Snapchat.” Follow the prompts to subscribe.
  2. Enable Friend Solar System (Optional): While Friend Solar System is usually enabled by default for new Plus subscribers, you can check by going to Settings > Snapchat+ > Manage > Friend Solar System. Make sure it’s toggled on.
  3. Find the Best Friends Badge: Now, open a chat with a friend. Look for the gold ring around their name, which indicates they’re one of your best friends.
  4. Tap the Badge to Reveal the Planet: Tapping the gold ring unveils their “Best Friends” badge, showcasing which planet you occupy in their Snapchat solar system.

Understanding the Snapchat Planets Order

The beauty of Snapchat Planets lies in its simplicity. Here’s the order of the planets, mirroring our real solar system:

  1. Mercury: This fiery orange planet represents your absolute BEST friend on Snapchat, the one you send the most snaps and chats to.
  2. Venus: The friend holding the second-place trophy in your Snapchat universe is symbolized by this beautiful, swirling planet.
  3. Earth: Our familiar blue and green planet signifies your third-closest friend.
  4. Mars: The red planet signifies your fourth-best friend on the app.
  5. Jupiter: The giant of the solar system takes its place as your fifth-best friend.
  6. Saturn: The planet with the iconic rings represents your sixth-closest friend.
  7. Uranus: The cool blue planet signifies your seventh-best friend.
  8. Neptune: The farthest planet from the sun signifies your eighth-best friend on Snapchat.

What Do the Snapchat Planets Tell You?

While Snapchat Planets offer a fun way to visualize your closest connections, it’s important to remember they’re just a snapshot (pun intended!) of your Snapchat interactions. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Focus on Quality, Not Quantity: Don’t get hung up on your ranking. A high ranking might simply indicate frequent, short snaps, while a lower ranking might represent a friend with whom you have deeper conversations, albeit less frequently.
  • The Algorithm’s Role: Remember, Snapchat considers factors beyond just the number of snaps exchanged. Chats, video calls, and replies all play a role in the algorithm that determines your position.
  • It’s Dynamic: The Snapchat planets are constantly in motion! As your interactions with friends change, so too will your position in their solar system.

Tips for Navigating Your Snapchat Solar System

While there’s no guaranteed way to control your position in a friend’s Snapchat solar system, here are some ways to foster stronger connections:

  • Strike a Balance: Focus on sending quality snaps and engaging in meaningful conversations to build lasting connections.
  • Group Snaps and Chats: Don’t underestimate the power of group snaps and chats to strengthen bonds with multiple friends at once.
  • Be Present: While Snapchat thrives on quick interactions, remember the importance of genuine conversations and maintaining a healthy balance with in-person connections.

The Final Word

Snapchat Planets add a layer of fun and intrigue to your social interactions on the app. Remember, it’s a lighthearted way to gauge connections, not a rigid ranking system. So, keep snapping, keep chatting, and enjoy exploring the ever-evolving world of your Snapchat solar system!

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