Magali Brunelle: Navigating Legal Heights and Love with Jared Keeso


Magali Brunelle, a prominent Canadian lawyer, plays a pivotal role in the success story of Jared Keeso. Jared, widely recognized for his roles in the popular comedy series Letterkenny, has found not only a life partner in Magali but also a trusted confidante, partner, and supporter. Their union began in 2018, and Magali’s influence extends far beyond their public personas, actively contributing to Jared’s personal and professional journey.

Who is Magali Brunelle?

Magali Brunelle Keeso excels in her career as a corporate lawyer, currently holding a position at Coveo, a technology company based in Quebec, Canada – details available on her Facebook profile. While carving her unique path in the legal field, she also enjoys public recognition as the life partner of the renowned actor, Jared Keeso. This information is accurate as of January 13, 2024.

Magali Brunelle Biography

Jared Keeso, the esteemed Canadian actor renowned for his remarkable performances in numerous films and TV series, has truly won the hearts of many admirers. Amid the peak of his career, Keeso’s personal life, particularly his journey in matrimony, has become a compelling story for fans and the media. Magali Brunelle Keeso, his wife, stands out as a captivating and admirable individual, adeptly steering a successful professional path while gracefully embracing the complexities that come with being married to a public figure.

Magali Brunelle Education

Hailing originally from Montreal, Quebec, Magali Brunelle Keeso, born on April 10, has intricately woven a life deeply rooted in her Canadian heritage. She was led by her academic path to the University of Montreal, where she studied Political Science and International Studies, ultimately earning a B.Sc. (Honours) in 2011.

Magali pursued her lifelong interest of legal advocacy, and she eventually earned her LL.B. in 2013 by deftly navigating the law school’s hallways within the same academic institution. Driven by a never-ending curiosity, Magali enrolled in York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School in 2017 in order to expand her knowledge even further. She studied the complexities of Intellectual Property (IP) law during this time and gained the highly sought-after Certification in Intellectual Property Licensing.

Magali Brunelle Wiki

Magali Brunelle’s Net Worth$100 Thousand
AgeNot Known
Date of BirthApril 10
Place of BirthMontreal, Quebec
Height5 ft 5 in
ProfessionLawyer, Attorney

How Much Is Magali Brunelle Worth and What Does She Do for a Living?

Currently, Magali Brunelle works for the Quebec, Canada-based software company Coveo as a Director and Legal Commercial expert. Magali’s experience at the prestigious Canadian law firm Fasken Martineau DuMoulin has given her a wealth of knowledge in intellectual property law, which she contributes to our team. 

 Her wealth of experience enhances our ability to deliver cutting-edge search and recommendation solutions driven by AI.

Both colleagues and clients recognize and appreciate Magali’s professional acumen. Interestingly, she maintains a level of secrecy around her salary and net worth, adding an air of enigma to her financial standing.

Adding to the intrigue, Magali’s spouse, Jared Keeso, reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of $4 million, as per certain online sources. Jared has amassed his wealth through a diverse career encompassing writing, producing, and acting. Notably, he is the proud proprietor of Play Fun Games Pictures, a production company credited with bringing forth acclaimed projects like Letterkenny and various other ventures.

How Did Magali Brunelle and Jared Keeso Meet and Fall in Love?

Magali Brunelle and Jared Keeso embarked on their love story in 2012, sparked by connections through mutual friends that quickly developed into a profound bond. Beyond their shared affection, the couple discovers common joy in exploring, going on hiking adventures, and enjoying the company of their beloved canine companion. This shared passion also extends to their professional lives, where they actively support each other’s career pursuits while respecting the value of personal space and privacy.

During a private ceremony on Independence Day in 2018, Magali and Jared strengthened their relationship and elevated it to unprecedented levels. Their wedding’s specifics, including its venue, guests, and photo documentation, are still unknown.

 Magali and Jared, recognized for their discreet approach to personal matters, rarely divulge the intricacies of their private lives. Choosing a careful strategy to protect the sanctity of their relationship from the prying eyes of the media, they intentionally maintain a reserved demeanor, avoiding the limelight and limiting public appearances.

Who Is Jared Keeso and Why Is He Famous?

Jared Keeso, a renowned luminary in the Canadian acting realm, distinguishes himself not only as a proficient scribe and impresario within the entertainment domain but also as an adept thespian on both the cinematic and televised stages. His accolades encompass a pair of prestigious Canadian Screen Awards, lauding his exceptional portrayals in the biographical sports saga “19-2” and the delightfully idiosyncratic cinematic creation “Letterkenny,” a collaborative effort where he contributed as a co-author and co-creator.

