How to Cite A PHD Dissertation in Chicago Style? Top 5 Rules

Many historians prefer the Chicago style for their manuals as it grants flexibility and a complex evidence trail. In this style, the use of superscript numbers distracts the reader less than parenthetical in-text citations. The result is that the reader can focus on the evidence instead of the information about the evidence published. Initially, it was intended as a citation guide for publishers of journals and academic books. Today, students of humanities and social sciences opt to write a PhD dissertation in Chicago. 

Mastering this style requires patience and learning the associated technicalities. Even those who have been in the field for years need to look for the latest updates or revisions in the system before using it in their research papers. This guide displays the basics of how you can style your PhD thesis if you are asked to follow up on this writing style. 

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Top 5 Rules to Cite a PhD Dissertation in Chicago Format

Your instructor must have a reason for acquiring a Chicago-style citation PhD dissertation. So, what follows here is a brief explanation of the fundamentals of the style that allows you to see the system in action. This way, you will find it easier to access the particulars of the sources cited in your thesis. Keep reading to learn about citing PhD dissertation Chicago style. 

1. Use of Footnotes or Endnotes 

A note written at the end of each page is called a footnote, and the one you write after the completion of your paper is an endnote. A proper Chicago style will use one of these notes rather than both. So, you need to ask your instructor before you write which note is required. 

No matter which notes you are writing, mark a note by inserting superscript Arabic numerals. Also, if you are working on MS Word, there is a reference tab that can guide you through its effective implementation. 

How to Create Footnotes or Endnotes in Chicago Style? 

The following key points clearly define the basics of formatting these notes in a PhD dissertation in Chicago format. 

  • The footnote or endnote should contain complete citation information. 
  • The match number of the note is normal-sized and not raised. 
  • You can provide citation information at the bottom of the page or all the information together at the end of the work. 

An example of placing a footnote to cite a PhD dissertation in Chicago has been given by Citation Machine, 

2. Each Note Refers to the Sources Individually 

To understand how to write notes in Chicago style citation PhD dissertation, consider that you read two journal articles or newspapers to make a point. Now, both sources will be cited in a single note after the sentence. In this style, sources are not attached to the number of publications or publication date. So, these numbers are sequential to be used as one note 1, one note 2, etc. 

3. The Note Form and Bibliographic Form Are Different 

When writing notes in citing PhD dissertation Chicago, use more commas and parentheses. However, the bibliographic entry is primarily dominated by the periods. For note, the author’s first name is followed by the author’s last name. In a bibliography, the last name is followed by the first name. Moreover, if you are confused about writing endnotes, footnotes, or bibliography for a PhD dissertation in Chicago, then instead of presenting wrong source information, seek PhD dissertation help from experts for a better presentation. The work done by the professionals will be exemplary while not accompanied by any writing error. 

4. Citations Require Information 

You may find this statement obvious, but you need to formalise the requirements of PhD dissertation citation Chicago so that it can be put correctly. It may include, 

Citing Book Reference 

In the Chicago citation PhD dissertation, write the author’s full name, title, publication place, press title and year of publication. However, if it is an edited volume, you need the author’s name, essay title and page number of the essay. 

Journal Reference 

To cite such periodicals in Chicago style PhD dissertation, write the author’s name, the essay’s full title, volume number, year of publication, and page number of the specific information. 

Newspaper Reference 

Although the newspaper changed a little bit in the twentieth century, it still needs to follow similar information as recorded. For PhD dissertation in Chicago, cite the title of the newspaper, the city where it was published, and the date of publication. In the twentieth century, newspapers had article titles and reporter bylines, which needed to be included in the information. 

5. Bibliographies Contain Every Source Listed in A Note

All the sources that you have consulted for your Chicago dissertation citation need to be written in detail in the bibliography list. A source that you looked for to know the details but did not include the information in the thesis will not be referred to. 

There are two types of sources to consider: primary and secondary. Sometimes, instructors or publishers do not require a bibliography list in a PhD dissertation in Chicago when all the detailed information has been presented in the notes. 

PhD Dissertation in Chicago Examples

All the writing considerations that have been given above may better be understood if you see various examples defining its format. The University of Lethbridge provides various examples from different sources, which are given below. 

Chicago Style Dissertation Template

The Northern Essex Community College provides a template for citing your paper using this style. The fundamentals of the paper are displayed below, 

Also, find a sample paper whose bibliography is listed below. 


Having a comprehensive understanding of writing a PhD dissertation in Chicago style is the need of the hour. Especially if you are embarking on the journey of writing your research paper and your instructor is interested in following this style, then you don’t have any other choice but to learn about it. In the above article, we have discussed similar points that can grant you an understanding of the Chicago style. All the information, from in-text citations to bibliographic citations, has been curved in this article. 

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