Is Colby Tyan Still Married? All Facts About Colby Tyan & Kelsee Ryan

Is Colby Tyan Still Married?

Inquisitive minds ponder whether Colby Ryan remains in the realm of matrimony. As the firstborn of Lori Vallow and a grieving sibling to two younger kin who met a tragic end in 2020, Colby Ryan’s marital status has become a subject of curiosity. Delve deeper into this article for insights into Colby Ryan’s current marital standing. Furthermore, explore details about his wife, biography, marriage, age, Instagram presence, and net worth. The unfolding narrative promises a comprehensive glimpse into the facets of Colby Ryan’s personal and public life.

Colby Ryan Wife Kelsee Ryan Early Life

Kelsee Ryan, a certified real estate agent situated in Arizona, formerly shared matrimony with Colby Ryan, a connection rooted in their junior high school days. The inception of their relationship traces back to 2018, culminating in their union in December of that very year. The exchange of vows took place in the serene backdrop of Colby’s grandparents’ backyard. Although specific details about Kelsee Ryan’s date of birth remain undisclosed to the public, information regarding her early life is somewhat limited.

Who Is Colby Ryan?

Colby Ryan, the offspring of Lori Vallow Daybell, found himself entangled in a situation where he initially conveyed to authorities that he perceived no mistreatment towards his siblings, JJ (7) and Tylee (16), who tragically met their demise. His sentiments unfolded in a poignant eulogy penned in June 2020, a tribute to his siblings discovered lifeless at the Idaho residence of Lori Daybell and her spouse, Chad Daybell. In his words, as shared with the New York Post, Colby expressed, “Embarking on this feels daunting, but to my extraordinary, beautiful, and cherished angels. The knowledge that you reside in paradise imparts a unique serenity upon me.”

Colby Ryan Biography

Amidst the intricate saga surrounding Lori Vallow, Colby Ryan, her only surviving and eldest progeny, finds himself thrust into the limelight. In the midst of a convoluted narrative, the focal point emerges, entwined with the alleged involvement of his maternal figure in the grievous demise of her two younger offspring. Presently enshrouded in a maelstrom of dispute, Lori Vallow takes center stage in the documentary titled “The Transgressions of Our Maternal Progenitors” on the Netflix platform. Step into the chilling chronicle of Lori Vallow-Daybell and her poignant vanishing act, followed by the lamentable fate befalling her progeny, Tylee and JJ.This piece immerses itself in the latest developments pertaining to Colby’s case while presenting an insightful panorama of his background.

Colby Ryan Wiki

NameColby Ryan
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseKelsee Ryan
FacebookColby J Ryan

Colby Ryan Age

The passage of time serves as a gauge, measuring both the vibrancy of youth and the steadiness of maturity. It’s only natural for curiosity to arise regarding the age of Colby Ryan. While glimpses of various phases of Colby Ryan’s life may have been witnessed in the past, one cannot escape the inevitability of change. Perhaps you’ve pondered on Colby Ryan’s age and speculated about how many trips around the sun he’s completed. Let’s put your estimations to the test by revealing Colby Ryan’s actual age in the year 2022 – a mere 26 years old. As we delve deeper into the intricacies, more precise details about Colby Ryan will unfold.

Colby Ryan Kids

In the annals of Colby’s life, a chapter unfolds where he was once united in matrimony with Kelsee Benson, sharing the joys and responsibilities of parenthood with the arrival of two children. However, the narrative takes a somber turn as the calendar turns to September 2022, marking a period of profound legal tribulations for Colby. The woman who was once Kelsee Benson, now known as Kelsee Ryan, pointed accusatory fingers at him, alleging serious sexual offenses that led to his apprehension. The precise details of these allegations remain shrouded in mystery.

Prior to this distressing episode, Colby Ryan had garnered attention for his role in a Netflix documentary titled “Sins of Our Mother.” Within its frames, he candidly delved into the intricate layers of his mother’s involvement in a religious cult. Concurrently, he assumed the mantle of an author, crafting a literary work entitled “The God Over Odds.” This poignant book unfolds the tapestry of his personal odyssey, commencing as the progeny of a cult-affiliated mother and culminating in a journey of self-discovery, finding solace in his faith.

Family Background

In the unfolding drama of his mother’s triple-murder trial on April 19, 2023, Ryan found himself on the witness stand for the prosecution. True to his sentiments expressed in the documentary, Ryan harbors justified anger towards his mother.

According to Insider, emotions surged within Ryan as prosecutors presented him with poignant photographs of his departed siblings, J.J. and Tylee. The courtroom atmosphere intensified further with the playback of an emotionally charged jail call from 2020 between Vallow and Ryan, captivating the attention of the jury.

In the midst of the call, Ryan confronted his mother, accusing her of deceitful acts during the period when his brother and sister were missing. Shockingly, he revealed that someone was manipulating him through texts from Tylee’s phone, creating a facade that she was still alive.

The call echoed with Ryan’s anguished words, “You murdered my siblings!” expressing his shattered trust and disillusionment. He reiterated the grave accusation of her being a murderer multiple times throughout the conversation.

As Ryan concluded his testimony, a tearful Vallow locked eyes with him, yet he steadfastly avoided any reciprocal gaze, walking out of the courtroom, leaving behind a charged and emotionally charged atmosphere.

