Download SnapTube For iOS & PC – Latest Version [2024]

With time, the World has moved from written content to Video content.  Nowadays,  Video content is more valuable than others.  People who want to Watch videos by saving them to mobiles are still confused about which video-downloading app is more reliable than others. I am here to present an appropriate solution to the SnapTube issue.

Snaptube APK for Android,  my favorite application,  is a video-downloading application. It is basically a third party application not available on Google Play Store. It can Be easily downloaded and installed within a few simple steps:

  • Open the Snaptubie website 
  • You will find two buttons below the header section:  Download and Beta Version 
  • Click on the “Download” button
  • After completing the download file,  just click on the downloaded file.
  • Click on the SnapTube Install  button, and it will take a few seconds.

Snaptube For iOS

Snaptube was initially designed for Androids, but it can be used on iPhones and iPads.  Snaptube can be used on iOS by JailBreaking. iOS Jailbreaking means enabling the operating systems of iPhones to use Android apps.

You can download and use Snaptube on iPhones and Snaptube on iPads by using “Test Flight” And “Cydia” Apps. Through these apps,  you can use Snaptube for iOS . But in a few cases, SnapTube users may face problems with iOS.

SnapTube For PC 

To date, SnapTube has not released any specific version for PCs or Laptops. However, most people use SnapTue Apk on their laptops through an emulator; for this, users must download SnapTube APK For PC and install this fabulous app on your Laptop or PC. 

What Makes Snaptube More Reliable? 

Many things make Snaptube a more reliable and top-notch choice for users.  The most notable thing are SnapTube user-friendly and easy-to-operate functions. The other thing is its simplicity.  Like other video downloading apps,  it does not have irrelevant options and stuff.  Its User interface is simple and catchy.  

Notable Features of Snaptube that other lacks

I am going to throw light on some of the features of the Snaptube apk that make it more interesting among its users.

  • Download Speed Limit

You can Select the Download speed limit in order to control the speed of downloading.  You can set it to unlimited. 

  • Customized Notifications 

Customized notification is another most favorite feature of SnapTube . Through this feature users can turn SnapTube push notifications on and off, too. The ball is in your court on what to do with notifications. 

  • Theme

Users can set the theme from Dark and light mode according to their own choice.  It can be interlinked with system settings. 

  • App Uninstaller

snaptube has a feature named “App Uninstaller”. Its basic purpose is to make you capable of deleting some apps within Snaptube.  If you are using Snaptube,  and without exiting the Snaptube apk,  you want to delete or uninstall some app for some purpose, you can uninstall the app within Snaptube’s built-in feature “App Uninstaller.”

  • Interlink YouTube with Snaptube

In Snaptube,  You can connect YouTube with Snaptube by Google Account.  

After connecting the account,  you will find the same stuff on Snaptube. 


Snaptube,  on the basis of a lot of hidden features,  is known among the users. It provides ease to its users, and videos can be played in the mobile’s gallery without the need for any third-party app.  Download Snaptube Apk,  and Enjoy watching videos.