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Redd Foxx is a name that will always be associated with American humor. He has left a lasting impression on the entertainment industry’s wide canvas.  Yet, amid the limelight, there exists a narrative of profound significance featuring a woman integral to his narrative – Ka Ho Cho. Frequently eclipsed by the radiance of her renowned spouse, Cho’s tale unfolds as one of tenacity, love, and steadfast support. Journey with us as we navigate through the chronicles of this extraordinary woman, uncovering seven compelling facets of her life.

Who is Ka Ho Cho?

In the realm of companionship with the late American actor and comedian, Redd Foxx, there stood a woman of significance, Ka Ho Cho, also recognized as Ka Ho Foxx.

Her journey began in Hong Kong in the year 1950, eventually leading her to the United States during her formative years.

Destiny took a turn when, as a dancer in Las Vegas, she crossed paths with Redd Foxx. The twists of fate led them to exchange vows in the year 1976.

Being Foxx’s fourth wife, Cho and the comedian shared their lives until the poignant moment of Foxx’s passing in 1991. This encapsulates the essence of Ka Ho Cho’s chapter in the annals of Redd Foxx’s life.

Ka Ho Cho Biography

In the wake of Redd Foxx’s departure, Ka Ho Cho embarked on a heartfelt journey to uphold his legacy. Engaging actively in the preservation of his comedic brilliance, she became a steadfast guardian of his memory, ensuring that the world would forever remember his genius. Cho’s unwavering commitment and profound love for her late husband stood as a poignant testament to the enduring bond they shared.

Ka Ho Cho Wiki

Full NameKa Ho Cho
NicknameKa Ho
Date of Birth1959 (exact date and month unknown)
Age63 years old (as of 2022)
BirthplaceSeoul, South Korea
Romantic OrientationHeterosexual
Current NationalitySouth Korean/American (speculated dual citizenship)
Marital StatusWidowed (spouse: John Elroy Sanford)
Hair ColourDark Brown
Eye ColourDark Brown
ChildrenDebraca Denise Foxx (stepdaughter)
Native LanguageKorean, English

Ka Ho Cho Education

Ka Ho Cho, a woman of considerable education, holds a degree in business management.

Leveraging her academic background, she ventured into the entrepreneurial realm, successfully initiating and managing various businesses, notably a series of thriving liquor stores.

Ka Ho Cho Height

At a graceful height of 5 feet 5 inches, Cho possessed a petite stature that harmonized seamlessly with her radiant personality, establishing her as a distinctive presence in every room she graced. Her poise and welcoming demeanor endeared her to those fortunate enough to cross her path.

Ka Ho Cho’s age

Her actual birthday and month of birth are still unclear, although she was born in 1959 and lived to reach 63 in 2022. The mystery surrounding these particulars gives her life story a sense of fascination.  Despite the temporal ambiguity, her journey unfolds with a richness of experiences that span the decades, encapsulating a life marked by both mystery and significance.

Ka Ho Cho’s Nationality

Hailing from Seoul, South Korea, she spent her formative years in the vibrant city before making her way to the United States. However, the nature of her journey remains shrouded in uncertainty whether it was a prolonged visit or a permanent relocation, the details linger in the realm of the unknown, adding an element of intrigue to the narrative of her early life.

Ka Ho Cho Career

Apart from being acknowledged as Redd Foxx’s spouse, Ka Ho Cho has maintained a shroud of privacy regarding her own professional endeavors.

In contrast, her husband, Redd Foxx, etched his name in the annals of comedy and film. Commencing his comedy journey around 1939, it gained momentum when singer Dinah Washington urged him to make the move to Los Angeles. It was at the Brass Rail Nightclub where Dootsie Williams of Dootone Records recognized the brilliance of Foxx’s act, setting the stage for his illustrious career.

Ka Ho Cho Net Worth 

For those intrigued by the legacy of the late actor Redd Foxx and his wife Ka Ho Cho, let’s delve into the details, my friends! Firstly, let’s explore Ka Ho Cho’s financial standing as of 2023.

In the present moment, an accurate repository providing the precise valuation of her financial worth eludes us. Regrettably, the absence of such data prevails. Nevertheless, it is within our cognizance that she inherited a substantial portion of Redd Foxx’s wealth subsequent to his demise in the year 1991. At the time of Redd Foxx’s passing, his ascertainable net assets amounted to an estimated $3.5 million. Consequently, a reasoned inference would posit that Ka Ho Cho presently commands a net worth comfortably entrenched in the realm of multimillions.

