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Who is Hanne Norgaard?

Hanne Norgaard, generally called Hanne Kim Norgaard, is a momentous awe-inspiring phenomenon in the grandness world. You could see her as the past life partner of the talented performer Idris Elba, yet she’s created her own space as a beauty care products specialist, money manager, and writer.

Her excursion in the business has been downright astounding. From working in the background on blockbuster movies to glamming up models for design shows, she’s made some meaningful difference wherever she goes. Also, we should not fail to remember her beauty care products line, Kim Elba Beauty care products, where she’s emptied her entire being into making items that engage and rouse. 

However, what really makes Hanne stand apart is her fortitude in imparting her battles to psychological wellness. Regardless of confronting persistent uneasiness, bipolar turmoil, and gloom, she’s never avoided talking about her excursion. As a matter of fact, she’s turned into an encouraging sign for some, showing that it’s OK to discuss emotional well-being and look for help. 

Indeed, even with her associations with Hollywood’s tip top, Hanne likes to remain grounded, zeroing in on her work and rewarding causes she thinks often about. She’s not only a cosmetics craftsman or money manager; she’s a pioneer for ladies of variety in the magnificence business, demonstrating that achievement and empathy can remain closely connected.

Hanne Norgaard Bio

Hanne Norgaard’s story starts with a unique blend of cultures. Born on April 5, 1977, she’s 46 years old as of February 2024, with roots that span Afro and Asian heritage. Her mom, Kyue Nam Kim, comes from South Korea, but not much is known about her dad or any siblings she might have.

Her childhood was a whirlwind tour of different countries—South Korea, England, and the USA—giving her a rich tapestry of experiences to draw from. These diverse environments shaped her outlook on life in profound ways.

Hanne kicked off her journey into the beauty world by delving deep into makeup artistry. She refined her abilities from 2004 to 2006 at the SC Institute in Washington, DC, where she won top awards for her talent and commitment.

Her educational background and work path have clearly had an impact on her success, as evidenced by the exceptional makeup artist and entrepreneur she has become today.

Hanne Norgaard Wiki

Full nameHanne Kim Norgaard
Date of birth5th April 1977
Age46 years (as of May 2023)
Zodiac signAries
BirthplaceUnited Kingdom
Sexual orientationStraight
Hair colourBlack
Eye colourDark brown
Height158 cm or 5’1″
Weight61 kg or 131 lbs
Body measurements34-28-35 inches or 86-71-89 cm
Marital statusMarried
SpouseAndrew L. Friar II, Pastor (as of 2013), Idris Elba (1999–2003)
Children1 (Isan Elba)
ParentsKyue Nam Kim (mother)
ProfessionMakeup artist, businesswoman, writer
Famous asIdris Elba’s ex-wife
Net worth$900,000
Social mediaInstagram

Hanne Norgaard Education

From 2004 to 2006, Norgaard dedicated herself to honing her craft at the SC Institute in Washington, DC. There, she immersed herself in the world of makeup artistry, emerging with a Diploma adorned with the Highest Honours.

Her passion for the transformative power of cosmetics led her across the Atlantic to the International Makeup Academy in Europe. She studied even more diligently here, becoming an expert in hair, nails, and special effects in addition to makeup. She gladly accepted her Diploma with the Highest Honour upon completion, which was another significant step in her quest for greatness in the beauty business.

Hanne Norgaard’s age

She was brought into the world in the Unified Realm on April 5, 1977, and as of May 2023, she turned 46. Her folks’ shifted foundations have added to her wonderfully mixed legacy. Her mother is from South Korea, and her father is originally from Africa. Her outlook on life and artistic flair have undoubtedly been impacted by this blending of cultures and customs, which has also provided depth and enriched her path with a multitude of experiences and viewpoints.

Hanne Norgaard Height

Her petite physique fits her nicely, and she stands at a height of approximately 5 feet 2 inches. She is about 55 kg in weight, and her radiant health is evident. Her warm, dark brown eyes reflect a depth of character that is both appealing and intriguing. Her rich black hair frames her face in a way that accentuates her features.

Hanne Norgaard Family 

Hanne Norgaard was brought into the world on April fifth, 1977, and her life as a youngster was a mix of societies, as she experienced childhood in South Korea, Britain, and the USA. She’s kept her everyday life very hidden, however one thing’s without a doubt, her childhood probably been captivating. 

