Andy Griffith Net Worth: Biography, Career, Early Life and More

Andy Griffith Net Worth

$25 Million

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Net Worth$25 Million
BirthdateJun 1, 1926 – July 3, 2012 (86 years old)
BirthplaceMount Airy
Height6 ft (1.83 m)
ProfessionActor, Screenwriter, Singer, Television producer, Comedian, Voice Actor, Writer
NationalityUnited States of America

What Was Andy Griffith Net Worth?

Andy Griffith, a beloved American actor and singer, amassed a considerable Andy Griffith net worth of $25 million by the time of his passing. Adjusting for inflation, this equates to approximately $66 million in today’s currency. Griffith left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry, particularly through his iconic television portrayals in “The Andy Griffith Show” and “Matlock.” These roles endeared him to audiences worldwide, cementing his status as a cultural icon. Griffith’s talent and charisma captivated generations of viewers, making him a household name. Sadly, Andy Griffith passed away in July 2012, leaving behind a legacy that continues to resonate with fans of all ages.

Andy Griffith rose to fame in the 1950s

Andy Griffith rose to fame in the 1950s

Griffith initially ventured into the world of entertainment as a monologist, but his trajectory took a significant turn when he landed a role in Ira Levin’s production, “No Time For Sergeants,” in 1955. This marked his entry into the realm of acting. In 1957, Griffith made his silver screen debut in the drama “A Face In the Crowd.” However, his early film roles did not yield significant recognition.

The pivotal moment in Griffith’s career came in 1960 when he assumed the lead role in “The Andy Griffith Show” on CBS. The sitcom quickly became a cornerstone of American television, enjoying immense success during its eight-year run and leaving an enduring legacy that persists to this day. Set in the fictional town of Mayberry, North Carolina, the show centered around the affable sheriff, Andy Taylor, portrayed by Griffith himself. 

Alongside him, Don Knotts captivated audiences as Andy’s bumbling yet lovable cousin, Barney Fife, while Ron Howard charmed viewers as Andy’s son, Opie Taylor. Despite reports suggesting Griffith’s involvement in writing the show, he was never officially credited for his contributions in that capacity.

Following the conclusion of “The Andy Griffith Show,” Griffith continued to pursue acting, but none of his subsequent roles achieved the same level of prominence as his iconic portrayal of Andy Taylor. Nevertheless, his time on the sitcom remains a highlight of his career, solidifying his status as a beloved figure in television history.

Griffith left $60 million behind when he died

Griffith’s portrayal of Andy Taylor not only solidified his place in television history but also contributed significantly to his financial success, allowing him to amass a net worth of $60 million during his lifetime. Following his time on “The Andy Griffith Show,” he ventured into entrepreneurship by establishing his own production company, further bolstering his financial standing. Throughout the 1970s to the 1990s, Griffith remained active in both film and television, leveraging his talents across various projects. Additionally, he showcased his musical abilities with the release of an album titled “I Love to Tell the Story: 25 Timeless Hymns,” which garnered critical acclaim and earned him a Grammy Award in 1997.

Despite his professional achievements, Griffith faced health challenges, including undergoing a quadruple bypass surgery in 2000. Tragically, on July 3, 2012, he passed away from a heart attack at his residence on Roanoke Island, North Carolina.

Regarding his estate, it’s speculated that Griffith likely divided his fortune evenly between his wife and daughter. However, unsubstantiated tabloid rumors circulated suggesting that his daughter was omitted from his will entirely. Nevertheless, his daughter has publicly expressed admiration and fondness for her father, dispelling any notion of discord between them. Griffith’s legacy extends beyond his contributions to entertainment, leaving behind cherished memories and a lasting impact on audiences worldwide.

Andy Griffith Bio

Full NameAndrew Samuel Griffith
Born, BirthplaceJune 1, 1926 – Mount Airy, North Carolina, U.S.
Net Worth$60 Million
DiedJuly 3, 2012
Cause of DeathHeart attack
OccupationActor, comedian, singer, producer
Years Active1944–2012
SpouseBarbara Edwards (m. 1983–2012)
Children2, including Andrew Samuel Griffith Jr.
Most Notable RolesAndy Taylor on The  Andy Griffith Show, Ben Matlock on Matlock
AwardsGrammy, Emmy lifetime achievement award

Andy Griffith Early Life

Andy Griffith Early Life

Andy Samuel Griffith was born on June 1, 1926, in Mount Airy, North Carolina, to Carl Lee Griffith and Geneva Griffith. Raised in modest circumstances, Griffith spent part of his childhood under the care of relatives until his parents could afford a home of their own. Times were tough, and Griffith’s sleeping arrangements often involved makeshift beds like dresser drawers. Despite these challenges, he developed a profound love for music from an early age, a passion that would shape his future career in music, film, and television.

