Kitchen Freezer Room: Their Role and Significance in Industrial Kitchens

Industrial kitchens have a high footfall. They deal with bulk quantities of food items. However, the bulk handling of raw materials is never easy. There are storage challenges – be it frozen meat or vegetables. The preservation of raw food items is of the utmost importance to kitchen managers and owners. A reliable kitchen freezer room is their most useful asset when it comes to preserving food items.

You should know about the features that make a quality kitchen freezer room if you’re managing a high-intensity kitchen. 

What is a kitchen freezer room?

Imagine you walk into a room. It is freezing cold inside. The room is covered with insulated panels on every side. The room is quite spacious and there are trays and hangers all over the room. These trays and hangers hold raw meat, dairy products, seafood, vegetables, and even fruits and flowers. This is what a kitchen freezer room is in essence.

Such a room is also called a cold room in pop parlance. These rooms are basically walk-in fridges where the food items are stored at a particular temperature. A standard kitchen freezer room is not just covered with insulated panels but also comes integrated with IoT-enabled smart panels. 

The panels are essential to control the temperature inside the cold room. Not every food item requires the same level of cooling. You should be able to adjust the temperature to achieve the optimum preservation level. 

These freezers have a wide-ranging cooling option for you. 

The general temperature range is:

  • 0-10 ℃ for chiller rooms 
  • -15 to -25 ℃ for freeze rooms

The temperature could go as low as -45 ℃ for blast freezers.

Components of a kitchen freezer room

The kitchen freezer room has three major components

  • Insulated panels: These panels are made of PUF (Polyurethane foam). The material is generally sandwiched between two metal sheets of galvanized steel.
  • Evaporator coil: The refrigeration unit has evaporator coils embedded inside. The coils pass the cold air through the room and keep the items at the ideal temperature.
  • Coolant: The coolant is poured inside the evaporating coil. It flows through the evaporator coil and is the main ingredient of the evaporator coil.

Benefits of kitchen freezer room

The benefits of a kitchen freezer room are plenty. Here are some of its major benefits: 

  1. Storage

These freezer rooms are quite different from ordinary freezers as the storage options they provide are huge. You can store a wide variety of products in these rooms. These are best for restaurants, hotels, and fast-food joints that deal with bulk food orders. These businesses need an efficient storage system to protect their perishables. 

  1. Organization

You can fit a large amount of trays and boxes in the kitchen freezer room. You’ll still have plenty of open space even after integrating all these trays and boxes. These spaces are also organized in a definite pattern to facilitate maximum space utilization. The immaculate organization of these kitchen freezing rooms gives you great freedom of choice.

  1. Temperature control

Many kitchen freezer rooms are installed with automated temperature control systems. You can store the food items in your ideal temperature zone. The coolant mentioned above provides consistent cooling throughout the room. It helps you keep the temperature of perishables in your ideal temperature range. The items are preserved for a long time even if there’s a power cut.

  1. Energy-efficient cooling

The insulated panels and the coolant serve as a great combo to the kitchen freezer room. This leads to an energy-efficient cooling process overall. The even cooling distribution ensures cold air reaches every nook and corner of the room equally. The insulated panels on the other hand prevent the air from escaping out. Together, they create a uniform atmosphere in the room which is crucial to save energy.

  1. Standard and customized refrigeration sets

Businesses in the food sector often need a customized kitchen freezer room. It all depends on their order calls and storage requirements. The dimensions of the freezer room thus have to be ideal. If the freezer room is small, you can’t store enough food items. If the room is too large, you run the risk of economic loss. Fortunately, there are suppliers who can hook you up with both standard and customized kitchen freezer rooms.

Key Takeaway

A kitchen freezer room is an indispensable refrigeration equipment for restaurant and food service businesses. They enable these businesses to serve innovative food products to their consumers. They also prevent the food items from being wasted. Their efficient and uniform cooling all over the room achieves an unparalleled balance in temperature control. These rooms are padded with insulated panels that don’t allow the passing of cold air outside. Neither do they allow hot air to come inside. This makes sure there’s no chance of bacterial growth in the food and the preservation remains perfect.