How to Save Video from CapCut? Best Guide in 2024


How to Save Video from CapCut? CapCut is an application which is designed to edit videos through the simple creation of several videos in a simple way. Regardless of the extent of your experience in video editing, one should not underestimate the significance of saving the edited videos.

 If you’re new to CapCut or looking for tips on how to download and save your videos in a more convenient way, you might find this step-by-step guide helpful.

How to Save Video from CapCut

CapCut is a popular and accessible video editing tool in 2024 that has a lot of useful features for creating and saving fun videos. The following section describes the steps for saving videos created in CapCut.

  1. Finish Editing: 

Check that you have made all necessary revisions.

  1. Tap the Export Button: 

This is usually to the right side of the screen and appears at the top corners.

  1. Select Resolution and Frame Rate: 

Select the format you want your video to have, with the desired resolution and frame rate.

  1. Tap Export:

 Let the export process happen before proceeding to the next step.

  1. Save to Device: 

The recording will be stored on the device gallery of the specific device you are using.

CapCut, an application for creating short videos, has gained popularity with teens and young people and offers the ability to save the resulting video to the device’s gallery. Capcut can also be used for PC systems that are in most demand by several content creator

How to Save Video from CapCut to Gallery

  1. Complete Your Edits: 

Check whether your video is prepared for saving.

  1. Tap Export: 

As for other buttons, they are situated at the top-right corner.

  1. Select Settings: 

Select the resolution and frame rate together with other parameters.

  1. Export and Save: 

If it is complete, click the ‘Export’ button and wait for the process to complete. Your video will be recorded and stored in your gallery without any need for you to save it at all.

How to Download Video from CapCut

  1. Complete Edits

It is important that your video is set and prepared for recording.

  1. Tap Export

It is often placed at the top-right of the page where it is most noticeable to the reader.

  1. Choose Settings

Image resolution, frame rate, and so on.

  1. Download

Click on the ‘Export’ button and the video will be saved on your device.


For any user, it becomes imperative how to save and download videos from CapCut. Thus, it is possible to provide ways as to how your videos should be saved so that they will not be watermarked and will be saved in the highest quality possible. Happy editing!

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