Why Carbon Laser Peel Is Your Solution To Clear Skin

Minimally invasive skin resurfacing procedures have become immensely popular worldwide for improving the appearance of the skin. These outpatient procedures are effective, affordable, and do not require any downtime. From lasers to peels and more, you can choose from a variety of procedures to improve your overall skin and keep it soft, supple, and glowing in the long run. One such procedure is carbon laser peel.

Carbon laser peel has become an in-demand procedure to treat various flaws. It is a superficial treatment that helps with skin conditions and improves the appearance of your skin. Despite its name, it isn’t a traditional chemical peel. Instead, the procedure involves a carbon solution and a laser that work together to create a peeling effect.

Here’s everything to know about carbon laser peel and the reasons to opt for the same.

How Does Carbon Laser Peel Work?

As the name suggests, the treatment uses carbon to draw out impurities from the skin. The professional uses liquid carbon for the procedure. It is a 30-minute, multi-step procedure that doesn’t lead to pain and discomfort nor have any downtime.

The professional spreads a layer of liquid carbon on your face that helps absorb oil, dead skin, and dirt from deep layers of the skin. After leaving it for 10 minutes, they use a laser with a low-energy setting to pass over your skin. This step heats carbon and binds it to the epidermis. The laser is repeatedly passed over different settings to break down the mask. All these steps purify your skin and keep it moisturized and supple for a long time.

Why is Carbon Laser Peel Solution to a Clear Skin?

There are many reasons why you should opt for this procedure. Carbon laser peel is widely available today at an affordable price. Unlike invasive skin procedures, this doesn’t hurt you and finishes quickly. Here are the other reasons this procedure may work for the majority of people.

Reduced Acne

Carbon laser peel is one of the best cosmetic procedures for people who suffer from acne. The treatment not only reduces acne but also minimizes the size of your pores so that the dirt and impurities don’t get locked. The carbon particles used in this procedure absorb the laser energy, causing them to heat up and unclog pores, reduce inflammation, and regulate oil production.

Collagen Production

Collagen is essential to maintain the youth and tightness of the skin, and carbon laser peel does the same to your face. The procedure uses a carbon-based lotion that acts as a photo-enhancer and is absorbed by the carbon particles, causing them to heat up and stimulate a controlled thermal injury. The thermal injury so produced triggers the natural healing process of the body and supplements collagen production.

Improved Skin Texture

This procedure targets the outermost layer of the skin and removes dead cells, oil, and dirt. All these elements can contribute to a rough and uneven skin texture. The collagen production ensures reducing fine lines and wrinkles and evens out your skin. Additionally, the heat generated by the laser also helps tighten the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and pores. These factors together lead to supple and smooth skin.

Brightened Skin

Carbon laser peels vaporize the carbon particles to remove dead cells, debris, and impurities from the skin. These elements contribute to a dull and uneven complexion, and carbon laser peels help you get rid of the same. When the outermost layer of your skin is removed, it reveals a fresher, brighter, and even skin tone. For someone who has many dark spots on their face due to reasons like pigmentation, acne, and more, this procedure works wonders. Carbon laser peel is also effective in addressing Melasma.

Eliminates Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Besides treating acne, enlarged pores, and dark spots, this procedure also addresses the most common signs of aging in individuals – fine lines/wrinkles. During the procedure, the energy produced by the laser delivers heat to the skin, which stimulates collagen production. The elastin and fibroblast combine to rejuvenate the skin and smoothen fine lines and wrinkles. Elastin is a naturally occurring protein, and fibroblast is a cell that connects and supports other tissues and organs in the body. Both of them supplement collagen production and treat all possible signs of aging.


Carbon laser peel has become a popular skin treatment for a variety of reasons, including its safety, painlessness, and efficacy. The non-invasive procedure addresses multiple skin issues, thus making your skin soft, supple, and radiant. If you have been struggling with skin issues, this may be the right procedure. With no recovery time or pain, the highly anticipated treatment can be opted for by all. Why wait? Get in touch with a certified professional at the best skin clinic in noida for your skin concerns, and opt for this procedure to witness positive changes in your skin.

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