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Peanut Nasheed, a prominent American model, gained widespread recognition due to her marriage to Tariq Nasheed, a well-known American film producer and Internet personality celebrated for his Hidden Colors film series and thought-provoking social media commentary. Their journey as a couple has spanned six remarkable years, during which they’ve welcomed three beautiful children into their lives. This blog post is your gateway to discovering everything there is to know about Peanut Nasheed, including her net worth, wiki, bio, age, social media presence, family life, and much more.

Peanut Nasheed Biography

Approaching the culmination of her third decade, Peanut Nasheed, whose original appellation is Alexis Cobb, stands at the brink of a significant milestone, her thirtieth birthday, slated for December 30th. Hailing from the United States, she embodies the quintessential American identity. While her lineage embodies a rich amalgamation of diverse ancestries, regrettably, comprehensive insights into her familial heritage and formative years elude us. The enigmatic shroud surrounding her persona obscures any discernible facets of her scholastic journey or the presence of siblings. Consequently, all that can be definitively ascertained is that Alexis is poised to embark on her fourth decade, proudly epitomizing the intricate tapestry of American culture intricately interwoven with her multicultural lineage.

Peanut Nasheed Wiki

Full NameAlexis Cobb
NicknamePeanut Nasheed
Birth DateDecember 30th
Lucky Number7
Lucky StoneGarnet
Lucky ColorPurple
ProfessionCelebrity Wife, Model
CountryUnited States
Marital StatusMarried
Married DateJanuary 1, 1970
HusbandTariq Nasheed
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack
KidsThree (Taria Nasheed, Mateo Nasheed, and Asir Nasheed)
HobbiesTraveling, Reading Books


As per various sources, Peanut Nasheed, originally identified as Alexis Cobb, formerly pursued a career within the sphere of modeling. Nevertheless, information concerning her professional antecedents remains quite scarce, particularly prior to her ascent to prominence via her matrimonial union with Tariq Nasheed. Beyond her vocational pursuits, Alexis is also celebrated for her role as an affectionate spouse and a dedicated progenitor.

Now, let us embark upon an extensive discourse regarding Tariq Allah Nasheed. He emerges as an exceptionally multifaceted persona. Within the precincts of the United States, he garners recognition as a cinematographer who undertook the directorial helm for the documentary opus titled “1804: The Obscured Chronicles of Haiti.” This cinematic creation made its inaugural appearance during the autumn of 2017. However, this merely skims the surface of his myriad accomplishments. Tariq has etched an indelible imprint with his docudrama series, renowned as “Hidden Colors.” Commencing with the maiden installment, “Hidden Colors: The Unveiled Annals of Indigenous, Moorish, and Afro-Descendant Peoples,” which debuted in 2011, followed by “Hidden Colors 2: The Ascendancy of Melanin” in 2012, “Hidden Colors 3: The Dictums of Racialism” in 2014, and culminating with “Hidden Colors 4: The Creed of White Supremacy” in June 2016. Nevertheless, his forays into the realm of creativity do not culminate here – “Hidden Colors 5: The Craft of Ebony Warfare” made its inaugural bow in August 2019.

However, it would be remiss not to acknowledge Tariq Nasheed’s artistic proficiencies that extend beyond the cinematic domain. He also serves as the principal vocalizer within the R&B ensemble christened Mink Glide. Their debut musical compilation, “Egyptian Musk,” even ascended to the twelfth position on Billboard’s Rhythm and Blues Albums Chart in 2018. Nevertheless, music constitutes only one facet of his multifaceted abilities. In 1996, he made his ingress into the hip-hop milieu with tracks such as “Attain Your Swagger” and “Elevate a Limb in the Atmosphere,” released under the pseudonym K-Flex in collaboration with the assemblage denominated The Ghetto Dynasty. Subsequently, in 1997, he continued his melodic odyssey with the album christened “What’s the Moniker of Your Vicinity?” still operating under the sobriquet K-Flex.