Attending Mount Airy High School, Griffith’s interest in the dramatic arts blossomed, leading him to participate actively in the school’s drama program. His talent was evident, and he secured roles in productions like “The Lost Colony” by Paul Green, a renowned play recounting the story of Roanoke Island. Griffith’s portrayal of Sir Walter Raleigh in the play marked a significant milestone, showcasing his early acting prowess and earning him recognition within his community.

Following high school, Griffith pursued a pre-divinity course at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1944. Despite his academic focus, he remained engaged in drama and musical theater activities. Graduating in 1949 with a degree in music, Griffith briefly taught high school music for three years before deciding to pursue a career in entertainment full-time. This transition marked the beginning of a remarkable journey for Griffith, propelling him towards a successful and enduring legacy in the world of entertainment.

Rise to Stardom

Griffith’s iconic portrayal of Sheriff Andy Taylor in “The Andy Griffith Show” propelled him to national fame. Airing from 1960 to 1968, the show quickly became a beloved classic, thanks in large part to Griffith’s talent for infusing humor with warmth and sincerity. His portrayal of the wise and affable sheriff resonated with audiences, earning him widespread acclaim and solidifying his status as a television icon.

Building on the success of “The Andy Griffith Show,” Griffith continued to captivate viewers in his role as Ben Matlock in the legal drama series “Matlock.” Running from 1986 to 1995, the show showcased Griffith’s versatility as an actor, further reinforcing his reputation as a television legend. Throughout his career, Griffith’s ability to connect with audiences through memorable characters and compelling performances left an enduring legacy in the world of entertainment.

Film and Television Career

Film and Television Career

After gaining recognition as a monologist, Griffith’s career took off when he starred in Ira Levin’s one-hour teleplay “No Time for Sergeants,” a role that expanded in the full-length theatrical version on Broadway. This performance earned Griffith a Tony Award nomination in 1956 for “Distinguished Supporting or Featured Dramatic Actor,” though he ultimately lost to Ed Begley.

Griffith revisited his role for the film adaptation of “No Time for Sergeants” in 1958, marking the beginning of a lifelong collaboration with Don Knotts. He also garnered acclaim for his role in the critically acclaimed 1957 film “A Face in the Crowd.” However, Griffith’s most enduring contribution to television came with his portrayal of Sheriff Andy Taylor in “The Andy Griffith Show,” where he starred alongside a young Ron Howard. Despite the show’s immense popularity, Griffith departed in 1968 to pursue other ventures.

In 1972, Griffith founded his production company, Andy Griffith Enterprises, but initial TV offerings like “Headmaster,” “The New Andy Griffith Show,” and “The Yeagers” didn’t achieve the same success. Nonetheless, Griffith continued to collaborate with renowned actors, appearing in films such as “Hearts of the West” with Jeff Bridges and “Rustlers’ Rhapsody” alongside Tom Berenger.

After a period of health challenges resulting in temporary leg paralysis, Griffith made a triumphant return to television in “Matlock” as the titular character, Ben Matlock. The series ran from 1986 to 1995, garnering widespread popularity for Griffith’s portrayal of the shrewd Southern lawyer. His performance earned him a People’s Choice Award in 1987.

Political Life

Griffith had the chance to enter the political arena by running against Jesse Helms for the U.S. Senate in North Carolina but opted not to pursue the opportunity. However, in October 2008, he reunited with Ron Howard to endorse Barack Obama’s presidential campaign for Funny Or Die, showcasing his continued engagement with political issues.

Throughout his life, Griffith was known for his support of Democratic candidates, often leveraging his television talents in commercials endorsing North Carolina Governors like Mike Easley and Bev Perdue. He even spoke at the inauguration ceremonies for both individuals, highlighting his commitment to civic engagement.

In addition to his advocacy for political candidates, Griffith used his star power to aid in advertisements about Medicare in 2010, demonstrating his ongoing dedication to public service and social causes. Through his involvement in various political and social initiatives, Griffith left a lasting impact beyond the realm of entertainment, leveraging his influence to advocate for causes he believed in.

Personal Life

Andy Griffith tied the knot with Barbara Bray Edwards on August 22, 1949, and together they welcomed two adopted children into their family: a son named Andy Samuel Griffith Jr. and a daughter named Dixie Nann Griffith. Unfortunately, their marriage ended in divorce in 1972.

