Legends We Wish Were in FC 24

We love spending our FC 24 coins PC. There are some great FIFA players in this iteration of the game. However, we can’t help but feel that FC 24 is missing a few legends that could help catapult FIFA Ultimate Team to the next level. We’ll take a look at them here.

Gerard Pique

OK. So, the Barcelona legend has only been gone from FC 24 (since he was in FIFA 23), but since there is barely a year that we were not including this tremendous defender in our team, he is sorely missed. In fact, for years, it was not uncommon to see Pique v Pique on the pitch since everybody wanted him.

Now, we know that he is unlikely to be back in the game any time soon. Recently retired players rarely are, but he’ll almost certainly be one to keep an eye out for years down the line.

Diego Maradona

It’s been a few years since we last saw the Argentinian legend in this game, and it may be a while until we see him again. Unfortunately, EA are unable to secure the license to his likeness (it is a bit too expensive). If they can get that again, then you’ll almost certainly see him return as a legend.

Stanley Matthews

Stanley Matthews is a soccer legend that’s never, ever been in a FIFA or FC game. He was a true legend for England, and he helped them lift their first (and only) World Cup back in 1966. Oh, and he has the honor of being the very first player to ever take the Ballon d’Or. Why he has not been included in EA FC 24 is absolutely mystifying to us. We suppose the other players wouldn’t be able to handle his awesome dribbling skills!

John Charles

He is a Juventus legend, but most people don’t have a foggiest who he is. A massive shame, really. He was versatile. Very versatile. He could play in attack just as well as he could in defense. You’d regularly see him switch things up on the pitch, and we’ve never seen another player quite as good as him at that. Unfortunately, he has never been included in EA FC 24, and he is unlikely to be in any future iterations of the game since he is an unknown, at least to those that didn’t support Leeds United or Juventus.

Sergio Aguero

If he wasn’t forced to retire early due to heart trouble, Sergia Aguero would continue to be one of the best players in history. This means he would be one of the best players in Ultimate Team. It is unlikely he will ever be in a FC game again, but we can always hold out hope! We suppose it is difficult to negotiate a contract for him.

While these players are not included in FUT 24, plenty of other legends are. If you want to get them quickly, the buy EAFC boosting from U7Buy.com. Level up your players quickly!

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