During intervals wherein he is not wholly engrossed in the cinematic or harmonious arenas, Tariq Nasheed distinguishes himself as an author, boasting a plethora of publications in his repertoire. Some salient opuses encompass “The Craft of Mackin'” (2000), “Play or Be Played: What Every Feminine Entity Should Comprehend About Males, Courtship, and Intimate Unions” (2004), “The Mack Within” (2005), “The Craft of Aurum Digging” (2008), and “The Elite Mode: Ten Precepts Males Must Assimilate to Cope with the Female Contingent” (2009).

It merits mention that Tariq Nasheed actively participates in the digital realm and is celebrated for his proclivity toward employing provocative lexicon. His oratory has ignited contentious dialogues with regard to interethnic romantic liaisons and, occasionally, has employed phraseology historically entwined with derogatory stereotypes pertaining to African-American women. His colloquies, addresses, and TED lectures recurrently orbit themes encompassing sensuality and romantic entanglements. Consequently, he undeniably personifies an individual of expansive interests and undertakings, encompassing a wide gamut of pursuits.

Peanut Nasheed Net Worth

While the precise intricacies of Peanut Nasheed’s affluence remain veiled in obscurity, it is widely conjectured that she luxuriates in a substantial seven-figure fortune. A significant portion of her financial eminence undoubtedly stems from her union with Tariq Nasheed. As for Tariq, his estimated fiscal assets approximate a sum of approximately $2.5 million as of August 2023. He has garnered a distinguished reputation within the realm of documentaries and cinematic craftsmanship, in tandem with his accolades as a New York Times best-selling scribe. Nonetheless, it is imperative to acknowledge that he is also notorious for his contentious convictions and a proclivity for espousing conspiracy conjectures.

Within Peanut Nasheed’s ambit, she occupies a pivotal role as Tariq’s consort, concurrently discharging her maternal obligations to their progeny, numbering three. Hence, it is patently evident that she constitutes one of the principal beneficiaries of his illustrious occupational odyssey.

Personal Life

Peanut Nasheed and Tariq Nasheed have a truly heartwarming love story. They’ve been happily married for nine years, exchanging vows in 2014. However, their journey together began even earlier, with seven years of dating before they said their “I do’s.” Their three amazing children, Mateo and Asir Nasheed, as well as Taria Nasheed, their daughter, complete their loving family of five.

Let’s chat about Peanut for a moment now. She has a naturally curvy shape, a beautifully lovely, rich skin. Speaking of her looks, she boasts luscious black hair that cascades in natural curls and a pair of captivating dark brown eyes that can truly mesmerize anyone. While we can appreciate her graceful presence, specific details about her body measurements, such as bra size or dress size, remain undisclosed.

Peanut’s life appears to be refreshingly drama-free. She has successfully steered clear of any rumors or controversies, choosing to keep her life private and harmonious. You won’t find her actively engaging in social media either – she prefers to maintain a low-key profile, away from the noise and commotion of the online world.

Professional  Life

There’s been some speculation surrounding Peanut Nasheed’s potential foray into modeling at some point in her life. However, the details of her professional journey beyond that remain shrouded in mystery. Her path to fame truly skyrocketed after she exchanged vows with Tariq. But it’s essential to recognize that her identity goes beyond her career; Alexis is celebrated for her role as a wonderful spouse and a nurturing mother, a significant aspect of her life story.

Now, let’s turn our attention to Tariq Allah Nasheed, who goes by various names such as Tariq Elite, King Flex, and K-Flex. He graced the world with his presence on July 1st. Tariq has earned significant recognition as an American luminary in the world of cinema, especially for his directorial prowess in the historical documentary “1804: The Hidden Chronicles of Haiti,” a production that graced screens in the autumn of 2017.

