Eleanor Talitha Bailey: Biography, Career, Early Life, The daughter of Devon Aoki and James Bailey 

Eleanor Talitha Bailey is a spitting image of her mother, Devon Aoki and she has a close relationship with her family. Eleanor, being the middle child, often works together with her mom in different projects and they have managed to get everyone’s attention from social media networks along with their brothers and sisters.

As an icon in the entertainment industry, Devon Aoki has made a name for herself by modeling for top fashion magazines and parading on high end catwalks internationally. Moreover, she has successfully showcased her acting skills in many films that have added to her being seen as a versatile and accomplished artist.

On the other hand, James Bailey who happens to be Eleanor’s father succeeded in his corporate career. His professional accomplishments augment Devon’s prestigious position thus creating an active genus, which supports its children through their individuality development as well as encourages them to find what they love doing so much while establishing a closer family unit.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s profile summary 

Eleanor Talitha Bailey's profile summary 
Full NameEleanor Talitha Bailey
Date of BirthFebruary 12, 2015
Age9 years (in 2024)
Birth SignAquarius
Place of BirthUnited States
ParentsDevon Aoki (mother), James Bailey (father)
SiblingsAlessandra Linville Bailey (sister), James Hunter Jr (brother), Evelyn Bailey (sister)
RelativesSteve Aoki (uncle), Hiroaki Aoki (grandfather), Pamela Hilburger (grandmother)
Known ForBeing Devon Aoki’s daughter

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Biography

Eleanor entered the world on February 12, 2015, in the United States, inheriting a diverse cultural legacy from her mother, Devon Aoki. Devon’s ancestry encompasses Japanese, German, and English roots, bestowing upon Eleanor a rich tapestry of heritage. This varied background plays a pivotal role in shaping Eleanor’s sense of self, intertwining the customs and narratives of multiple cultures.

As she matures, Eleanor embraces the myriad influences stemming from her family’s eclectic heritage. Her mixed ethnicity not only enriches her individual identity but also fosters a connection to a broader cultural spectrum, rendering her upbringing uniquely intricate and multifaceted.

How old is Eleanor Talitha Bailey? 

Eleanor Talitha Bailey was born on February 12, 2015 in the United States and turned 9 years old as of 2024. Her background is a mix of different cultures from her mum’s side (Devon Aoki); she has heritages of Japanese, German, and English. Eleanor has a multicultural family which forms part of who she is since it exposes her to many perspectives about life across races.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Early Life 

Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s love for fashion and art stems from her family’s influence, who have always motivated her to fearlessly chase her aspirations. Their encouragement propelled her towards a career in modeling. Raised in a nurturing atmosphere, Eleanor grasped the significance of creativity and self-assertion, enabling her to forge her unique journey within the realm of fashion.

Educational Journey and Career Aspirations

At eight years old, Eleanor currently focuses on her education and personal growth. While she’s still in the tender years of her life, it appears she may follow in Devon Aoki’s footsteps within the entertainment and style industry.

Her parents have imparted invaluable skills to Eleanor, providing her with knowledge about endorsements and modeling, laying the groundwork for her future endeavors. As she stands on the cusp of adolescence, Eleanor is poised to blossom into a young woman, guided by the support and wisdom of her parents.

Family Roots and Influences

Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s family tree is adorned with luminaries and influencers, creating a rich tapestry of talent and heritage. Her mother, Devon Aoki, is a prominent figure in the American entertainment industry, recognized for her memorable roles in films such as “2 Fast 2 Furious” and “Sin City.” Additionally, Devon has enjoyed a successful modeling career, gracing the covers of various magazines and representing major brands in advertisements.

Eleanor is part of a dynamic quartet of siblings, including James Bailey Jr., Alessandra Linville, and Evelyn Bailey. They share a close bond and occasionally find themselves in the media spotlight, particularly when involved in runway shows.

The family’s history is a captivating blend of diverse cultures. Eleanor’s grandfather, Hiroaki Aoki, known as Rocky, transitioned from being an amateur wrestler to a renowned restaurateur, founding the Benihana restaurant chain. Her grandmother, Pamela Hilburger, is a talented jewelry maker and artist, merging German and English influences within the family’s heritage. This multifaceted narrative illustrates how various lives have intersected, contributing to the unique legacy of the Baileys.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s Parents

Eleanor’s parents, James Bailey and Devon Aoki, got engaged in 2010 and exchanged vows in April 2011. Devon Aoki, an American actress and model, is the daughter of the late Hiroaki Aoki, a former Olympic wrestler and the founder of the Benihana restaurant chain, and jewelry designer Pamela Hilburger. Devon embarked on her modeling journey at the age of 13 and rose to prominence as the face of Versace by the age of 16.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Grandparents

Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s family history is a treasure trove of captivating tales. Her grandfather, Hiroaki Aoki, fondly known as Rocky, lived a life filled with adventure, from thrilling wrestling matches to exhilarating powerboat races, leaving a trail of excitement wherever he journeyed. Originally hailing from Japan, he eventually settled in the United States, where he achieved renown as the proprietor of the esteemed Benihana restaurant chain.

