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Being a top UAE mobile app development company dubai, DXB APPS constantly uses the newest technology and strives to build the newest skills necessary to make sure you can always make the most popular apps to maximize your business platform. At DXB APPS, we’re experts at developing safe, bespoke iOS applications for a range of business sectors.

With a team of experts dedicated to delivering optimal outcomes for iOS consumers, DXB APPS leads the mobile app development in dubai market. Our designers provide creative and visually appealing user interfaces for Android app development in UAE, ensuring the optimal experience for your app’s users. This blog will inform a lot of clients on the kind of services and industries that we have worked.

The Significant Role Of Mobile Application Development

A mobile app by app development companies provides the ideal blend of business solutions and innovation. With the greatest mobile app solutions available, we can help you lead and execute a successful business and grow it to new heights. The way the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are presented characterizes the greatest mobile applications. To provide the greatest mobile application solutions that satisfy your company objectives, we blend the best features of both.

DXB APPS – Offering Advanced Mobile Apps Development Services For High End Apps

When you need professional advice, cost optimization, technology evaluation, and strategic planning for your app idea, we provide the best app development consulting. Our app consultant decides on project goals, specifications, and technology in addition to validating concepts and offering a roadmap with cost estimates.

Custom App Development

Whether you’re an established company looking for expansion or a funded startup with an idea, we have the know-how to turn your idea into a reality with our customized android app development UAE services.

Development of Android Apps

Ideal for developing applications for the Android platform. We are skilled in creating Android apps from the ground up in Java and Kotlin, two of the most popular Android programming languages.

Development of iOS Apps

Best-suited for the mobile app development Dubai for an iPhone, iPad, or an Apple watch. Our iOS app experts are proficient in using the UIKit, Objective-C, Swift, and SwiftUI frameworks for developing new iOS apps.

Development of Cross-Platform Apps

For those on a limited budget who want to build an iOS and Android app. Among the frameworks we use to develop mobile applications using the same code are React Native and Flutter. Use apps for windows, iOS, Android and the web.

DXB APPS: Revolutionising Mobile Apps in Dubai

Extensive Range Of Mobile Apps DXB APPS Have Deals In

Development Of Enterprise Applications

A top notch solution in the form of a mobile application for solving issues on the corporate level. We create custom enterprise applications including front-end and back-end, database, API integration, and deployment, security, and support capabilities for it from scratch.

Development of Native Apps

Best suited for developing Apps that pay in iPhones, iPads, or Apple watches. Our iOS application designers are experts in using the UIKit library, Objective-C and Swift programming language, and SwiftUI technology to create different iOS applications.

Development of Flutter Apps

Suitable for those who have a limited budget and the time frame of a project who want to create an application for working with the iOS and Android operating systems. We are experienced with Flutter for creating multi-platform applications.

Development of eCommerce Applications

Ideal for targeting users of iOS and Android mobile apps for your online retail eCommerce business. We have created e-commerce applications with sophisticated AI chat and search capabilities, inventory management, and payment gateway integration.

Development of Social Media Apps

Ideal for breaking into the social media app market for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. To help you interact with your audience. Our app developers in uae design and develop social media apps with features like quick sharing, intuitive interfaces, and real-time interactions.

Development of Location-Based Application

Best suited for developing applications that need features like GPS integration, offline capabilities, map API integration, or geolocation. We have built several location-based apps from the ground up for iOS app development in Dubai and Android.

Development of Healthcare Apps

Ideal for developing real-time healthcare mobile apps development dubai that complies with HIPAA regulations within healthcare institutions. Using cutting-edge technologies like AI/ML, IoT, Big Data Analytics, APIs, and Augmented Intelligence, we have experience developing healthcare app solutions.

DXB APPS is a game-changer for your business!

Development of Educational Apps

It is best when institutions, universities, and EdTech firms seek application development dubai an app to transform the educational process. We develop educational apps with functions like gamification, analytics, offline access, progress monitoring, and interactive teaching.

DXB APPS – Offering State Of the Art Mobile App Development Services In Industries Like:

  • Healthcare & Fitness
  • Food and Beverage
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Transportation
  • Real Estate
  • Custom CRM
  • Events
  • HRMS
  • Travel and Leisure
  • Insurance

Our Leading Methodology for Developing Innovative Mobile Apps

We’ve talked about how the best mobile app development company in Dubai, DXB APPS, creates apps here. What procedure do app development companies in dubai follow?


To fully grasp your needs, our sales and technical team talk about your vision, business objectives, target market, and ideal app features.

Idea Verification

To validate your app idea, finalize features and functions, and design a development roadmap with thorough WBS planning, the business analysis (BA) team evaluates market trends and user needs.


Following that, using the data from the SRS document, our mobile app designers produce excellent, aesthetically pleasing, and user-friendly designs and prototypes.

App Development

Our talented developers will build your app in phases while incorporating continuous input using a variety of programming languages or frameworks, such as Swift, Kotlin, Java, Flutter, or React Native.

App Launch and Quality Assurance

The QA department checks every feature to eliminate bugs in the app.

After-launch Assistance

After launch, our app development team keeps up support by fixing issues and issuing updates to keep the app running smoothly and competitively.

Value Added Services You Can Avail While Developing Apps with DXB APPS!

Technological Proficiency

We have around fifty highly skilled in-house app developers who are proficient in Xamarin, Java, Swift, JavaScript, React Native, and Flutter.

On-time Delivery

For efficient resource management and on-time software delivery, we employ Agile approaches like Scrum, Kanban, or XP. Let our knowledgeable development team assist you.

Savings on Costs

Mobile application development companies in UAE provide reasonably priced, top-notch mobile apps that enable you to achieve a strong return on your investment.


We customize and expand app architectures to precisely meet distinct business requirements in dubai mobile app development.

Sector Knowledge

Our app developers are experts at developing sector-specific solutions for over thirty industries, such as e-commerce, real estate, and manufacturing.


Our cross-platform proficiency with Xamarin, Flutter, and React Native enables apps to function anywhere while saving money and time.

Wrapping Up!

DXB APPs is one of the outstanding mobile app development companies in Dubai that utilizes the latest technology and industry expertise to create user-specific cross-platform mobile apps for various industries and business needs. To achieve the most effective, we offer a comprehensive range of services from consulting to post-launch support instead of other mobile app development companies in Dubai.

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