But Tariq’s cinematic journey doesn’t end there. In 2011, he unveiled “Hidden Colors: The Uncovered Legacy of People of Aboriginal, Moorish, and African Lineage,” a profoundly thought-provoking documentary. Following this, “Hidden Colors 2: The Rise of Melanin” emerged in 2012, followed by “Hidden Colors 3: The Prelude to Prejudice” in 2014, and “Hidden Colors 4: The Doctrine of White Dominance” in June 2016. He continued his mission to enlighten and provoke contemplation with “Hidden Colors 5: The Art of Black Warfare,” presented to the world in August 2019. It’s important to note, though, that there hasn’t always been agreement with his viewpoints and works. During a showing of one of his films, he was denied entry to the UK because officials found his material to be incompatible with the wellbeing of the general public.

Tariq Nasheed’s artistic talents extend beyond the realm of documentaries. He takes on the role of lead vocalist for the Rhythm and Blues group known as Mink Slide. Their debut album, “Egyptian Musk,” garnered considerable acclaim, securing the twelfth spot on the Billboard R&B Albums chart in 2018. For those eagerly anticipating new harmonies, keep an eye out for their upcoming collection, “Crushed Velvet,” scheduled for release in April.

In 1996, Tariq embarked on a journey into the world of gangster rap, treating us to musical compositions like “Elicit Your Swagger” and the rhythm-infused “Elevate a Singular Limb Skyward,” a collaborative effort with The Ghetto Dynasty. The following year witnessed another collaboration with the same ensemble, resulting in the release of the gangster rap compilation “What Is the Appellation of Your Vicinity?” And in 1999, adopting the pseudonym K-Flex, he delivered “Sanctify Your Person,” published under the banner of Ghetto Dynasty.

Yet, Tariq Nasheed’s multifaceted persona extends to the realm of literature. His books include “The Art of Courting” (2000), “Engage or Be Ensnared: What Every Female Should Grasp About Men, Romantic Relationships, and Partnerships” (2004), “The Art of Inner Beauty” (2005), “The Craft of Wealth Exploration” (2008), and “The Elite Method: 10 Principles Men Should Understand to Interact with Women” (2010).

Tariq has used provocative language on social media, including “bed wenches” to describe black women in romantic relationships with people of other races. This term carries a troubling historical connotation, as it was previously used to denigrate black women who endured sexual exploitation by their enslavers during the era of slavery.

Currently, Tariq Nasheed is engaged in nationwide travels, delivering TED talks, workshops, and discussions. His dialogues predominantly revolve around the intricate realms of sexuality and human connections, making him a prominent figure in these discussions.

Peanut Nasheed Boyfriend

From what we can gather from online sources, Peanut Nasheed isn’t currently involved in any other romantic relationships. She’s been in a state of wedded bliss with Tariq Nasheed since late 2014. Interestingly, before taking that big step into marriage, these two lovebirds were actually dating for quite a few years. Together, they’ve built a truly beautiful family, blessed with three adorable children: Taria Nasheed, their lovely daughter, and two wonderful sons named Mateo Nasheed and Asir Nasheed. It really seems like they’ve established a loving and stable family life together.

Peanut Nasheed Height

Upon scrutinizing Nasheed’s photographs, one cannot deny the palpable aura that distinguishes her from her immediate milieu. Regrettably, the precise quantification of her vertical elevation remains an enigma. Alas, the specific dimension of her vertical stature has not been divulged to the general populace thus far. In the event that we chance upon this elusive datum, we shall assuredly revise this segment accordingly.

Peanut Nasheed Weight

Nasheed appears to have a healthy and moderate weight, but when it comes to specific numbers, that’s a detail we currently don’t have access to in the public domain. If we happen to come across this information in the future, we’ll certainly include it here so you can have a more complete understanding.

