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Josh Brolin has for some time been an apparatus in Hollywood, enrapturing crowds with his exhibitions on screen for a very long time. His excursion in the business has seen him ascend to the higher classes, laying down a good foundation for himself as an unmistakable figure among Elite entertainers. Alongside his acclaim, his prosperous career has naturally led to considerable financial success. Thus, the question arises: what exactly is Josh Brolin’s net worth?

Josh Brolin Net Worth

The assessed total assets of American entertainer Josh Brolin is $45 million. He previously acquired reputation in media outlets as far as it matters for him in the notable 1985 film “The Goonies,” and his impact has just expanded from that point forward. He decorated TV screens and cinemas all through the 1990s and mid 2000s, featuring in movies like the convincing “No Country for Elderly people Men” (2007) and “Wandering dangerously close to serious trouble” (1996).

Brolin’s 2008 account “W.” won him basic praise for his portrayal of President George W. Bramble, exhibiting his adaptability in playing complex characters. He continues to demonstrate his versatility by appearing in critically acclaimed films such as the Coen Brothers’ western “True Grit” (2010) and the Oscar-winning drama “Milk” (2008).

Lately, Brolin has become famous in the domain of comic book variations, quite depicting the notorious Thanos in the Wonder Artistic Universe. His appearances in films like “Watchmen of the World” (2014), “Justice fighters: Boundlessness War” (2018), and “Vindicators: Final plan” (2019) have cemented his status as an impressive presence on screen. In addition, he played Cable in the movie “Deadpool 2.” Past these hero adventures, Brolin has influenced a scope of remarkable movies, including “Sicario” (2015), “Hail, Caesar!” (2016), and “Rise” (2021).

Who is Josh Brolin?

Josh Brolin is a famous American entertainer who has played a few notorious parts in film, having a getting through impression. One of his most notable jobs is that of the infamous Wonder Comics foe Thanos. With films including “The Goonies” (1985), “Empty Man” (2000), “W.” His extensive output spans decades, including “Milk” (2008), “Everest” (2015), and “Deadpool 2” (2018). Brolin’s vocation has been set apart by a lot of progress and praise, including significant honors, for example, an Oscar selection for Best Supporting Entertainer for his extraordinary depiction in the biopic “Milk,” which is about Gus Van Sant.

Josh Brolin Biography

Josh Brolin entered the world on February 12, 1968, in St Nick Monica, California, to entertainer James Brolin and his most memorable spouse, Jane Cameron, a dedicated untamed life lobbyist. In particular, Barbra Streisand and James Brolin have been married since 1998. During his childhood, Josh ended up in the midst of the natural excellence of a farm in Templeton, California. In spite of his dad’s vocation at the center of attention, Josh supposedly didn’t completely draw in with it until some other time throughout everyday life. His folks headed out in a different direction when he was only 16. It was during his secondary school years that he started fiddling with comedy classes and step by step took on unassuming on-camera jobs. In his childhood, he was subsidiary with the riding group known as the “Cito Rodents,” and he’s straightforwardly talked about participating in vehicle burglary during this period. Brolin has likewise recognized wrestling with substance misuse issues, including heroin, a battle intensified by the deficiency of a large number of his young companions to compulsion.

Josh Brolin Wiki

Full nameJosh James Brolin
Year of birthFebruary 12, 1968
Age53 years
Marital statusMarried
WifeKathryn Boyd
FatherActor James Brolin
MotherJane Cameron
Height1.79 m
HobbiesRacing and Surfing

How old is Josh Brolin?

Born on February 12, 1968, in Santa Monica, California, Josh Brolin celebrates his 53rd birthday in 2021. Raised amidst the rustic charm of Templeton, he spent his formative years on his father’s ranch, under the guidance of the legendary actor James Brolin.

Josh Brolin Height

Standing tall at 1.79 meters, Josh Brolin possesses a striking physical presence. With his dark brown hair and captivating hazel eyes, his stature perfectly complements his impressive physique.

Josh Brolin Career

The popular 1985 film “The Goonies” featured Brolin as Brandon Walsh, which led him his big break. Though he was considered for the role of Tom Hanson in “21 Jump Street,” Johnny Depp was selected in the end. Feeling disheartened by the response to his follow-up movie, “Thrashin’,” Brolin decided to take a break from the big screen. He turned to theater performances in Rochester, New York, with his close friend and mentor Anthony Zerbe, for comfort during this period.

The 1989–1992 ABC western series “The Young Riders,” in which Wild Bill Hickok was portrayed, was a notable early career triumph. His television career also included parts in shows like “Winnetka Road” and “Mister Sterling.” When Brolin started playing adversarial characters in the late.

In 2008, Brolin assumed the difficult job of President George W. Bramble in Oliver Stone’s “W,” at first reluctant yet in the long run persuaded by Stone’s tirelessness. That very year presented to him an Oscar selection for Best Supporting Entertainer for his convincing depiction of city boss Dan White in Gus Van Sant’s “Milk.” Brolin’s help for marriage equity was clear when he wore a White Bunch at the Oscar service. Close by the designation, he procured basic praise, getting NYFCC and NBR Grants for Best Supporting Entertainer and a Hang selection for Extraordinary Execution by a Male Entertainer in a Supporting Job.

