How to Avoid Umrah Mistakes in Your Journey.

Umrah pilgrimage is a different kind of worship in Islam. Unlike the daily Salah, there are many other rituals involved for the performance of Umrah. So when a pilgrim is travelling with Umrah packages from Houston, it’s a common thing that one makes mistake during the holy journey.

If you want to make your Umrah pilgrimage valid, here are some of the common Umrah mistakes to avoid in your journey.

Not having proper knowledge on the Umrah pilgrimage.

Umrah pilgrimage brings a lot of special acts of worship that are necessary for its performance. These rites are different to your everyday Ibadah. Therefore, learning about the pilgrimage journey completely is the first step towards avoiding the mistakes.

Every pilgrim travelling for Umrah must educate himself/herself on the rituals of Umrah; Tawaf, Ihram, Sayee and Tahallul. They should know of their significance, history and benefits. In addition, it’s always a plus point to be aware of your logistical needs and prepare for them beforehand considering the huge crowd of pilgrims in Makkah and Madinah. It’s best that you get guidance from a credible Umrah travel agency on the matter when booking your holy journey and also carry Umrah guide books to get help during the performance of holy rituals.

When in Haramain, you must also adhere to the local rules and regulations. There are certain laws imposed on the pilgrims arriving for Umrah rituals. It’s necessary to know of them and abide by the guidelines. Otherwise you might face jail time, hefty penalties and even deportation from KSA.

Offering the holy rituals hastily.

Umrah pilgrimage is a Sunnah Ibadah. Therefore, it does not have any specific time frame associated with its performance. Yet, many pilgrims haste through the process and offer the holy rituals at a faster pace. Though it’s not a mistake, it’s also not a preferred thing to do. These are few of the things which you should learn before booking the Umrah Packages from USA or other countries. Pilgrims must offer the holy rituals of Umrah at a normal pace and enjoy every bit of it. Give your heart to every step of Umrah pilgrimage and don’t rush things. Even if you perform the rituals of Umrah at a slow pace, it will only take a day for the completion of pilgrimage and not more than that!

Not changing Ihram clothes.

A lot of the pilgrims arriving for Umrah have a misconception that one cannot change Ihram clothes if they get dirty. This is completely false, in fact, one can change Ihram clothes as many times as required and even take a bath (without nay scented toiletries) in the state of Ihram. Doing any of these two acts will not nullify your Ihram. So, change Ihram clothes and bathe (as required).

Worldly distractions.

When you are traveling for Umrah pilgrimage, you must keep in mind that you are doing all of this for the sake of pleasing Allah Almighty and asking for forgiveness from him. As a result, you should completely cut off yourself form all sorts of worldly distractions and materialistic things. Spend most of your time in Ibadah, Dhikr and offering prayers. The mistake here to avoid is that keep your phone and laptop away after you apply for Umrah visa online, especially while performing holy rituals. Avoid scrolling unnecessarily through the social media and leave behind all sorts of work related activities.

Not getting enough sleep.

Considering the physically laborious nature of Umrah rituals, most pilgrims are not getting adequate amount of sleep during the journey and it is completely wrong. Not sleeping enough, especially on the pilgrimage, will not only increase the chances of getting ill but also you will always feel tired and exhausted. So, in order to remain fresh and active, prioritize your sleep after Ibadah and sleep for at least 6 hours a day for a healthy pilgrimage experience.

Quarrelling with others.

During the time of Umrah pilgrimage, pilgrims from all over the world have gathered in Haramain. Each one of them has a different background, behaviour, language, ethnicity, and habits. It’s possible that you find some of their activities strange or irritating. Yet, one must maintain a friendly attitude with everyone and refrain from quarrelling with others. Remember that you are there only for the holy rituals of Umrah. Even if someone incites you, forgive and forget.

These are some of the most common mistakes that you should avoid committing during your Umrah travel.

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