Griffith found love again with his second wife, Solica Cassuto, a Greek actress. They exchanged vows in 1973, but their union concluded in 1981.

It was Griffith’s third marriage to Cindi Knight, which began on April 12, 1983, that brought lasting happiness. Their romance blossomed during the filming of “Murder in Coweta County.”

On July 3, 2012, Griffith passed away from a heart attack at the age of 86, surrounded by the familiar landscapes of Manteo, Roanoke Island, North Carolina, where he spent his final days. He was laid to rest in the family cemetery on Roanoke Island, leaving behind a legacy of entertainment and cherished memories.

Cindi Griffith, Griffith’s late wife, sparked controversy after his death

Cindi, Griffith’s wife, who likely inherited a substantial amount, around $30 million or more, following his passing, stirred controversy among Roanoke Island locals and Griffith’s fans with her decision to obtain a permit to demolish his North Carolina home. This property held sentimental value as it was the first home Griffith had purchased as an actor.

The news of the demolition plan came as a shock to many, prompting disappointment and frustration among locals and Griffith’s close friends. Ira David Smith, a producer and longtime friend of Griffith, expressed his dismay, stating, “I always assumed the property would be eventually preserved and opened to the public.” He emphasized the property’s significance, noting its beauty and the plethora of memories associated with it.

The decision to demolish Griffith’s home sparked a debate about the preservation of cultural heritage and the importance of honoring the legacies of beloved figures like Griffith. Despite the controversy, the sentiment remained clear: Griffith’s impact on the community and the entertainment industry warranted the preservation of his legacy for future generations to appreciate.

Financial Success

Griffith’s substantial net worth was not solely derived from his acting endeavors. His active involvement in the production of his shows, combined with his successful music career, played significant roles in accumulating his wealth. Beyond being a renowned actor, Griffith showcased his musical talents as a gifted singer, releasing numerous albums over the years.

One notable achievement in his music career was the Grammy Award-winning album “I Love to Tell the Story: 25 Timeless Hymns,” which further underscored his versatility as an artist. This accolade not only solidified Griffith’s reputation as a talented performer but also added to his financial success. Through his multifaceted career, Griffith demonstrated his remarkable talent and left an indelible mark on both the entertainment industry and the world of music.


Andy Griffith, a beloved American actor and singer, rose to fame with his iconic portrayal of Sheriff Andy Taylor in “The Andy Griffith Show.” Born on June 1, 1926, in Mount Airy, North Carolina, Griffith’s career in entertainment began in the 1950s. He gained recognition for his roles in productions like “No Time for Sergeants” and “A Face in the Crowd” before achieving widespread acclaim with his role in “The Andy Griffith Show,” which aired from 1960 to 1968.

Following the success of the sitcom, Griffith continued to charm audiences with his role as Ben Matlock in the legal drama series “Matlock.” Throughout his career, Griffith’s talent extended beyond acting to include singing, producing, and writing. His Grammy Award-winning album “I Love to Tell the Story: 25 Timeless Hymns” highlighted his versatility as an artist. Griffith passed away on July 3, 2012, leaving behind a legacy of entertainment that continues to resonate with fans worldwide.


Q: What was Andy Griffith’s net worth?

A: Andy Griffith’s net worth was estimated to be $25 million at the time of his passing, equivalent to approximately $66 million in today’s currency.

Q: What were Andy Griffith’s most notable roles?

A: Griffith is best known for his portrayal of Sheriff Andy Taylor in “The Andy Griffith Show” and Ben Matlock in the legal drama series “Matlock.”

Q: How did Andy Griffith rise to fame?

A: Griffith rose to fame in the 1950s with his roles in productions like “No Time for Sergeants” and “A Face in the Crowd.” However, it was his portrayal of Sheriff Andy Taylor in “The Andy Griffith Show” that catapulted him to national fame.

Q: What awards did Andy Griffith win?

A: Griffith received various accolades throughout his career, including a Grammy Award for his album “I Love to Tell the Story: 25 Timeless Hymns” and a Lifetime Achievement Emmy Award.

Q: What was Andy Griffith’s personal life like?

A: Griffith was married three times and had two adopted children. His third marriage to Cindi Knight brought him lasting happiness until his passing in 2012.

Q: What controversies surrounded Andy Griffith’s estate after his death?

A: Following Griffith’s passing, controversy arose when his wife, Cindi Griffith, obtained a permit to demolish his North Carolina home, sparking debate about preserving his legacy and cultural heritage.

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