Conversely, Eleanor’s grandmother, Pamela Hilburger, is a talented artist with roots in both German and English heritage. Preferring a quieter existence away from the limelight, Pamela delved into her passions for painting and jewelry crafting following her separation from Aoki in 1991.

Nationality, Ethnicity, and Religious Affiliation

Eleanor Talitha Bailey was born in the United States on February 12, 2015 and is an American citizen. Eleanor also has mixed ethnicity since she comes from a culturally diverse family background which contains Japanese German and English descent. Her upbringing represented this rich cultural tapestry also as part of that religion, Christianity, added another dimension to it. She grew up in an environment that recognizes diversity and promotes a deep reverence for her multi-faceted ancestry.

Parental Guidance and Support

There was a strong foundation laid by her parents for Eleanor Talitha Bailey. A Harvard alumnus, he instilled the importance of hard work and education from an early age.

James Bailey, on the other hand who is a highly intelligent analyst with TA Associates brought in this kind of creativity into the life of Eleanor. 2018 saw Devon working together with Swarovski, a fashion model who made herself very popular. Thus, two mentors were received by Eleanor—one on business acumen and another one on creative inspiration.

It was because of these influences that Eleanor chose modeling as a career. She watched how well her parents performed at their jobs and learnt about leadership as well as resilience from them too. It wasn’t just about economic prosperity; it was also about sound use of resources and talents that she had.

Eleanor faced challenges with confidence, made wise decisions, and successfully embarked on her modeling career all thanks to the support plus excellent examples set by her parents.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s siblings

SiblingDate of BirthAge (in 2024)
Alessandra Linville BaileyFebruary 12, 201310 years
James Hunter Jr.201113 years
Evelyn Bailey20203 years

Eleanor has three siblings: two sisters and one brother. Her elder sister, Alessandra Linville Bailey, was born on February 12, 2013, making her 10 years old in 2024. Her elder brother, James Hunter Jr., was born in 2011, and is 13 years old. The youngest Aoki-Bailey sibling is Evelyn, who was born in 2020 and is 3 years old.

Eleanor Talitha is her mother’s mini-me model 

In November 2023, Eleanor made her debut on the cover of Vogue Japan, alongside her supermodel mother, Devon Aoki. The photoshoot garnered attention, with Devon sharing the images on her Instagram account, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to feature alongside her daughter. The caption read, “Thank you so much. Vogue Japan 2023 November Issue with my baby girl Eleanor.”

Beyond her burgeoning modeling career, Eleanor also has a passion for sports. She enjoys competing in horse racing and showcased her talent by emerging as the number one competitor at the Horses in the Park competition, held in November 2023. Devon captured the proud moment with a heartfelt caption on her Instagram, simply stating, “Socks and Eleanor this weekend,” accompanied by a pink heart emoji. This glimpse into Eleanor’s multifaceted interests highlights her versatility and determination in pursuing her passions.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Physical Appearance

Eleanor, measuring at 4 feet 3 inches (129 cm) and weighing 39 kilograms (86 pounds), exudes a petite yet enchanting presence. Despite her diminutive stature, she effortlessly charms those around her with her delightful personality and appealing physical features. As she progresses through her growth journey, it becomes evident that Eleanor possesses the potential to blossom into a striking young woman, inheriting traits from her stunning mother, Devon Aoki.

Her petite build serves as a canvas for her captivating personality to shine, captivating hearts with her undeniable allure. While her physical characteristics mirror her youthful essence, there’s an underlying grace and composure in Eleanor’s demeanor that hints at her forthcoming evolution into a confident and poised young woman. Each day, Eleanor embraces growth, drawing inspiration from her mother’s elegance and beauty as she embarks on the journey toward adulthood. Embracing the voyage of self-discovery, Eleanor’s unique fusion of charm and charisma promises to imprint a lasting impression on those she encounters, laying the groundwork for a promising and radiant future.

Wealth and Lifestyle

Eleanor’s family has wealth, her mother Devon Aoki being touted to be worth $30m and her father James Bailey netting into a fortune of $4m. This well-offness is reflected in the family’s lavish lifestyle, which sees them owning several houses in different affluent neighborhoods like Benedict Canyon as well as Los Angeles.

