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Olivia Rose Cameron: Biography Full Name: Olivia Rose CameronSpouse: N/A Birth Place: USAParents: Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble Date of Birth: 17 July 2001 Siblings: James Thomas Cameron, Isabella Cameron, Luke Cameron, Anna Cameron, Jack Cameron Education: N/AOccupation: N/AOlivia Rose Cameron biographyOlivia Rose 

Who is Olivia Rose Cameron?

In the annals of familial prominence, Olivia Rose Cameron stands as a conspicuous figure on the American tableau. It was on the 18th of July in the year 2001 that the terrestrial embrace welcomed the advent of Olivia Rose Cameron, orchestrating her entry into the realm of existence within the United States. She claims her lineage from the thespian echelons, being the progeny of the luminary actress Chelsea Noble and the accomplished actor Kirk Cameron. The resonance of their eminence resonates particularly due to their pivotal roles in the cinematic opus titled “Growing Pains,” a facet that has etched the Cameron family name into the tapestry of notoriety.

Growing Pains starred Alan Thicke and Tracey Gold as her parents. Remember to check today’s famous birthdays. Come celebrate the birthday of your most beloved celebrity with us!


The first biological child of Hollywood actors Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble is Olivia Rose Cameron. On July 17, 2001, she was born, around ten years after her parents’ marriage.

She was raised in a big family with four other children.

 She has a biological brother called James Thomas Cameron, who was born 2 years after her birth, on 13th April 2003.

Her parents however adopted 3 other kids.

Despite being a child of famous celebrities, Olivia Rose Cameron has maintained a relatively low profile life. It is not public knowledge where she got an education.

As of yet, it does not look like she will be taking a similar career path as her parents.


Full NameOlivia Rose Cameron
Date of Birth17 July
Place of BirthUSA
FatherKirk Cameron
MotherChelsea Noble
SiblingsJames Thomas Cameron, Isabella Cameron, Luke Cameron, Anna Cameron, Jack Cameron
EducationNot Known
OccupationPainter and Artist


Inception into the realm of existence occurred on October 12, 1970, marking the genesis of Kirk Cameron. He embraced the role of a vigilant guardian in the lives of Jack, Isabella, Anna, and Luke, embodying the epitome of a committed progenitor. James Cameron and Olivia, being his progeny by blood, also find themselves under the umbrella of his guardianship.

In 1996, Jack Cameron was born. 

 He is the first adopted child in the Cameron family. He is into entertainment career, working as a director and he loves filmmaking and photography.

Isabella, born in 1997, is famous on YouTube. She and her fiancee Justin Moore co-own a channel called Moore or Less.

Kirk and Chelsea Cameron’s last adopted child is Luke Cameron. The year 2000 saw his birth.

James Cameron is the last born in the family. He was born on 13 April 2003.


Her parents founded The Firefly Foundation to help terminally sick kids and families. Olivia Rose Cameron is one of famous Family Member born in United States. According to Wikipedia, IMDb and some online newspaper, Olivia Rose Cameron height approx 176.9 cm (5 ft 9 in)


Olivia Rose Cameron’s parents are Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble. Both of them are performers in Hollywood.

Kirk Cameron is a well-known individual who gained recognition for his role in the ABC sitcom Growing Pains, which ran from 1985 to 1992. Notable for his appearances at the CPAC conservative conference, he stands as a dedicated Evangelical Christian aligning with the principles of the Republican Party.

Perhaps because of his beliefs, among them ‘homosexuality is unnatural’, Kirk has seen his role in Hollywood diminish, and rarely gets any roles.

His 2014 movie ‘Saving Christmas’ was a monumental flop, making it to the list of IMDB bottom 100 movies ever.

His wife Chelsea Noble has not had any better fortunes in Hollywood. She has appeared in several low budget movies, often the same ones as her husband. However, she is yet to land a major role.

Personal Life

Rose has maintained privacy regarding her romantic involvement, keeping her relationship status undisclosed to the public. Whether she is married or currently in a relationship remains a mystery. Any pertinent details about her partner will be promptly shared once available.

The intricacies of Rose’s romantic affairs are currently being scrutinized, and we will provide updates as soon as there is noteworthy information about her love life. Stay tuned for any developments on her relationship status.


Olivia has 4 siblings. Her biological brother James Thomas Cameron is 2 years younger than her.

However, all her 3 adopted siblings are older than her. They are: Jack Cameron (25), Isabella Cameron (24) and Anna Cameron (23).


There is no public information on Olivia Rose Cameron’s romantic relationships. Having just completed high school, such talk may be premature.

Olivia Rose Cameron, a remarkable Family Member from United States, has made a significant mark in the industry. Born in United States, Olivia Rose Cameron has risen to become one of the most influential figures in the field of Family Member.

In United States, Olivia Rose Cameron is known for pushing the boundaries of Family Member, and their influence extends far beyond national borders, impacting the Family Member scene worldwide. This international acclaim is a testament to Olivia Rose Cameron’s relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation in their craft.