She initially met entertainer Idris Elba while filling in as a cosmetics craftsman in London. They hit it off and secured the bunch in 1999, then, at that point, went to New York to pursue their fantasies. Their girl, Isan Elba, showed up in 2002, however sadly, their marriage come upon a difficult situation and they isolated in 2003. Notwithstanding this, they’ve remained nearby, for their girl’s significant minutes, similar to her sixteenth birthday celebration slam.

After a decade solo, Hanne found love again with Pastor Andrew L. Friar II. Their wedding was absolutely breathtaking, and it concluded with a lovely boat ride. Hanne is very appreciative of her spouse and frequently expresses her gratitude for his patience, faith, and constant support.

Isan Elba boldly discussed her mother’s fight with mental illness in 2019; bipolar depression, melancholy, and persistent anxiety were among the illnesses she revealed. Surrounded by her family’s devotion, Hanne perseveres through it all.

One of Hanne’s impressive traits is her fluency in both English and Danish, reflecting her rich multicultural background and experiences.

Hanne Norgaard’s spouse

Norgaard and Idris Elba’s romantic tale started in London, where they met and immediately succumbed to one another. By 1999, they chose to take their relationship to a higher level, taking the huge action to the USA and securing the bunch that very year. 

Idris Elba really does to be sure have kids, and his little girl Isan, brought into the world in 2002 to him and Hanne Norgaard, got everyone’s attention in 2019 when she was named the Brilliant Globe Diplomat. 

Their marriage confronted difficulties, and tragically, they headed out in different directions simply a year subsequent to inviting Isan into the world and four years in the wake of saying “I do.” In spite of the split, Hanne decided to keep her ex’s last name.

What’s heartwarming is that despite their romantic relationship ending, Hanne and Idris remained steadfast friends and committed co-parents to their daughter. Their dedication to Isan was evident when they came together publicly to celebrate her sweet sixteen in 2018.

Isan has a younger brother, Winston Elba, born on April 17th, 2014. Fans often inquire about Winston’s mother, who is Naiyana Garth, Idris Elba’s ex-girlfriend.

Hanne Norgaad’s Health Issues

In 2019, Isan opened up about her mom’s battles with mental health during the Golden Globe Ambassador Luncheon. She courageously disclosed that Norgaard has been battling depression, bipolar disorder, and chronic anxiety. It was an open and sincere moment that brought attention to the difficulties many families deal with when a loved one has a mental condition.

Hanne Norgaard Career 

When Hanne Norgaard explored modeling as a youngster, she embarked on her early adventure into the worlds of beauty and fashion. She traveled alone to London, where she launched her modeling career, since she was eager to see more of the globe.  Despite her passion for the industry, her parents emphasized the importance of education. They encouraged her to study makeup artistry, recognizing it as a pathway to sustain her involvement in the beauty and fashion realm. Hanne excelled in her studies, graduating with honors from the “International Artist Makeup Academy” in London.

Her career took off quickly, and in 1992, she was hired by the BBC for a prominent position right out of college. This was only the start of her career as she went on to establish herself in the field in 1993 by taking on roles as the principal makeup artist for multiple high-profile Columbia Tristar feature films.

In 1999, after marrying Idris Elba, they relocated to New York, where Hanne continued her work in makeup artistry across movies, TV shows, fashion events, and magazine shoots. Although her career faced a setback after her separation from her husband in 2003, she bounced back in 2007 with her beauty initiative called ‘Make Up Your Mind.’ Through this venture, Hanne and her team provide a wide range of makeup services, including personalized styling and makeup parties, where women can learn and enhance their holiday looks.

Since 2009, Hanne has been involved with the ‘My Black is Beautiful’ event, where she serves as a makeup artist and advisor. This event celebrates black beauty and aims to redefine societal standards of beauty.

Hanne’s achievements were further enhanced when she started her own cosmetics brand, “Kim Elba Cosmetics,” which sells cruelty- and paraben-free goods. Additionally, she has made guest appearances on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” a reality TV program.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Hanne and her husband, Friar Andrew, co-run the ‘Heart Strong Ministry’ in Georgia. Their mission is to guide people towards making “heart decisions” that align with their faith and bring them closer to God.

Makeup Artistry

Throughout her life, Hanne Norgaard has worn a great deal of caps. She possesses ‘Decide,’ an office where people can have a good time beauty care products parties, get individual styling direction, and get incredible cosmetics and hairstyling administrations. ‘Kim Elba Beauty care products,’ her line of beauty care products, centers around making savagery free, without paraben things that are gainful for the climate and you. 