Peanut Nasheed Education

When we try to delve into Nasheed’s educational background, it feels a bit like unraveling a mystery with missing pieces. The limited availability of information about her high school and college experiences creates an intriguing puzzle, shrouding her academic journey in a veil of secrecy. However, if we ever come across these elusive details, you can count on us to update this section, providing you with a clearer glimpse into her educational path.

Peanut Nasheed Siblings

When it comes to Nasheed’s family, it’s like a mystery wrapped in a complex puzzle with no clues to guide us. Unfortunately, the public domain doesn’t provide any information about her brothers or sisters. If we ever come across these elusive details, we’ll definitely update this section to provide you with a better understanding of her family background.

Peanut Nasheed Husband

Nasheed is in a joyful and loving marriage with her charming husband, Tariq Nasheed. They tied the knot in late 2014, and their love story has continued to flourish beautifully ever since. Together, they have been blessed with three incredible children: a lovely daughter named Taria Nasheed, and two sons named Mateo and Asir Nasheed. It’s a heartwarming family portrait they’ve created together.

What is the Net Worth of Peanut Nasheed? Salary, Earnings

In the realm of fiscal confidentiality, Peanut Nasheed’s official wealth remains an enigma, veiled in the opulence of seven figures. This opulent state of affluence is principally attributed to her matrimony with the luminary Tariq Nasheed, whose pecuniary standing reportedly eclipses the $2.5 million zenith.

Tariq Nasheed, an eminent scribe, distinguished as a laureate of the revered New York Times, an auteur of both celebrated documentaries and captivating feature films, and a luminary renowned for promulgating idiosyncratic conspiracy postulations, orchestrates an orbit from which Peanut Nasheed, his consociate in connubial bonds and the progenitor of their triad of progeny, reaps the choicest fruits of prosperity.

How tall is Peanut Nasheed? 

Based on her physical appearance, Peanut Nasheed appears to maintain a healthy weight and height. She boasts a striking dark complexion that complements her curvaceous figure beautifully. Peanut Nasheed’s distinctive features include her lush black hair, which naturally forms into lovely curls, and her captivating dark brown eyes. However, specific measurements such as her body dimensions, bra size, dress size, and other details have not been made available.


Real Name:Peanut Nasheed is Alexis Cobb.

Birthday:She’s 30 and was born December 30th.

Status: MarriedTariq and Peanut Nasheed are married.

Children:The Nasheeds have three children: Taria, Mateo, and Asir.

Profession:She is a celebrity wife and model.

Net worth:Due to her marriage to Tariq Nasheed, whose estimated net worth is $2.5 million, her net worth is considered to be in the seven figures.

Hobbies:Peanut Nasheed likes reading and travelling.

Privacy:She avoids social media and keeps a modest profile.

Appearance:Peanut Nasheed has a curvaceous body, natural black curls, and stunning dark brown eyes.

Family:She and Tariq Nasheed have been blissfully married for nine years after seven years of courtship. They have five lovely children.

Last Words:

Peanut Nasheed, aka Alexis Cobb, is a famous model and wife of Tariq Nasheed, a film producer and Internet personality. Her mysterious demeanour continues to captivate the audience with a loving family and a peaceful, drama-free life. While her career is unknown, her life revolves around being a loving wife and mother.


Peanut Nasheed’s true name?

Peanut Nasheed is Alexis Cobb.

How old is Peanut Nasheed?

She’s 30 and was born December 30th.

Peanut Nasheed married whom?

Peanut Nasheed is married to film producer and Internet sensation Tariq Nasheed.

How many kids does Peanut Nasheed have?

Peanut and Tariq Nasheed have three children: Taria, Mateo, and Asir.

Peanut Nasheed’s occupation?

She is a celebrity wife and model.

Peanut Nasheed’s wealth?

Due to her marriage to Tariq Nasheed, her net worth is estimated at seven figures.

Peanut Nasheed’s hobbies?

Travelling and reading are her passions.

Peanut Nasheed on social media?

She keeps a low profile and isn’t active on social media.