Behind the Enigma: The Life and Times of Lori McComma


Amidst the bustling heart of New York City, emerged Lori, hailing from a renowned lineage deeply ingrained in American history. The enigma shrouding her origins adds a layer of fascination to her narrative. Noteworthy is her entrance into this world on June 22, 1969, aligning with the celestial dance of the Cancer zodiac.

Even if Lori’s parents’ background and early years are still a mystery, her path unfolds with an enthralling charm.

The plot thickens as Lori intertwines her life with that of a prominent public figure, introducing yet another layer of intrigue to her narrative. Despite the enigmatic veil veiling her familial roots, Lori’s association with celebrity status injects an additional element of inquisitiveness into the tapestry of her life story.

Who Is Lori McCommas?

Lori McCommas gained prominence primarily through her union with the renowned celebrity, Terrence, an individual not only distinguished but also recognized for his prowess in songwriting and record production. While Lori doesn’t have a direct association with the cinematic realm, her abode situates her within the ambiance of its rich legacy and impact, courtesy of her affiliation with Terrence.

Lori Mccommas Biography

Lori McCommas has carved her identity through her impactful role as the former partner of Terrence Howard, an accomplished American actor renowned for his versatile talents in acting, music, and film production. Their love story unfolded into matrimony but eventually saw a legal parting of ways through divorce. Even with the conclusion of their romantic entanglement, Lori has delved into the realm of social media, skillfully utilizing her influence to enrich her digital footprint. This piece provides a glimpse into her life narrative and profile specifics.

Lori Mccommas Education 

While Lori McCommas has certainly earned her academic credentials, the specifics of her educational journey are veiled in privacy. Nevertheless, diligent investigators have uncovered that she concluded her high school studies at Henderson High School. Even with the scarcity of details, this snippet provides a glimpse into her educational foundation.

Lori Mccommas Wiki

Full NameLori McCommas
Born DateJune 22, 1969
Age53 years old
Lucky Number8
Lucky StoneMoonstone
Lucky ColorSilver
Best Match for MarriageTaurus, Pisces, Scorpio
ProfessionEx-wife of Terrence
CountryUnited States
Height5 feet 5 inches (1.65m)
Marital StatusDivorced and now single
Break UpTerrence, Steven Winter, Joey Anderton
DivorceTerrence Howard
Net Worth$2 million
Salary$350k to $400k
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorDark Brown
Body Size34-27-35
Birth PlaceNew York City
EducationPratt Institute
KidsHeaven, Hunter, and Aubrey Howard

Lori Mccommas Career

Lori McCommas might not be a household name or a prominent actress in the public eye, but she holds a crucial role as a dedicated homemaker, prioritizing the well-being of her spouse and children. Although details about her net worth are not widely available, her marital status entitles her to a share in the assets owned by her lawful husband, underscoring her dedication to their union and family dynamics.

Lori Mccommas Net Worth

Post her separation from the celebrity, Lori McCommas has deliberately chosen a path of seclusion and serenity, opting to keep a low profile, distanced from the public gaze. Despite the presence of her images on the internet, concrete information about her current location remains elusive. Furthermore, there’s no confirmed presence under her name on any social media platform.

In financial terms, gossip columns speculate Lori McCommas’ net worth to be around $2 million, a substantial amount primarily arising from her divorce settlement with the Empire star. In contrast, Terrence Howard boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $5 million. While this might seem comparatively modest considering his successful career, it’s crucial to acknowledge the financial hurdles he encountered post-divorce.

 Lori Mccommas Height

Lori, an eye-catching brunette with a height of 5 feet 4 inches, shares a similar stature with the well-known TikToker Ansley Spinks. Her attractiveness is heightened by her enchanting dark eyes, and she opts for styling her hair in long, curly locks. Additionally, she hails from a Caucasian background, adding to the distinctive combination of her features.

Having a fair complexion and a round face, Lori radiates a maternal vibe. She carries herself with a gentle demeanor and boasts a well-proportioned, healthy figure, portraying a fit and vibrant appearance.