In addition to these, Keeso has contributed his talents to various projects such as “Elysium,” “Smallville,” “I Love You, Beth Cooper,” and “The Marine 3: Homefront.” Undoubtedly, he holds a prominent place among Canada’s versatile and esteemed actors, with a vast international fan base.

Do Magali Brunelle and Jared Keeso Have Any Children?

In the current scenario, Magali Brunelle and Jared Keeso are reveling in the delightful freedom from parenthood responsibilities. Their energies are wholeheartedly invested in their respective professional endeavors, and there haven’t been any indications of them embarking on the journey of expanding their family at this time. Nevertheless, the pair experiences the heartwarming companionship of Shoresy, an affectionate canine featured prominently on Jared’s Instagram. Shoresy, an adorable golden retriever, partakes in spirited play and affectionate snuggles with his devoted human companions. Notably, he unofficially assumes the role of Letterkenny’s mascot and even makes a charming cameo appearance on the show.

Magali Brunelle Career

Magali Brunelle Keeso, an accomplished legal professional, currently applies her legal acumen as part of the legal team at Coveo, a technology hub based in Quebec, Canada, as detailed on her Facebook profile. Coveo serves as the backdrop for her legal journey, imparting a distinctive flavor to her professional endeavors.

However, Magali is more widely acknowledged as the esteemed partner of the versatile actor, Jared Keeso, renowned for his dual roles as the creative mind and leading performer in the enduring comedic sensation, Letterkenny, which has consistently captivated audiences since its inception in 2016.

The pivotal year of 2017 marked a significant milestone for her husband’s series, securing a prestigious Canadian Screen Award in the highly coveted category of “Best Comedy Series.” Magali was present at the award ceremony and posted a moving snapshot of her husband’s victory on Facebook to capture the joyous occasion.

With his engaging appearances in a variety of TV series and films, including 19-2, Keep Your Head Up Kid: The Don Cherry Story, and The Wrath of Grapes: The Don Cherry Story II, her main man, Jared Keeso, has made a lasting impression.

In addition to receiving praise, his depiction of Ben Chartier in 19-2 won him a coveted Canadian Screen Award.

Beyond this, Jared’s depiction of Don Cherry in the television films Keep Your Head Up Kid and The Wrath of Grapes further solidified his reputation, marked by the acquisition of Leo and Gemini awards.

Magali Brunelle Awards

Hollywood has heaped praise on Canada’s talented actor Jared Keeso for his contributions to the country’s film industry. Notably, his affiliation with the Canadian Film Institute attests to his position in the business.

Amidst the zenith of his career in 2015, Jared found himself adorned with the esteemed Canadian Screen Awards for his Outstanding Performance as the Leading Protagonist in the dramatic opus, “The Final Vessel.”

In conferring distinction, a notable acknowledgment was bestowed upon him for his exceptional portrayal of Ben Chartier in the crime thriller series “19-2,” spanning the temporal expanse from 2014 to 2017. This rendering not only garnered widespread acclaim but also culminated in an Emmy nomination, bringing to light the intricacies and multifaceted dimensions of his thespian prowess.

The on-screen embodiment by Jared served as the quintessence of subtlety and intricacy deeply embedded in his method of acting, garnering not merely commendation but also a sought-after recognition for the eminent Emmy award.

Furthermore, Jared was honored with the esteemed World Golf Championships Award in both 2017 and 2018, emphasizing his broad recognition that transcends the conventional boundaries of acting accolades.

Magali Brunelle – Net Worth 2023

Shifting our focus to the financial realm, the Canadian legal practitioner proudly possesses a net worth amounting to $126,000 as of the year 2022. Conversely, her renowned partner in the realm of celebrity holds an approximate wealth of about $4 million in United States currency.

Body Measurements

Specific details regarding Magali Brunelle Keeso’s body measurements, encompassing height, weight, and chest-waist-hip dimensions, as well as her dress size, are presently undisclosed.

Turning our attention to her notable spouse, Jared stands out with a height measuring approximately 5 feet 10 inches and a weight around 73 kg. His distinct features include auburn hair and light blue eyes, while Magali herself possesses alluring hazel eyes and brown hair.