Eleanor grows up with this kind of privilege, laying a foundation for living surrounded by abundance and opportunities. Her parents’ finances enable access to elite schools, after-school activities, and comfortable living conditions. This kind of upbringing surely gives Eleanor confidence and myriad chances that she can explore while making choices in life.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Hobbies 

While Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s hobbies remain relatively private, we can speculate based on her upbringing and environment. Growing up in a family deeply entrenched in the fashion and entertainment spheres suggests that Eleanor might harbor a passion for fashion. Perhaps she enjoys experimenting with different styles or staying abreast of the latest trends, influenced by her exposure to the world of modeling from a young age. Moreover, with her family’s involvement in various artistic endeavors, Eleanor might have developed an appreciation for creativity. It’s plausible that she enjoys activities like drawing, painting, or even exploring the performing arts. Although these are mere conjectures, they shed light on the potential interests of a young girl raised in such a vibrant and diverse milieu.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Parental Love And Union

Devon Aoki and James Bailey embarked on a captivating love story that commenced with a serendipitous blind date, sparking a romance that transcended the glitz of Hollywood. Their bond, founded on genuine connection and shared aspirations, flourished into an unwavering alliance. In the course of crafting their life together, they joyously welcomed Eleanor, their cherished third child and second daughter, who holds a cherished spot in their hearts.

Within the nurturing embrace of Devon and James’s familial haven, Eleanor thrives, her presence infusing their home with boundless joy and fulfillment, emblematic of the profound connection they share. The enduring resilience of Devon and James’s love serves as a beacon of devotion and steadfastness amid a world often characterized by transient affections. Their narrative serves as a poignant reminder that genuine love can blossom and endure, laying the groundwork for a haven of support and affection for their offspring.

Amidst the whirlwind of their bustling lives, Devon and James have cultivated a sanctuary for their family, where love and stability reign supreme. Their collective journey is a stirring testament to the transformative power of dedication and mutual regard, illustrating how these virtues can cultivate a enduring and enriching partnership.

The Future Looks Bright

With her undeniable talent and a supportive family rallying behind her, Eleanor Talitha Bailey is poised for a luminous future. As she hones her skills and accumulates invaluable experience, it becomes increasingly apparent that she is destined to leave an indelible mark on the entertainment landscape.

While fans eagerly anticipate her forthcoming endeavors, Eleanor remains steadfast in prioritizing her education and personal development. She recognizes the significance of striking a harmonious balance between her burgeoning career and academic pursuits, endeavoring to excel in both realms.

With each captivating performance, she solidifies her position as a burgeoning icon, destined to carve out a legacy uniquely her own.


  • Family Background: Eleanor’s parents are Devon Aoki, a renowned actress and James Bailey, an analyst at TA Associates. Eleanor grew up in a multicultural household that has Japanese, German, and English roots.
  • Modeling Debut: Eleanor broke into the modeling industry when she appeared on the cover of Vogue Japan in November 2023 together with her mother, Devon Aoki this event signaling her early potential as a model.
  • Passion for Sports: While still young, Eleanor shows great interest in sports especially horse racing. In November 2023, she proved herself as the best participant during Horses in the Park competition.
  • Educational Priorities: At eight years old,Eleanor places education and self-growth as foremost tasks to lay down a foundation for future goals.
  • Aspirations in Entertainment: Just like her mother’s successful career path in modeling and acting; Eleanor sees herself walking the same road if given an opportunity in entertainment sector
  • Privileged Upbringing: Through her family’s wealth which is pretty huge she gets to enjoy many benefits of being born rich including elite education among others.
  • Mixed Ethnicity: The mixed ethnicity exhibited by Eleanor mirrors a tapestry of diverse genealogy painted by its diversified backgrounds which contribute to its individualism alongside cultural heritage it possessed.
  • Parental Guidance: She learns from her parents who stress on hard work, academic success and pursuing one’s dreams.
  • Influence of Family Legacy: Her grandfather Hiroaki Aoki (an Olympic wrestler who created the Benihana restaurant chain) and grandmother Pamela Hilburger (a jewelry designer) have played key roles in shaping her life thus far.


A symbol of hope and genius, Eleanor Talitha Bailey is born to a famous actress and model Devon Aoki and an experienced analyst at TA Associates James Bailey. Eleanor grew up in a diverse family that had Japanese, German, and British heritage which shaped her identity from an early stage. At the age of nine years, there are already several significant achievements or moments in her life such as modelling with her mother on the cover of Vogue Japan in November 2023 when she was just starting out in the fashion industry. Despite being young, Eleanor is passionate about sports especially horse racing where she was one of the best competitors during Horses in the Park event at year end.

Supported by tight-knit kinship network that also includes siblings such as Alessandra Linville Bailey, Evelyn Bailey and James Hunter Jr., she has always thrived in an atmosphere marked by mutual respect and encouragement. In front of a backdrop formed by illustrious grandparents Hiroaki Aoki (founder of Benihana) and Pamela Hilburger (designer), who instilled certain principles into their granddaughter’s spirituality through their example.

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