Who is Alissa Ann Linnemann? All Life Facts about Alissa You Need to Know

Who is Alissa Ann Linnemann?

Matt Walsh, he’s like your typical American guy who’s big on sharing his conservative thoughts. You might’ve caught wind of him hosting “The Matt Walsh Show” on the radio. But what really got people talking was when he took aim at “Paw Patrol,” yeah, that show for kids. Pretty unexpected, right? But hey, everyone’s got their opinions!


Born in Chicago, Illinois, USA on June 18, 1986, Matt Walsh is a resident of the dynamic city. He was lovingly and carefully reared in the Midwest by his parents, Audrey and Dick Walsh.

Prior to pursuing his studies at Northern Illinois University, Matt completed his high school career at Hinsdale South High School. It was there that he studied more deeply, developing his interests and viewpoints.

A devout Catholic, Matt finds solace and strength in his faith. Currently residing in the scenic city of Nashville, Tennessee, Matt embarked on a beautiful journey of love when he met his soulmate, Alissa Ann Linnemann, through the wonders of eHarmony. Their connection blossomed into a marriage in 2011, and together they’ve been blessed with six wonderful children, including two sets of twins.

Their journey to fatherhood hasn’t been without difficulties, though. Alissa has courageously opened out about her seven miscarriages, which is a monument to the resiliency and love that unite their family.

Beyond his roles as a husband and father, Matt is a multi-talented individual. He’s renowned as a writer, speaker, and author, recognized for fearlessly addressing complex issues and advocating for his beliefs. Matt’s voice resonates not only with his own generation but also with audiences across different walks of life, making him a prominent figure in discussions about faith and culture.

Alissa Ann Linnemann’s Lifestyle

Alissa Ann Linnemann, the beloved wife of Matt Walsh, leads a comfortable life that perfectly mirrors their shared values and financial situation. While the specifics of her assets remain private, it’s estimated that she enjoys a net worth of approximately $500,000, providing a reassuring sense of financial security.

Matt’s successful career as a conservative political analyst is largely due to Alissa’s backing. Even though she prefers to keep to herself, she has a noticeable influence and silently supports her husband’s efforts behind the scenes.

Alissa chooses a more private life, avoiding public social media sites like Instagram and Twitter, in a world where social media noise is all around her. Rather, she commits her time and efforts to her duties as a loving mother and wife.

Matt Walsh, acknowledging Alissa’s immense contribution, speaks warmly of her unwavering dedication to their family and his career. Her steadfast support affords him the freedom to pursue his professional passions with full focus.

Alissa’s lifestyle isn’t marked by extravagant displays of wealth or flashy acquisitions. Rather, her priority lies in fostering a nurturing environment for their six children and ensuring a strong foundation for their family’s journey together.

In essence, Alissa embodies the quiet strength and steadfast support that underpins the Walsh family’s success. Her commitment to family values and her husband’s aspirations shines through, making her an indispensable force in their shared life.

Alissa Ann Linnemann Height

Alissa Walsh is about 6 feet tall, standing at around 1.83 meters. As for her weight, it’s estimated to be between 75 to 80 kilograms, or around 175 pounds.

Alissa Ann Linnemann Age

It seems that Alissa Walsh, the wife of political commentator Matt Walsh, was born around 1987. Originally hailing from Whites Creek, near Nashville, Tennessee, she grew up with her sister. Every year, Alissa celebrates her birthday on May 29th. As per sources, Matt Walsh’s wife’s age is around 36 years old in 2023. She has been Matt’s wife of Matt for approximately 10 years now. 

Alissa Ann Linnemann Career

Two pairs of twins are among the six children that Matt Walsh and his wife, Alissa, have. On May 26, 2013, the couple welcomed their first set of twins, Luke and Julia, a boy and a girl, respectively. Around October 2017, they welcomed a son called Jeremiah, and in 2019 they received a daughter as their fourth child. In January 2023, Matt Walsh and his spouse had their second pair of twins, Jack and Josiah, who are identical twin boys.

The pair has previously discussed the difficulties of having a big family and beginning a family at a young age, but they wouldn’t trade it for anything. They love the life they have built for their kids, as a trip to social media would reveal. Matt Walsh often shares the adventures that the entire family embarks on, such as road trips as well as visits to museums, parks, etc.

The political commentator also offers interesting tidbits into the habits of his little children. He is a great advocate of having kids and believes that the joy and love they dispense are worth all the trouble.

Alissa Ann Linnemann Net Worth

Let’s take a peek into the world of Alissa Ann Linnemann, also known as Alissa Ann Walsh, and delve into her estimated net worth. While she keeps her personal life out of the spotlight, we can explore how her marriage to the well-known conservative political commentator Matt Walsh has played a role in her financial standing. So, let’s uncover the details of Alissa Ann Linnemann’s wealth journey.