Josh Brolin Real Estate

In early 2020, Josh parted ways with his long-held compound in LA’s Brentwood area, fetching a handsome $6.55 million for the property. All the while, he and Kathryn Boyd put $3.55 million in procuring a rambling 1.5-section of land bequest settled in Atlanta’s rural areas. Later in October 2020, they added one more property to their portfolio, buying a home in Simi Valley, California, for $1.1 million. Quick forward to Walk 2024, Josh made a huge speculation, laying out $7.1 million for a rich 2.8-section of land property situated in the beautiful Montecito, California.

Josh Brolin Personal Life

He got married to actress Alice Adair in 1988. Their kids, Trevor and Eden, were invited into the world in 1988 and 1994, separately. Tragically, the association reached a conclusion in 1994. After that, he got engaged to actress Minnie Driver, but after six months, their plans for marriage fell through. Following this, Josh Brolin went into marriage with entertainer Diane Path in 2004, however their association closed in 2013. Afterward, in 2016, he found love once more and traded promises with his previous aide and model, Kathryn Boyd. Their joy multiplied when they shared the news on Instagram in November 2018, announcing the arrival of their daughter, Westyn Reign Brolin.

Josh Brolin Family Background

Josh Brolin comes from a group of four.His father is James Brolin, and his mother is Jane. His mother is late since she died in 1995. However, his father is a very successful actor. He has performed in several motion pictures and television shows, such as the clinical dramatization Dr. Marcus Welby He received several awards for his exhibition over the lengthy run of the show (1969–1976).

These include two Best Supporting Actor in a Miniseries Golden Globe Awards and a Best Supporting Actor Emmy. Josh and James Brolin parted ways when Josh was sixteen years old, and James has since gotten married twice more. The renowned actress and singer Barbra Streisand is the wife of the elder Brolin. Josh Brolin possesses Gould is Streisand’s first marriage’s son.

Social Media Activities

Josh Brolin’s career in the entertainment sector has brought him a large wealth in terms of profits. His rewarding acting calling is the primary wellspring of his projected $50 million total assets. He as of late made a critical land speculation, buying a $3.25 million home in Atlanta’s Chastain Park, where he as of now dwells. Brolin has also tried his hand at stock trading, which has made his financial assets worth a lot more.

Brolin, who is well-known, keeps a modest profile on social media. His only active account is on Instagram, where he has a substantial 3 million-follower following and a verified account. He is still not present on other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, though.


Estimated Net Worth: Josh Brolin’s estimated net worth is $45 million.

Career Highlights: Brolin gained recognition with roles in films like “The Goonies” (1985), “No Country for Old Men” (2007), and “Milk” (2008). His versatility shines through in portrayals such as President George W. Bush in “W.” (2008) and the iconic Marvel villain Thanos in several Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

Critical Acclaim: He has received critical acclaim for his performances, including an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his role in “Milk.”

Real Estate Ventures: Brolin has invested in real estate, including properties in LA’s Brentwood, Atlanta, Simi Valley, and Montecito, California.

Personal Life: Brolin has been married multiple times and has children from previous marriages. He married Kathryn Boyd in 2016, and they welcomed their daughter, Westyn Reign Brolin, in 2018.

Family Background: Brolin’s father is actor James Brolin, known for his roles in film and television. His mother, Jane Cameron, was a wildlife activist. Brolin’s stepmother is the renowned actress and singer Barbra Streisand.

Social Media Presence: While Brolin maintains a modest profile on social media, he is active on Instagram, where he has a substantial following of 3 million.


Josh Brolin is a notable individual in Hollywood who has gathered an expected total assets of $45 million throughout his prosperous acting vocation that traverses several decades. Brolin’s ability and flexibility have brought him both basic and business achievement, from playing famous parts in films like “The Goonies” to playing nuanced jobs like Thanos in the Wonder Realistic Universe. As well as performing, Brolin has made land ventures and has a position of safety via virtual entertainment.


1. What is Josh Brolin’s estimated net worth? 

Josh Brolin’s estimated net worth is $45 million.

2. What are some notable films and roles in Josh Brolin’s career? 

Brolin has starred in films such as “No Country for Old Men” (2007), “Milk” (2008), “W.” (2008), and several Marvel Cinematic Universe films as Thanos.

3. How has Josh Brolin diversified his investments? 

Brolin has invested in real estate, with properties in locations like LA’s Brentwood, Atlanta, Simi Valley, and Montecito, California.

4. What is Josh Brolin’s family background? 

Brolin is the son of actor James Brolin and wildlife activist Jane Cameron. His stepmother is actress and singer Barbra Streisand.

5. Where can I find Josh Brolin on social media?

Josh Brolin is active on Instagram, where he has a verified account with a substantial following of 3 million. He does not maintain a presence on other social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

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