Download FM Whatsapp APK Updated Version – New Features

A top-notch app, FM WhatsApp APK, has changed the way users communicate with loved ones. To improve the user experience, developers have included astonishing features in updated versions. These surprising features include customizing themes and adding new stickers from the gallery. 

Why Do People Prefer FM WhatsApp APK?

As everyone knows, FM WhatsApp is a modified app of official WhatsApp. Initially, it was prepared by third-party developers, who have added extra features to this updated version.

 Now, users can download deleted data and customize themes. These are Unfathomable features that have taken FM Mods users’ experience to the next level. 

Download Instructions For FM WhatsApp

The FM WhatsApp download method is simple. To download this fantastic application, users must follow the instructions below.

  • The users ensure their devices have free space for this application.
  • Now search “FM WhatsApp” and download the required APK file from a trustworthy web page.

Installation Instructions

  • Locate your FM Mods files from the file manager.
  • Click on that FM Mods file and install it.
  • Allow all resources and click on Done to finish the installation procedure.

Update FM WhatsApp

  • Locate a trustworthy site from where you may download the updated version.
  • If there is an updated version, download this file and update it on your device.
  • One crucial thing is ensuring your device (Cell Phone) has enough space for the updated version.

Unique Features of FM Whatsapp

Below is the list of exceptional features of FM Mods:

1- Hide/Unhide Groups 

Are you super conscious about your privacy? FM WhatsApp allows such users to hide & unhide groups from others. 

2- Customized Stickers

The developers have included a unique, customizable feature in the updated version of FM Mods. Potential users may now create their own stickers with sticker applications. 

3- Customisable Themes

The second Inconceivable feature is customizing the FM Mods themes. FM Mods has a variety of themes. So, users may choose their favorite themes or customize them by their own will. 

4- Anti-Delete Messages

Most FM users complain they can’t read deleted messages. Therefore, developers have enclosed a unique feature of Anti-deleted messages. By enabling this message, users can read deleted messages.

5- Share Large Files

Another FM Mods extraordinary feature that has surprised users is the capability of sharing large files up to 1GB. In earlier days, people were unable to share big files. So, developers introduce a fathom feature that enables users to share images and data files in seconds. 

6 – Add More Accounts

Sometimes, users have multiple accounts for FM WhatsApp and want to add them to a single device. FM WhatsApp allows such users to add these variable accounts to a single device. 

7-Schedule Your Messages

Suppose you’re a busy person who can’t reply to messages. FM WhatsApp allows such users to schedule their messages as per schedule. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use the FM Whatsapp app?

Yes, it is safe to use. However, it depends on which source you are referring to. To minimize the risk, try to get this from a reputable website.

Can I use both FM WhatsApp and official at the same time?

Yes, you can use FM Whatsapp alongside official Whatsapp on one device but with different account numbers. 

Do I need a VPN to install FM Whatsapp APK?

If FM Whatsapp is banned in your country, then use a VPN to install it.


In summary, I have explored the rich additions of FM Whatsapp in my article, which the original Whatsapp needs to include. This WhatsApp is like a breath of fresh air for those who want to try something new. Its remarkable features make it a real game-changer.

After reading all the pros and cons in detail, it is clear that FM Whatsapp is a top-notch choice for you to spice up your messaging life. But keep in mind that you are going to download it from a trustworthy source like my website. 

If you’re ready to enhance your functionality, dive into FM Whatsapp APK. It is an all-in-one app with all the capabilities you want in the messaging world.

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