Are branded rigid boxes worth it?

Today’s competitive market is ruled by ‘First impression is the last impression’ pushing businesses to adopt a different approach to impress the audience. The tough competition has made it the need of the hour for brands to stand out.     

Business owners can start by thoroughly analyzing their business operation, evaluating their marketing strategies, and most importantly reviewing products positions in the market. Speaking of product position, the way a product is viewed significantly impacts the business position in the market.

Details like product packaging play a significant role in catching the consumer’s eye. Today, conventional packaging is doing nothing except to lower the product’s market value. It is true, given how in recent years, consumers are keeping a keen eye for details as small as product packaging.

Over the years, rigid boxes have changed the whole packaging narrative. The advent of these boxes has also changed the way a customer sees a product. Rigid boxes do more than just protect a product, they narrate what the brand stands for.  

It has become evident that the way to grabbing the customer’s attention is by prioritizing product presentation as well. Doing so will not only enable businesses to expand their operation but also allow them to emerge at the top.    

While rigid boxes are known for their enhanced protection, business owners get to have access to multiple advantages at the price of one. For instance, rigid boxes also increase a product’s allure by giving it a premium high-end look.

Moreover, these boxes protect the product from getting damaged or broken, especially during prolonged transits. Other than that, here are a few other benefits of rigid boxes.



Nothing helps a business gain a bad reputation than customer having a bad buying experience. To avoid such instances from occurring, business owners are being more cautious of how a product reaches the customer. That said, rigid boxes have become the go-to choice especially when shipping delicate items from glassware to electronics. 

Apart from an additional protective layer, custom packaging allows boxes to be customized as per the products size or weight. This reduces the chance of products getting damaged or even lost in some cases.   

Customized rigid boxes get their extra layer of protection from the materials used in their making. Materials like reduced paper pulp are known for ensuring any external stress, safeguarding the product from damage.

Besides the material, the box’s framework is made of pressed sheets attached to the chipboard backing. All these factors have made customized rigid boxes a reliable solution to cater to all kinds of packaging needs.   


As a business owner, you don’t want an unsatisfied customer on your hands. To avoid such experiences, it is always better to stay one step ahead especially if you are small business who is trying to stay afloat. 

Staying one step ahead could start with ensuring that your customers receive the product in excellent condition. Rigid boxes ensure that by keeping item secure especially over a long transit duration.

Custom rigid boxes ensure that both the business owner and customer is satisfied. The boxes durability guarantees that. These boxes get their durability quality from the box’s robustness. It upholds the custom rigid box’s framework as well as the protection it promises.

Brand Marketing

Packaging, acting as a marketing tool might seem unlikely but if you dive into it, you will have some amazing results. How? Well for starters, customized rigid boxes unlike traditional packaging can be personalized.  

Texts, artwork, color, you name it rigid boxes gives brand owners plenty of access to personalize the box as per their requirement. Choosing the right colors, and designs can upgrade the product’s look. Brands can go as far as printing a brand’s logo to even including social media links to customized rigid boxes to become more noticeable  

These factors can revamp your product’s appearance, helping your brand get noticed in the sea of competition.  

With personalization, brands can effectively market their product without investing heavily on advertisement.

While these were some benefits of customized rigid boxes, let’s address the real question, which is, are they worth it?

Let’s find out.

Are branded rigid boxes worth it?

Businesses with budget constraints might not think it is wise to invest in something that is likely to end up in the trash or some corner. However, as mentioned earlier, as a startup if you want to stick around for long, you must think out of the box which can also go as far as investing in branded rigid boxes.  

Compared to traditional packaging, customized rigid boxes significantly bring small businesses under the spotlight due to number of reasons as discussed below.


Rigid boxes have a competitive advantage over conventional packaging in more than one way. Unlike the latter, customized rigid boxes have an aesthetic appeal making the product look more luxurious. This particular element extends rigid box use beyond basic packaging needs. The boxes can be used for occasions like birthdays and weddings.

Other than uniqueness, customized rigid boxes also act as a means to convey the brand’s message, building trust among customers. Building a rapport with the target audience goes far beyond selling a product. In order to retain consumers, brands must go the extra mile.

It means making sure customers have overall best experience from the time when they make a purchase to the time when they open the product.

Product display

While advertisements help the brands catch eyeballs, they might not be a reliable option especially if a business is on a budget constraint. So, what other affordable options are out there? Rigid boxes.  

Customized rigid boxes are affordable and can be used to display products. With customization option, brands can put accessories and other high-end items on display. These boxes not only enhance the product’s appearance but also put the brand’s logo and design out in the open to catch the target audience’s eye.   

Rigid boxes are also available in various colors, pushing the brands to go all out when it comes to standing out. The color and designs chosen by a brand can make or break a product’s look.   

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Conveying the brand’s core values

Why should a consumer buy your product? How is your product different from other brands selling the same thing? What makes you a brand worth investing in? These are a few thought-provoking questions, brands must address.

The answer lies in the efforts a brand puts in to set apart its products from others. For small business, it is about ensuring the product conveys the brand’s core values which rigid boxes can help accomplish.

Customized rigid boxes act as a means to communicating with the customers, and meeting their expectations. With texts and designs, custom rigid boxes instill a sense of understanding among customers that here is a brand that is willing to go the extra mile for its consumers.

Brands unable to convey their core values are not only failing to establish integrity but also at the risk of losing a solid market position.   


Today, it has become evident that product’s packaging has a huge role to play in a brand’s success.

As a business owner, you want your product to have a strong market position which customized rigid boxes can help with. Besides commendable protection, rigid boxes give business owners the creative freedom to leave a strong impact on customers.

Given the plethora of reasons why custom rigid boxes are shaping the packaging industry, these boxes are worth the investment. For small business with tight budget, rigid boxes are practical yet an affordable solution.

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