Matt Walsh is Married to Alissa Ann Walsh (nee Linnemann)

Formerly Alissa Ann Linnemann, Alissa Walsh is the wife of well-known author, political analyst, and public speaker Matt Walsh. She is of Caucasian heritage, an American citizen, and was born in the 1980s.

Alissa’s early years are not well documented, but it is clear that she treasures her bond with her sister, whom she tries to visit whenever she can. Although very much is known about her early years, it is obvious that family is very important to her.

Alissa pursued higher education, a path that differs from her husband’s views. Matt has often expressed skepticism about the value of college education, citing concerns about accumulating debt. However, Alissa’s choice to pursue further studies highlights her commitment to personal and intellectual growth.

Beyond these facts, Alissa’s life is mostly private, with her public presence largely intertwined with her husband’s career. Yet, her individuality shines through in her dedication to family and education, demonstrating her own values and aspirations.

Alissa Parents, Siblings, Family

Although she keeps her parents’ identities private, she does have a sister. She is said to be an avid baker and frequently creates beautiful cakes on her sister’s birthday, like she did on December 27. She was reared by her parents and sister while growing up in the United States.

Alissa Ann Linnemann Personal Life

Matt Walsh’s wife is Alissa Ann Linnemann, aka Alissa Walsh, and they have been married and living together for around 10 years. Alissa, born in the United States, has been a great supporter of her husband, a controversial political commentator, author, and public speaker. 

In addition, the couple is currently living in Nashville, Tennessee. Popularly, she is known for being the wife of Matt and supporting his political works, and standing together with him. They have known each other for more than a decade, as per reports, since she completed her college.

Alissa Ann Linnemann’s Social Media Presence

The spouse of conservative pundit Matt Walsh, Alissa Ann Linnemann, isn’t one to stir things up on social media. Her approach is to maintain a low profile while concentrating on her primary responsibilities as a loving wife and mother. She just isn’t into publishing daily updates or selfies on social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter.

Rather, Alissa would rather keep things private, appreciating the closeness of family life above being made public. She doesn’t want to draw attention to herself or show off her private life to the public. Her major priorities are keeping their family at the center of their world and advancing her husband’s job.

While some might wish for a glimpse into her life through social media, Alissa finds fulfillment in dedicating herself to her family behind the scenes. She’s not one to seek validation or applause online – her satisfaction comes from the love and connection she shares with her loved ones.

So, while you won’t find her tweeting or posting selfies, you can bet that Alissa Ann Linnemann is pouring her heart and soul into her family, quietly supporting her husband, and relishing in the joys of motherhood.


Background: Alissa Ann Linnemann, now known as Alissa Walsh, was born in the 1980s in Whites Creek, near Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

Family: She was raised by her parents alongside her sister, whom she maintains a close relationship with. However, her parents’ identities are kept private.

Education: Alissa pursued higher education, demonstrating her commitment to personal and intellectual growth, despite her husband’s expressed skepticism about college education.

Marriage and Children: Alissa married Matt Walsh in 2011 after meeting on eHarmony. They have been blessed with six children, including two sets of twins.

Personal Life: Alissa is described as a devoted wife and mother, prioritizing her family above all else. She maintains a low profile on social media, preferring to keep her personal life private.

Support for Husband: Alissa plays a significant role in supporting her husband, Matt Walsh, in his career as a conservative political commentator, author, and public speaker.

Lifestyle: While the specifics of her financial situation remain private, it’s estimated that Alissa enjoys a comfortable lifestyle with her family in Nashville, Tennessee, supported by her husband’s successful career.

Height and Age: Alissa stands at approximately 6 feet tall (1.83 meters) and was around 36 years old in 2023, based on available information.


Formerly known as Alissa Ann Linnemann, she is currently married to Matt Walsh, a well-known conservative political pundit. Alissa, who was born in the 1980s in the United States, lives a quiet life, putting her family first and assisting her husband in his work. She is regarded as a committed mother of six children and a devoted supporter of her husband, despite keeping a quiet profile on social media.Her commitment to family values and her husband’s aspirations shines through, making her an indispensable force in their shared life.


What is Alissa Ann Linnemann’s background? Alissa Ann Linnemann, now Alissa Walsh, was born in the 1980s in Whites Creek, near Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

How many children does Alissa have with Matt Walsh? Alissa and Matt Walsh have six children, including two sets of twins.

What is Alissa’s stance on social media? Alissa maintains a low profile on social media, preferring to keep her personal life private and focusing on her responsibilities as a wife and mother.

What role does Alissa play in her husband’s career? Alissa is a steadfast supporter of her husband, Matt Walsh, in his career as a conservative political commentator, author, and public speaker.

Where does Alissa and Matt Walsh reside? Alissa and Matt Walsh currently reside in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.