Magali Brunelle Personal Life

Jared Keeso emerges as a highly promising figure in the current landscape of the entertainment industry, securing two nominations for the esteemed Canadian Film Award. The accomplished actor, renowned for his pivotal roles in various cinematic and television endeavors, shares familial ties with Magali, and together they are blessed with the joy of raising two children.

Magali, on a contrasting note, immerses herself in the legal domain with a specialization in intellectual property. Originating from Montreal, Quebec, she joyously celebrates her birthday on April 10th each year, as evident from her Facebook profile. In her professional pursuits, Magali channels her legal acumen into Coveo, a distinguished Canadian technology firm headquartered in Quebec.

Magali Brunelle Family Life

The question of family planning within the realm of Jared and Magali has stirred curiosity among their followers. At the moment, the couple, currently without children, seems to be directing their focus toward their individual career trajectories.

This intentional choice to prioritize their professional pursuits before delving into the realm of parenthood highlights their steadfast dedication to their individual callings.

Relationship Status

Magali Brunelle and Jared Keeso proclaimed their commitment on July 4, 2018, solidifying their dedication following a phase of navigating a long-distance relationship. Recently, the couple joyfully celebrated their first wedding anniversary.

Magali, renowned for her guardedness, rarely delves into her personal life and has abstained from making any public declarations regarding her relationships or affairs in the past year. Her ability to uphold such discretion has infused an element of intrigue into her private sphere.

Magali Brunelle – Social Media

In the realm of social media, Keeso maintains an Instagram presence with the handle @magalibiki, amassing a follower count surpassing 600. Her account is set to private, ensuring that only approved followers gain access to her activities on this platform.

Furthermore, she maintains a personal profile on Facebook using her birth name “Magali Brunelle.” Additionally, her Twitter journey commenced in July 2009. On this platform, she operates under the username @MagaliBrunelle and has garnered a following exceeding 200.


Profession and Career: Magali Brunelle Keeso is a Canadian corporate lawyer.She currently works as the Director and Legal Commercial expert at Coveo, a Quebec-based Canadian technology company.Magali specializes in Intellectual Property Law and holds a Certificate in Intellectual Property Licensing from York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School.She has previously worked for the reputable Canadian law company Fasken Martineau DuMoulin.

Education: Magali attended the University of Montreal, graduating with a B.Sc. (Honours) in International Studies and Political Science in 2011.She pursued law at the same university, earning her LL.B. degree in 2013.Magali furthered her education at York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School, specializing in Intellectual Property Law and obtaining a Certificate in Intellectual Property Licensing in 2017.

Personal Life: Magali Brunelle is married to Jared Keeso, a renowned Canadian actor, writer, and producer.They got married in a private ceremony on Independence Day in 2018.The couple does not have children as of now but enjoys the company of their golden retriever, Shoresy.

Net Worth: Magali Brunelle’s estimated net worth is $100,000 as of the available information.Her husband, Jared Keeso, has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

Social Media Presence: Magali has a private Instagram account with the username @magalibiki, with over 600 followers.She maintains a personal Facebook profile under her birth name “Magali Brunelle” and a Twitter account with the handle @MagaliBrunelle.


Magali Brunelle Keeso is a Canadian corporate lawyer known for her professional contributions at Coveo, a technology company in Quebec. She holds degrees in International Studies, Political Science, and Law, with a specialization in Intellectual Property. Married to actor Jared Keeso, the couple values privacy, with limited information about their personal life. Magali is active on social media, where she shares glimpses of her life with a select audience.


What is Magali Brunelle’s profession?

Magali Brunelle is a corporate lawyer, currently serving as the Director and Legal Commercial expert at Coveo, a technology company based in Quebec, Canada.

When did Magali and Jared Keeso get married?

Magali and Jared Keeso got married on Independence Day in 2018 in a private ceremony.

Do Magali and Jared Keeso have children?

As of now, Magali and Jared Keeso do not have children. They enjoy the company of their golden retriever, Shoresy.

What is Magali Brunelle’s net worth?

Magali Brunelle’s estimated net worth is $100,000, while her husband, Jared Keeso, has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

Where did Magali Brunelle study law?

Magali studied law at the University of Montreal and later specialized in Intellectual Property Law at York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School.

Is Magali Brunelle active on social media?

Yes, Magali Brunelle has a private Instagram account with the username @magalibiki, a Facebook profile under her birth name “Magali Brunelle,” and a Twitter account with the handle @MagaliBrunelle.