The Role of Literature Reviews in Identifying Research Gaps


It is a well-known fact that writing a dissertation in itself is a very overwhelming task which is not everyone’s cup of tea. All the students who are pursuing their high degree courses are required to submit a dissertation to their research committee. Several chapters in the whole project need to be done carefully by following all the guidelines and considerations. Among all of them literature review is one of them. It is considered to be the most time-consuming chapter as it demands extensive research in place to identify research gaps. There is a specific structure for writing a literature review that requires to be followed. To get more ease with the section students prefer seeking dissertation writing service uk in place to have all the real facts and information. This whole blog is going to discuss the different aspects of the literature review and the relevance of research gaps related to the literature.

Aspects of Literature Reviews in Identifying Research Gaps

What are Literature Reviews?

A literature review is said to be a comprehensive review of the already published literature on a particular topic or question. It has also to do with the analysis of the existing literature. It is considered that the literature that is reviewed contains books, dissertations, and many more forms of writing. No research in the world does not have a chapter on literature review as it is the most essential part of the research project. It is always seen that this is the chapter that takes the maximum time duration in the whole journey. Seeking a literature review is a very fruitful investment for the students as it helps them to get familiar with the correct purpose of conducting the literature review. Make sure to be very sincere while doing the literature review as your main aim should be to make it authentic and relevant to the topic of research.

What are Research Gaps?

It is known to everyone that a research gap is a topic that is unexplored. It is something that is revealed during the procedure of literature search and has a reliable scope for research that is to be explored further in the future. In place to identify literature gaps it is important to know that you need to do an extensive review of existing literature in the particular space of your topic. It holds a lot of importance in the research as it is to be identified by every researcher in their journey of research. Many students seek dissertation help service in place to learn and understand everything in the context of the research gaps.

It is observed that one can go through the chapters of Introduction and Discussion of the papers that already exist in the space in the field in place to identify relevant gaps. It is considered that apart from the study of the existing literature, the student can also identify research gaps based on their analysis of the problem. It is always said that the research gaps should have the potential to support the study. All the arguments should be supported by strong evidence.

Why highlight the research gaps?

It is said that all the factors that are related to the research gaps are required to be highlighted if they are known. It is also said to make sure to be explicit when communicating research. In addition to that, it also provides more information on what the gap is going to represent. It is also something that talks about how it can be addressed more efficiently. All the arguments that are going to be addressed should have strong evidence as only they would be considered authentic. It is a fact that highlighting the research gaps makes it more clear in the minds of the readers and inculcates the interest of reading it till the end. It should be done most decently.

The importance of identifying the gaps?

It is a fact that research gaps play a very pivotal role in the overall development of research proposals. It is something that helps researchers in place to identify the relevant justification that is very much real in the context of their study. It is considered that by addressing identified gaps in the area of knowledge, researchers will be able to demonstrate the relevance of the research that is being proposed to them. Always ensure to do it in a very correct manner to attain the significance of the gaps. So, in total it can be said that identifying the gaps is a very important part of the whole research. In case when students find any issues, they prefer accessing dissertation writing services as it is a great source to clear all their doubts.

It is considered that the research gaps are dynamic. It is the subject that tends to shift as per the discoveries that are made and other possible changes. It is critical for researchers in place to continuously update their understanding in the context of the field to identify research gaps. It is essential to adapt to the research efforts. Many factors make the gaps very important and they need to be addressed accurately without committing any error. The dissertation helper is a supportive source for the students to make their research gaps highly proficient for the quality of the dissertation.

How to identify research gaps?

Everyone knows that there is no well-defined procedure to identify gaps in the knowledge of the field. Certain elements help a researcher to identify the gaps. It includes curiosity, analysis, critical thinking, and many more.  It is said that regardless of whether the identified  research gaps are big or small, the design of the study should be sufficient and efficient enough to contribute toward the feature of advancement in your field of study. It is always advised to the students that they should use their skills to identify the most prominent gaps that can be addressed in the study. It is said that a dissertation writer makes sure to carry out the whole process very effectively. Your literature review should be capable enough to reveal particular potential directions for your research. Do not rush while identifying the research gaps as it can ruin your research project which is not going to be a good sign.


To conclude, it can be stated that all the points that have been discussed above are authentic as they are on the tips of every researcher. It is always advised to the students that they should be very careful and thoughtful before doing every single practice or activity in the research. It is a fact that the literature review set the strong foundation for the whole research as it is considered to be the most essential part of the project. Do not let your literature review go weak on any point as it will ultimately decline the standard and quality of the entire dissertation. It is believed that the best dissertation writing services keep the students motivated to produce an impactful research gap. The term research gap should be clear in the mind of every researcher so that they can do it accurately.