K Series E-bike Review: Affordable Entry-level E-Bike for Limited Use

I recently got my hands on a brand new “K Series” folding e-bike from KBO so today I’m reviewing it from every angle and for every scenario. If you’re an urban commuter, leisure rider, or experienced traveler, KBO claims this is the bike for you, but how well will it meet your needs? Read on to find out!

The K Series currently has 2 models under its banner: the K1 and K2. Both are essentially the same, with the only difference being color options and a slight modification to the frame of the K2, technically making it a step-thru. Other than those minor differences, both bikes are about the same. As with all bikes in this competitive market, there are strengths and drawbacks. Whether either model is suitable for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

Let’s explore the main advantages first:

500W MotorProvides fast acceleration, can reach speeds up to 20mphQuick acceleration for riding through city streets
48V 10.4Ah Battery500Wh capacity, capable of up to 45 miles (I achieve about 25 on pure electric, and around 40 with pedal assist)Long range suitable for daily commutes
Built-in Battery Design90% short-circuit proof, ideal for humid environmentsEnhanced safety and durability in various climates
Variety of ColorsAvailable in multiple colorsPersonalization options
Adaptable for Different HeightsSuitable for riders between 4ft. 11in. and 6ft. 3 in.Comfortable for a wide range of riders
Clamp SecuritySecure clamp that locks easilyConvenient and secure folding mechanism
Compact FoldingFits two bikes in the back of an SUV; two-step folding processEasy to transport and store, especially for travelers
Affordable PriceOffered at $699 each or $599 each if two are purchasedEntry-level bike for budget-conscious riders

The most important takeaway from this set of features is the bike is clearly designed for a new generation of riders that value affordability over performance. At $699, there’s only so many parts a company can use on an electric bike while remaining profitable. I think KBO has struck a good balance of decent parts at a remarkably low price. This isn’t their first model either, so they’ve got experience in manufacturing, customer service, and supply chain management. By offering free shipping and a 2-year warranty, it appears they are attempting to give customers some peace of mind in the event anything goes wrong.

The biggest tradeoff of this price is likely the power of the motor and the quality of the drivetrain. Some riders have reported that although the bike accelerates quickly, it may feel sluggish on steep inclines, though the same could be said about most electric bikes. Overall, the main specs are impressive at this price point. 

But we can’t talk about the advantages without noting the downsides, too:

Mediocre Front Fork SuspensionSuspension quality is averageReduced comfort on rougher terrains
Mechanical BrakesLess reliable stopping power compared to hydraulic brakesPotentially less safe in emergency braking situations
Quick AccelerationAcceleration may be too fast for some ridersMay require careful handling, especially for new riders
Uncomfortable SeatSeat is not very comfortable for long ridesDiscomfort on extended journeys
Limited Trunk Space FitOnly one bike fits in the trunk of a sedanLess convenient for small car owners

Here we begin to see a bit of how KBO can charge so little and still stay in business – the parts aren’t all top of the line. But that’s likely okay for most riders just looking for a simple and fun ride for their first e-bike. Here’s a breakdown of primary rider types and if this bike is for them:

City Commuter – Definitely

Student on Campus – Yes

Cardio Exercise – Maybe

All-terrain Explorer – Probably Not

Expert Trail Rider– Definitely Not

Overall Recommendation

This e-bike offers a blend of power, range, and adaptability, making it ideal for urban commuting, leisure rides, and even some light travel. I do not recommend this bike for long adventures or challenging trails. While it has some minor drawbacks, such as its suspension and brake system, its overall performance, features, and especially price, should make it a strong contender in the e-bike market.

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