Relationship Status

As of November 2021, Colby Ryan remains unattached, and his current relationship status remains shrouded in mystery. Since his apprehension, a noticeable silence surrounds his virtual presence, as he refrains from any activity on social media and abstains from engaging in interviews or making public statements. It seems plausible that he is channeling his energy towards grappling with legal matters and ensuring the welfare of his children. Additionally, he might be gearing up for the impending trial of his mother, slated for January 2023.

Colby has made it clear that his pursuit is centered around justice for his siblings, expressing a fervent desire for his mother to unveil the truth regarding their fate. Amidst this challenging journey, he has openly shared sentiments of love and grief for his departed sister and brother, ardently hoping that they have found solace in a better place.

Kelsee Ryan Career

Once known as Kelsee Benson, Kelsee Ryan was entwined in matrimony with Colby Ryan, the son of Lori Daybell.

In the course of their shared journey, they embraced parenthood, welcoming two children into their lives. Kelsee also graced the screens in TV mini-series such as “The Truth About Lori Vallow” and “Sins of Our Mother,” where she portrayed none other than herself.

However, the narrative takes a stark turn as Kelsee levels grave accusations against her former spouse, Colby, alleging acts of rape. This tumultuous revelation culminated in legal charges against Colby in 2022. Notably, these charges met their resolution with eventual dismissal.

Colby Ryan’s Net Worth

The specific financial standing of Colby Ryan remains undisclosed or yet to be precisely quantified. The details shared here are rooted in the context of the year 2022. The approximated valuation takes into consideration the earnings accrued from Colby’s prior pursuits, encompassing his early career ventures and the diverse skill set he possesses. It’s imperative to note that the net worth attributed to him is subject to fluctuations over time. Should there be alterations in his financial landscape, timely updates will be furnished here.

Additionally, it’s plausible that Colby Ryan has ventured into investment opportunities, potentially fostering an avenue to augment his returns and elevate the overall valuation of his net worth.

Kelsee Ryan Net Worth 2023

Kelsee Ryan was formerly united in matrimony with Colby Ryan, the offspring of Lori Vallow Daybell. While the specifics of Kelsee’s financial standing remain discreet, it’s discerned that Colby’s financial worth is approximated to range between $1 million and $5 million, as of the year 2023.

Both Colby and Kelsee shared the screen in the Netflix documentary titled “Sins of Our Mother,” unraveling the intricate narrative of Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell. However, a pivotal facet surfaces as Kelsee alleges Colby of committing rape, a vehement denial coming from Colby in response to this serious accusation.


Marital Status: Colby Ryan was previously married to Kelsee Ryan. They tied the knot in December 2018.

Current Marital Status: As of November 2021, Colby Ryan is reported to be unattached, and his current relationship status is unknown.

Children: Colby Ryan and Kelsee Ryan have two children together.

Legal Troubles: Colby Ryan faced legal tribulations in September 2022 when Kelsee Ryan accused him of serious sexual offenses. However, these charges were eventually dismissed.

Involvement in Documentary: Colby Ryan played a role in the Netflix documentary titled “Sins of Our Mother,” where he delved into the layers of his mother’s involvement in a religious cult.

Testimony in Mother’s Trial: Colby Ryan testified in his mother Lori Vallow’s triple-murder trial in April 2023, expressing justified anger and accusing her of murdering his siblings.

Social Media Presence: Colby Ryan has an Instagram account (@colby_j_ryan), Twitter account (@colbyjryan), and a Facebook profile (Colby J Ryan).

Authorship: Colby Ryan authored a book titled “The God Over Odds,” depicting his journey as the son of a cult-affiliated mother.

Financial Status: Colby Ryan’s specific net worth is undisclosed, but it is estimated to range between $1 million and $5 million as of the year 2023.

Current Status: Colby Ryan’s virtual presence has been silent since his legal troubles, suggesting he may be focusing on legal matters and the welfare of his children.


Colby Ryan, the son of Lori Vallow Daybell, was previously married to Kelsee Ryan, and they have two children together. Colby faced legal issues in 2022, with accusations made by Kelsee, though the charges were later dismissed. He played a significant role in a Netflix documentary about his mother’s involvement in a cult. In his testimony during Lori Vallow’s trial, Colby expressed his rage and charged her of killing his siblings. As of November 2021, it is unclear whether he is married.


Is Colby Ryan still married?

As of November 2021, Colby Ryan’s current marital status is unknown, and he is reported to be unattached.

What legal troubles did Colby Ryan face in 2022?

Colby Ryan faced serious sexual offense allegations made by his ex-wife Kelsee Ryan in 2022. However, these charges were eventually dismissed.

In which Netflix documentary did Colby Ryan participate?

Colby Ryan participated in the Netflix documentary titled “Sins of Our Mother,” discussing his mother’s involvement in a religious cult.

What is Colby Ryan’s net worth?

Colby Ryan’s specific net worth is undisclosed, but it is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million as of the year 2023.

Why is Colby Ryan’s virtual presence silent?

Colby Ryan’s virtual presence has been silent since his legal troubles, possibly indicating a focus on legal matters, the welfare of his children, and preparation for his mother’s trial.