Everest Helicopter Tour- Worth the hype or waste of money?

When it comes to Everest, it seems like a far-fetched dream to many. But it should be that one. 

Just like the rest of the world, India also sees Nepal as an affordable destination for long vacations and peaceful rejuvenating journeys. The spectacular natural beauty of Nepal, its tall mountains, and its interesting architecture captivate almost half a million Indians to this beautiful nation each year. And the tour to Nepal is not just about a religious tour to heritages such as Pashupatinath and Buddhanath, but also an exciting adventure route. 

Nepal obviously welcomes a lot of Indian tourists each year. But when people think of Everest, they imagine a long and difficult hike. And this sounds scary for a lot of those enthusiastic travelers who want to see the peak of the world’s tallest mountain. But do you know that it is actually quite easy to get to Everest and see the most magical mountain view in the whole world? In fact, you do see Everest in just two hours from Kathmandu. 

Yes, you heard that right. 

From Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital, an hour of journey, gives you the opportunity to land at Everest, make unbelievable memories, and be back in Kathmandu. 

How does the Everest Helicopter Tour work?

For this, you initially need to be in Kathmandu. From here, one takes a helicopter flight from Kathmandu to Lukla, landing at Lukla for about 15 minutes. Lukla is often regarded as the entry point of the Everest region. From Lukla, the helicopter flies over different interesting villages of Everest. It takes you over Everest base camp, flying right over the majestic Everest. You will not only get to see Everest but also four other 8000 m peaks that include Cho Oyo, Makalu, Lhotse, and Kanchenjunga. If you take a private helicopter, you can even land at the best viewpoint of Everest which is called Kalapathar at the height of 5644m. On a shared helicopter ride, you will be landing at Phakding village, which also offers amusing Everest views. And final land is done at Hotel Everest View. This hour-long landing allows one to take photos, eat breakfast, and enjoy some moments of peace at one of the world’s highest-altitude luxurious hotels. 

How much is the Everest Helicopter Tour?

Everest helicopter tour with landing costs about $1300 for foreigners. Obviously, the price is cheaper for Indians as the flight cost for our neighboring country and SAARC nation is reduced. For Indians, it will cost around INR 80,000 to book a fully organized Everest base camp helicopter tour. Do note that this is less than the amount one spends in the Everest base camp when traveling with a guide/ porter. Due to extreme commercialization, Everest Base camp has become very expensive and with the guide and porter, you will end up paying more than INR 1,00,000 for the trade alone. That is why a quick Everest helicopter tour is said to be a more affordable and interesting way to see the majestic Everest. 

Is it worth that much money?

If you have seen a video of Everest from the top, then you should understand how beautiful the mountain looks from above. While you are trekking in the base camp, you cannot see that view from above. But in a helicopter, you get to see Everest Peak, the highest point in the world, and five other 8000 m plus peaks at the same time. It looks so unreal and unimaginable. And the landing opportunities give you some time to capture beautiful photos and videos of yourself at Everest.

 We are sure that the Everest helicopter is going to change your perception forever, so get ready for this spectacular Everest base camp helicopter tour. It will definitely be worth your money and effort. 

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