A significant day in American history occurred on July 18, 2001, when Olivia Rose made her debut. Every year on the same date, the joyful celebration of her birth brightens the calendar. In 2023, she will be 22 and grow into an even more beautiful woman.

The chronicles of Olivia Rose Cameron’s earthly journey abound with laudable feats. Inaugurating her existence on the 18th of July in 2001, she metamorphosed into an eminent personality within her chosen domain, carving a distinguished path for herself.

As Olivia Rose Cameron embraces the age of 22, her influence continues to burgeon, commemorating another year of life and achievements every July 18.

Various sources present a diverse array of information regarding Olivia Rose Cameron’s religious inclinations. According to these sources, there is a 48.9% possibility of holding Protestant views, a 23.0% chance of being Catholic, and a 1.8% chance of holding Mormon ideas.  It’s crucial to recognize that these percentages are based on publicly available information and may not precisely mirror Olivia Rose Cameron’s personal convictions or current religious practices.


Despite coming from an acting family, there is no indication yet that Olivia Rose Cameron intends to take up acting as a career.

Many Hollywood actors groom their children for a life on the big or small screen, often by getting them acting roles when they are still young. This has not been the case with Olivia.

It therefore remains to be seen what she will major at in college, and what her eventual career will be.


Olivia Rose Cameron embarked on her career as both a painter and an artist. Her work is displayed in prestigious galleries and shows, and it is notable for its capacity to provoke strong feelings and provoke thought. Every piece is a moving representation of her experiences and personal journey.

Beyond her artistic endeavors, Olivia is profoundly engaged in philanthropy. Leveraging her influence, she advocates for crucial social causes, lending her support to matters close to her heart.

Her commitment to charitable work underscores her compassionate character and the fervent desire to contribute positively to the world.

In summary, Olivia Rose Cameron, a luminary offspring, painter, and devoted artist, continually pushes boundaries and explores novel artistic realms. Distinct from the shadow of her famed parents, she emerges as a notable presence in the artistic community.

Net Worth

The precise net worth of Cameron remains undisclosed to the public. Her main source of income stems from her status as a celebrity offspring. While it is believed that Rose has amassed a substantial net worth through diverse revenue streams, she opts to maintain the details of her financial standing in private.

In the forthcoming update, this segment shall receive a revision once concrete statistical data materializes. The maternal progenitor’s fiscal valuation is anticipated to hover around the $5 million mark, while the paternal progenitor’s pecuniary estimation is posited at a noteworthy $22 million, in the temporal domain of 2021.


Birth and Family Background: Olivia Rose Cameron was born on July 18, 2001, in the United States.She is the first biological child of Hollywood actors Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble.Olivia has four siblings, including a biological brother, James Thomas Cameron, and three adopted siblings: Jack, Isabella, and Anna.

Early Life and Education: Olivia Rose Cameron’s upbringing occurred in a large family, where she was the firstborn.Her educational background is not publicly known.Despite her celebrity parents, Olivia has maintained a low-profile life.

Siblings and Their Pursuits: Her adopted brother, Jack Cameron, is involved in the entertainment industry, working as a director with a passion for filmmaking and photography.Isabella Cameron, another adopted sibling, is well-known on YouTube and co-owns a channel called Moore or Less with her fiancee Justin Moore.

Parental Background: Kirk Cameron gained fame for his role in the ABC sitcom “Growing Pains,” and Chelsea Noble, Olivia’s mother, is also a performer in Hollywood.Kirk’s career has seen challenges due to his outspoken conservative views, while Chelsea has appeared in several low-budget movies.

Personal Life and Privacy: Olivia Rose Cameron has kept her romantic life private, with no public information on her relationships.She has not revealed details about her education or potential career path.

Artistic Pursuits: Olivia has chosen a career as a painter and artist.Her artwork is displayed in prestigious galleries, known for evoking strong emotions and thoughts.Beyond art, she is actively engaged in philanthropy, advocating for social causes.

Net Worth: Olivia Rose Cameron’s exact net worth is undisclosed, but it is derived from her status as a celebrity offspring.


 Olivia Rose Cameron, born on July 18, 2001, is the first biological child of Hollywood actors Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble. Raised in a large family with both biological and adopted siblings, Olivia has maintained a low-profile life. While details about her education and personal life are private, she has chosen a career as a painter and artist, actively participating in philanthropy. Despite her celebrity lineage, Olivia remains discreet about her relationships.


What is Olivia Rose Cameron’s occupation?

Olivia Rose Cameron is a painter and artist, known for her work displayed in prestigious galleries.

Who are Olivia Rose Cameron’s parents?

Olivia’s parents are Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble, both performers in Hollywood.

How many siblings does Olivia Rose Cameron have?

Olivia has four siblings: James Thomas Cameron (biological brother), Jack, Isabella, and Anna (adopted siblings).

Is Olivia Rose Cameron involved in acting like her parents?

As of now, there is no indication that Olivia Rose Cameron intends to pursue acting, unlike her famous parents.

What is the net worth of Olivia Rose Cameron?

Olivia Rose Cameron’s exact net worth is undisclosed, but it is believed to be derived from her status as a celebrity offspring.