Why Are E-scooters Dangerous?

Urban mobility is changing. Cities are going green, and one of the most popular means of getting around is the e-scooter. Cities around the world are abuzz with these scooters, and in some areas, you can rent them by the hour, while in other areas, they are privately owned. They are convenient, eco-friendly, and relatively easy to operate; this is perhaps why they have become so popular recently. 

However, there is a risk associated with e-scooters. They are designed to be ridden on the road, but most users ride them on pathways and sidewalks, which poses a risk to themselves and other road users. This is where the experience of a professional, such as attorney Felix Gonzalez, comes into play. These experts help the victims of e-scooter accidents with the legal and economic aspects of such an incident.

With that being said, let’s delve deeper into the risks of e-scooters for pedestrians as well as riders and offer some safety tips.

The Dangers of E-scooters 

Below is an outline of the risks associated with these devices: 

They Do Not Offer Physical Protection 

Unlike regular vehicles, e-scooters do not offer physical protection in case of an accident, which significantly increases injury risk in case of an accident. 

Hence, when riding an e-scooter, you can take several measures to protect yourself. The first and arguably most important is wearing a helmet, which can help prevent head injuries. 

Also, you can take safety a step further by avoiding areas with traffic and bad weather conditions. Following these tips can reduce the chances of an accident and the ensuing injury. 

E-scooters Are Unstable 

E-scooters are unstable, especially when at high speeds. For one thing, they are designed to be stood on during the ride, which means the center of gravity is quite high, a factor that is detrimental to stability. 

On top of that, the wheel spacing for e-scooters is not enough to guarantee stability. For this reason, losing control while riding is quite easy. To avoid the risk of an accident, you should avoid riding these vehicles at high speeds. 

Most E-scooters Are Made of Cheap Quality Parts

Most e-scooters on the roads today are made using cheap-quality parts. This means that they are designed for users who ride them a few times a day. 

When these vehicles are used constantly, the parts begin deteriorating under constant stress, which increases the risk of stress. To avoid the risk of an accident due to worn-out parts, you should practice the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance for your e-scooter. 

Weak Headlights 

Most consumer e-scooters are designed to be ridden during the daytime. However, some users still ride them at night, which is dangerous given they have weak headlights.

With such weak headlights, riders may squint to see ahead at night. On top of that, it reduces visibility, which means other drivers may fail to spot you. 

There is no rider training period

Anyone with a smartphone can download an e-scooter app and instantly begin riding one. There are no regulations as to a mandatory training period as with other vehicles on the road. 

A recent study discovered that one-third of scooter accidents were caused by first-time riders. Hence, before riding an e-scooter, ensure you take time to familiarize yourself with the vehicle and traffic rules. 


E-scooters are becoming more and more popular by the day. They are eco-friendly and easy to acquire and use. As more and more city dwellers turn to these vehicles to move around, the rates of e-scooter accidents keep rising as the days go by. 

For one thing, there is no physical cushion in case of an accident. On top of that, they are highly unstable, especially at high speeds. Hence, you should take extra care when riding these vehicles. 

This includes wearing helmets, avoiding high speeds, avoiding traffic and bad weather, and familiarizing yourself with the vehicle before use. 

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