Mccommas Identity?

Lori McCommas gained recognition as the dedicated companion of an American celebrity. She grew up in a household rooted in the Christian faith, identifies herself as Caucasian, and was born in 1969 in New York City, USA. The foundation of her enduring love story with Terrence was laid during their time at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.

Lori Mccommas Ex-Husband Terrence Howard

On the 11th of March, 1969, amidst the vibrant urban expanse of Chicago, Terrence Howard emerges as a multifaceted luminary within American cultural spheres, renowned for his prowess as an thespian, lyricist, and television persona. He garnered widespread acclaim for his captivating enactments in the lauded television opus, Empire.

Across his trajectory in the realm of entertainment, Howard has etched an indelible imprint through distinguished roles in productions like Iron Man, Ray, Lackawanna Blues, Crash, August Rush, Four Brothers, and Big Momma’s House. Adding an additional stratum to Terrence’s artistic dossier is his melodic adeptness. In 2008, he unveiled his individualistic album, Shine Through It, not merely showcasing his vocal dexterity but also accentuating his capacities as a lyricist and artisan. The album drew inspiration from his personal odysseys, contributing to its thematic profundity.

Beyond the opulence of the theatrical platform, Howard has delved into the sanctified precincts of Broadway, showcasing his adaptability as an artisan. Furthermore, he has made substantive contributions to the symphonic vista and lent his resonant tones to personas in electronic recreations, underscoring his diverse forays into the panorama of amusement.

Terrence Howard’s vocational trajectory exemplifies his fluid traversal amid the domains of dramaturgy, music, and sundry artistic pursuits, cementing his stature as an esteemed persona in the profession.

Lori Mccommas Spouse

Lori McCommas, the inaugural spouse of a renowned actor, grappled with marital challenges stemming from familial discord. Her husband, Henderson, possessed a formidable and unwavering demeanor, a factor that contributed to the tumultuous nature of their relationship. Their initial matrimony bore the brunt of these complexities, culminating in a divorce. Their union, forged in 1989, endured until 2003. Throughout this period, Lori McCommas welcomed three children into the world—Aubrey, Heaven, and Hunter—marking significant chapters in their shared journey.

Lori Mccommas Divorce

In the role of a husband, Terrence faced challenges in fulfilling the emotional needs of his three wives, including Lori, with whom he entered into matrimony twice. His struggles in establishing emotional connections can be traced back to personal battles such as alcoholism and a harsh demeanor, placing strains on the foundations of marriage.

One particularly harrowing episode remains etched in memory, as Lori courageously recounted enduring severe mistreatment at the hands of Terrence. On one fateful morning, she found herself subjected to a violent assault, enduring blows to her face. In the aftermath of this traumatic incident, Lori took decisive steps by filing a police report, leading to Terrence’s arrest and subsequent incarceration lasting a year.

Lori Mccommas Family Life

In 2003, marital troubles led to a divorce. After parting ways in 2005, they reconciled and exchanged vows once again. Unfortunately, their renewed attempt at marriage in 2007 ended in another divorce. The fruits of this union are the trio of children – Aubrey and Heaven, the daughters, and Hunter, the son.

Lori’s family saw further expansion when Aubrey embraced parenthood, ushering in her grandchildren Hazel (born in December 2012) and Adrian (born in February 2015).

Terence, Lori’s former spouse, continued his journey in fatherhood with two additional additions from his marriage to model Mira Pak: Qirin Love (born in 2015) and Hero (born in 2016).

Lori Mccommas Children

Lori McCommas and her former spouse, Terrence Howard, navigate a familial landscape reminiscent of American reality TV figure Gina Kirschenheiter, fostering a close-knit relationship with their three children.

Their firstborn, Heaven Howard, radiates charisma and serves as a public relations professional. Her life unfolds as a vibrant tapestry woven with numerous journeys, a testament to her commitment to embracing every opportunity that life presents.

