How Tow Car Services Save You In Car Breakdown Scenarios

Have you ever been stuck in a car breakdown situation? You know you’re driving happily in the snow, and suddenly your car stops moving? Cold temperatures can do that, you know! So can hot waves and hailstorms. And don’t get us started when it rains. Torrential rains are guaranteed to cause a car breakdown, and the only way out is to call a tow truck company.

Exploring the causes of car breakdowns

The vagaries of the weather aside, there’s little you can do when your car breaks down. The only thing under your control is to be prepared for a car emergency situation. From making yourself aware of the possible breakdown scenarios to calling a tow car service, you need to be prepared beforehand.

Here are the common issues causing your car to break down:

  • Flat battery

Be prepared for a flat battery issue if you’re only used to making short trips. A sudden, long trip may cause your battery to go flat and your car to break down. The issue could also arise due to a faulty electrical connection or if you leave your car lights on overnight.

  • Empty fuel tank

Sometimes, people drive in a virtually empty tank just to see how far they can go. Well, the dare could soon turn into a regret if you’re left stranded in the middle of nowhere. You can’t rely on strangers to supply you with fuel. Only a tow car service would do that.

  • Locked out of the car

Imagine you get out of your car somewhere in an offbeat place, and you forget to take the keys before closing the door. The keys are inside, and you’re locked! You don’t see anyone as far as your eyes can see. The only respite could be a tow car service.

  • Overheating

Car overheating occurs due to a lot of reasons. There could be inadequate engine oil which may cause undue friction. The coolant and water levels may be imbalanced. Add to it the soaring summer temperatures and the overheating effect only gets worse. When the heat gets too much the engine will just give up!

  • Tire puncture

It is very difficult to prepare for a tyre puncture incident other than keeping the airflow and pressure intact. Some roads are truly rough, and you never know when something will get to your tyre! You could be stranded for a long time if you don’t have a spare tyre with you.

How does a tow car service save you in breakdown situations?

Getting stuck in any of the above car breakdown situations can be a nightmare. You need emergency roadside assistance during these times to keep you out of trouble. It’s best to be patient and call a tow truck company to bail you out.

Here’s how a tow car service saves you from haranguing situations:

  • Jump start service for restarting a flat battery

A tow car service would reach the spot with the jump start cable and cure your flat battery issues instantly. Your car would be up and running in no time, and you can safely drive away.

  • Emergency fuel from nearest gas station

Call a tow car service immediately if you run out of fuel. Park your car at a safe spot if you think you won’t make the entire trip on the residual fuel. The service professionals would bring gas supplies and refuel your tank.

  • Lock-in assistance

A tow truck company also makes provisions for car lockout situations. Don’t beat yourself up over a silly mistake, and call these professionals. They’ll either arrange for spare keys or tow your car to a garage and facilitate access.

  • Instant tyre changing

The tow car professionals are always up for a tire-changing challenge. They reach the breakdown site with their car tools and equipment moments after you call them. They’ll change your tyres in a jiffy, and you’ll be good to go once again!

  • Towing the car back to the repair shop

There’s no other option other than towing if your car suffered extensive damage. Maybe you hit a tree or something and the engines and panels are all damaged. You can rely on a tow car service to get your safely parked inside a repair shop.

Key Takeaway: The massive benefits of tow truck services

Everyone knows how a tow truck company provides immediate roadside assistance. They swoop in magically and solve your car problem. They tow your car away so that the mechanic can tend to it later. This is not just a transactional relationship but goes much beyond that. It’s a trusting relationship between the vehicle owner and the tow truck company. Only those who’ve ever been stuck with a broken-down car can appreciate how critical tow car services are. 

Their services are what help them breathe freely during such stressful breakdown scenarios. The assurance of prompt roadside assistance is what relieves their stress and agony.