You could have spotted Hanne on television, as she’s shown up on ‘The Genuine Housewives of Atlanta,’ imparting her lively character to watchers.

But beyond the glitz of television, Hanne and her husband, Friar Andrew, are deeply committed to their faith. Together, they run the ‘Heart Strong Ministry’ in Georgia, where they help folks make decisions from the heart, guided by their spirituality. It’s a busy, fulfilling life for Hanne, juggling beauty, business, and belief with grace and passion.

Hanne Norgaard’s net worth

In spite of the fact that Hanne Norgaard hasn’t uncovered her exact total assets, it’s believed to be in the neighborhood of $900,000. Her ex Idris Elba, then again, has an astonishing $40 million in total assets.

Hanne works in the entertainment and beauty industries, but she would rather stay out of the spotlight and maintain a low profile. In addition to running her companies, she serves as the first lady of her husband’s Georgian church, Heart Strong Church. It’s evidence of her grounded personality and unwavering devotion to her family and faith despite her success and notoriety.

Marriage to Idris Elba

In 1998, Hanne Norgaard and well-known black British actor Idris Elba met at a London party. They had different backgrounds, but they clicked immediately.

In 1999, they made the bold decision to marry the knot in Las Vegas the following year. After that, they settled in New York City, where Elba was enjoying great success thanks to her parts in popular American television shows like “The Wire” and “Luther.”

When their daughter Isan Elba was born in 2001, their happiness tripled. It appeared to be the ideal combination of Elba’s rising professional success and parenthood.

But things did not go as planned in their love tale, and in 2003 they called it quits. Despite rumors that their divorce was amicable, they both remarried after finding love in the following years. They both still firmly believe that they should co-parent Isan in spite of everything.


  1. Background and Heritage: Hanne Norgaard was born on April 5, 1977, in the United Kingdom. She comes from a diverse background, with her mother being from South Korea and her father from Africa, resulting in her African-Asian ethnicity.
  2. Education: She honed her makeup artistry skills at the SC Institute in Washington, DC, from 2004 to 2006, where she received top awards for her talent and commitment. She furthered her education at the International Makeup Academy in Europe, specializing in makeup, hair, nails, and special effects.
  3. Career: Norgaard’s career began with modeling and transitioned into makeup artistry. She worked for the BBC in 1992 and became the principal makeup artist for Columbia Tristar feature films in 1993. Despite setbacks, including her divorce from actor Idris Elba in 2003, she bounced back with her beauty initiative ‘Make Up Your Mind’ in 2007 and her cosmetics brand ‘Kim Elba Cosmetics.’
  4. Family Life: She has a daughter named Isan Elba from her marriage to Idris Elba, and she remarried Pastor Andrew L. Friar II in 2013. They run the ‘Heart Strong Ministry’ together in Georgia.
  5. Mental Health Advocacy: Norgaard has been open about her struggles with mental health, including depression, bipolar disorder, and chronic anxiety. Her daughter, Isan Elba, has courageously discussed her mother’s mental health battles, bringing attention to the importance of mental health awareness and support.


Hanne Norgaard is a British-American makeup artist, businesswoman, and writer known for her diverse heritage, successful career in the beauty industry, and advocacy for mental health awareness. Despite facing challenges, including a high-profile divorce from actor Idris Elba, she has built her own empire with her cosmetics brand and remains grounded in her faith and family life.


What is Hanne Norgaard’s net worth?

Hanne Norgaard’s net worth is estimated to be around $900,000, while her ex-husband Idris Elba has a net worth of approximately $40 million.

Who is Hanne Norgaard’s ex-husband?

Hanne Norgaard was previously married to actor Idris Elba from 1999 to 2003. They share a daughter named Isan Elba.

What is Hanne Norgaard’s daughter’s name?

Hanne Norgaard’s daughter’s name is Isan Elba. She has spoken publicly about her mother’s struggles with mental health.

What is Hanne Norgaard’s career besides makeup artistry?

Besides makeup artistry, Hanne Norgaard is a businesswoman and writer. She has launched her own cosmetics brand called ‘Kim Elba Cosmetics’ and co-runs the ‘Heart Strong Ministry’ in Georgia with her husband.

Where is Hanne Norgaard from?

Hanne Norgaard was born in the United Kingdom and has roots spanning African and Asian heritage. She has also lived in South Korea and the USA during her childhood.

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