Aubrey Howard, Terrence Howard’s second daughter, approaches healing and self-improvement holistically. She openly embraces her identity as a queer woman, adding a spectrum of color to her life. Currently happily married, Aubrey was previously wed to Billy Gale, a union that brought forth two children.

The trio is rounded out by Hunter Howard, Lori’s youngest offspring, immersing himself in the realm of music. Notably, he made significant contributions to his father’s music album, showcasing his prowess as a musician.

Lori Mccommas Ethnicity

Lori McCommas, a woman of Caucasian descent, firmly adheres to the tenets of the Christian faith. The narrative of her romance with Terrence unfolded during their university days, where they cultivated a profound and meaningful bond. Yet, as their journey together progressed, they encountered trials and conflicts that dimmed the once-authentic glow of their marital connection.

Lori Was In A DV Incident

Lori, standing at a height of 5 feet 4 inches, endured a distressing incident of domestic violence involving her then-estranged spouse, Terrence Howard, in 2001. This incident gained public attention when Terrence expressed support for musician Chris Brown, who incidentally is the younger brother of Lytrell Bundy.

Reports indicate that during a phone conversation with Lori, Terrence became infuriated when the call was disconnected. Subsequently, he rushed to her residence, forcefully breaking down the door and subjecting Lori to physical assault. Fortunately, intervention from Terrence’s brother halted the violence.

Following the incident, Terrence faced arrest and detention, though legal proceedings didn’t progress significantly, a sadly common outcome in many cases of domestic violence.

Despite the tumultuous event, Terrence and Lori concluded their divorce in 2003. Astonishingly, in 2005, their romantic flame was rekindled. Lori appears to have chosen to keep this distressing episode discreet.


Birth and Background: Lori McCommas was born on June 22, 1969, in New York City, USA.Her family background and early years remain a mystery.

Zodiac and Personal Details: She is a Cancer, born under the celestial sign of the Crab.Lori stands at 5 feet 5 inches tall, with brown eyes and dark brown hair.Her lucky number is 8, and her lucky stone is Moonstone.The lucky color associated with her is Silver.She identifies herself as Caucasian and follows the Christian faith.

Education: Lori attended Henderson High School, but details about her higher education are private.

Family and Marriage: Lori was married to Terrence Howard, a well-known American actor, songwriter, and record producer.The couple had three children: Aubrey, Heaven, and Hunter.Lori’s first marriage to Terrence lasted from 1989 to 2003, and they remarried in 2005 before divorcing again in 2007.

Career and Net Worth: Lori is not a public figure in the entertainment industry but is known for her role as a dedicated homemaker.Her speculated net worth is around $2 million, mainly from her divorce settlement with Terrence Howard.

Personal Challenges: Lori faced domestic violence from Terrence in 2001, leading to his arrest and a subsequent year of incarceration.Despite the tumultuous incident, they remarried in 2005, only to divorce again in 2007.


Lori McCommas, born in 1969 in New York City, gained recognition through her marriage to Terrence Howard, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. Despite her enigmatic background, Lori’s life revolves around her family, marked by a challenging relationship with Terrence, including instances of domestic violence. Lori’s career is primarily focused on homemaking, and her financial standing is estimated at $2 million post-divorce.

FAQs about Lori McCommas:

What is Lori McCommas’ birthdate?

Lori McCommas was born on June 22, 1969.

Who is Lori McCommas married to?

Lori McCommas was married to Terrence Howard, an American actor, songwriter, and record producer.

How many children does Lori McCommas have?

Lori McCommas has three children with Terrence Howard: Aubrey, Heaven, and Hunter.

What is Lori McCommas’ net worth?

Lori McCommas’ net worth is speculated to be around $2 million, primarily from her divorce settlement with Terrence Howard.

What challenges did Lori face in her marriage?

Lori faced domestic violence from Terrence in 2001, leading to his arrest and a subsequent year of incarceration.

Did Lori and Terrence Howard divorce more than once?

Yes, Lori and Terrence Howard divorced twice, first in 2003 and then in 2007 after a brief remarriage in 2005.