Ka Ho Cho Personal Life

Ka Ho experienced a distinctive union with the renowned comedian, Redd Foxx. Their time together was relatively brief, spanning a mere three months before Redd Foxx’s untimely departure. Despite the brevity, those months were rich in shared love and laughter, portraying Ka Ho Cho and Redd Foxx as an exceptional and supportive duo, always there for each other. Their unique connection remains indelible.

Though the duration of their togetherness was concise, the love they cultivated remains eternally etched in memory. Ka Ho holds dear the moments they crafted and the affection they exchanged. She is dedicated to upholding Redd Foxx’s legacy, ensuring that his memory endures.

While their marital journey was fleeting, the impact they left on each other’s lives transcends time. Ka Ho will forever regard Redd Foxx as a caring spouse and a brilliant humorist. Despite the brevity, their narrative emanates joy and happiness, eternally resonating with the essence of their shared love.

Ka Ho Cho’s Children

Debraca Denise stands as both the stepdaughter and the adopted offspring of Redd Foxx. While not biologically connected, Debraca remains the sole child in Ka Ho’s life, symbolizing a unique and heartfelt familial bond.

Ka Ho Cho Family

Ka Ho is blessed with a loving and supportive family. Her brothers, who are also her closest confidants, and she were born to South Korean parents, have a deep bond. Ka Ho Cho was raised in a loving and humorous family, where she was surrounded by close family bonds.

As benevolent role models, her parents constantly inspired her to follow her dreams and reach her full potential.

 The unique bond she shares with her siblings extends beyond camaraderie; they stand as her steadfast companions through every ebb and flow, forging an unbreakable sibling alliance.

The influence of her family resonates significantly in shaping the person she has become, and Ka Ho holds a perpetual sense of gratitude for the unwavering love and support they have bestowed upon her.

Ka Ho Cho Relationships Status

Even in the face of adversities, Cho and Foxx’s love stood unwavering, enduring until the comedian’s untimely demise in 1991. Their relationship emerged as a beacon of inspiration, revealing the resilience inherent in a devoted partnership.

Post Foxx’s passing, Ka Ho Cho persisted in paying homage to his memory. Actively engaged in safeguarding his legacy, she made certain that his comedic brilliance would endure in perpetuity. Cho’s unwavering commitment and affection for her departed spouse served as a poignant testament to the enduring strength of their connection.


Early Life and Background: Born in Seoul, South Korea, in 1959.Details about her birth month and day are unclear.Moved to the United States during her formative years.

Meeting Redd Foxx:Crossed paths with Redd Foxx while working as a dancer in Las Vegas.Married Redd Foxx in 1976, becoming his fourth wife.

Life with Redd Foxx: Shared a unique and supportive relationship with Redd Foxx until his passing in 1991.Despite a brief marriage of three months, their bond was characterized by love and laughter.

Education and Career: Holds a degree in business management.Ventured into entrepreneurship, managing successful liquor stores.

Family: Raised in a loving and humorous family in South Korea.Close bond with her brothers, who are her confidants.

Legacy Preservation: Actively involved in preserving Redd Foxx’s comedic legacy after his death.Her commitment to upholding his memory is a testament to their enduring connection.

Financial Standing: Inherited a significant portion of Redd Foxx’s estimated $3.5 million net worth after his demise.


Ka Ho Cho, born in Seoul in 1959, moved to the U.S. during her early years. She met Redd Foxx in Las Vegas and married him in 1976. Despite a short three-month marriage, their relationship was characterized by love and support until Foxx’s passing in 1991. Cho actively preserves Foxx’s legacy and has a successful career in business management. She inherited a substantial part of Foxx’s wealth and remains dedicated to upholding his memory.


What is Ka Ho Cho’s full name?

Her full name is Ka Ho Cho.

When and where was Ka Ho Cho born?

She was born in Seoul, South Korea, in 1959. The exact date and month of her birth are unknown.

What is Ka Ho Cho’s educational background?

Ka Ho Cho holds a degree in business management.

Did Ka Ho Cho have children?

Debraca Denise Foxx, Redd Foxx’s stepdaughter, is the adopted child in Ka Ho’s life.

What is known about Ka Ho Cho’s career?

Ka Ho Cho has maintained privacy about her professional endeavors but is known for managing successful liquor stores.

What is Ka Ho Cho’s net worth?

As of 2023, her precise net worth is unknown, but it is speculated to be in the multimillions due to inheriting a significant portion of Redd Foxx’s wealth.

How long were Ka Ho Cho and Redd Foxx married?

Ka Ho Cho and Redd Foxx were married from 1976 until Foxx’s passing in 1991, making their marriage last for about 15 years.

What is Ka Ho Cho’s role in preserving Redd Foxx’s legacy?

Ka Ho Cho actively engages in preserving Redd Foxx’s comedic legacy, ensuring that his brilliance endures.