Short Term Accommodation (STA) under NDIS: What to Expect 

Short Term Accommodation (STA), also known as respite care, is a vital component of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). It provides temporary support and accommodation for individuals with disabilities, giving both participants and their regular carers a much-needed break. This guide will explain what STA is, its benefits, and how to access it, while highlighting how partnering with Kuremara, a trusted NDIS provider, can enhance your experience. We will also discuss key services such as registered NDIS providers Melbourne and NDIS services. 

What is Short Term Accommodation (STA)? 

Short Term Accommodation (STA) is designed to provide temporary care and accommodation for NDIS participants. STA offers a safe and supportive environment where participants can receive the care they need while their regular carers take a break. This service is beneficial during times of transition, when carers need time off, or when participants need to experience different living arrangements. 

Benefits of STA 

  1. Carer Relief: STA provides much-needed respite for regular carers, allowing them to rest and recharge. This break helps prevent burnout and ensures carers can continue providing high-quality care. 
  2. Participant Independence: STA offers participants an opportunity to develop independence by experiencing different living arrangements and routines. 
  3. Skill Development: During STA, participants can engage in activities that promote skill development, such as daily living tasks, social interactions, and community participation. 
  4. Social Engagement: STA provides a chance for participants to meet new people, make friends, and engage in social activities, enhancing their social connections and well-being. 
  5. Safe and Supportive Environment: STA ensures participants are cared for in a safe and supportive environment, providing peace of mind for both participants and their carers. 

Accessing STA Services 

  1. Determine Eligibility: To access STA services, you must be eligible for the NDIS and have STA included in your NDIS plan. Eligibility criteria include being under 65 years of age, an Australian citizen or permanent resident, and having a significant and permanent disability that affects your ability to perform daily tasks. 
  2. Develop Your NDIS Plan: Work with your NDIS planner or local area coordinator to develop a plan that includes STA. Discuss your needs, goals, and the type of support required during short-term stays. 
  3. Choose the Right STA Provider: Selecting the right STA provider is crucial to ensuring you receive high-quality support. Look for providers with experience, a good reputation, and a commitment to personalized care. Kuremara is a trusted option, offering comprehensive NDIS service providers in Melbourne and NDIS services. 
  4. Implement Your Plan: Once your plan is approved and you have chosen a provider, work with them to implement your STA services. This includes setting up your accommodation, establishing a support routine, and ensuring all necessary resources are in place. 

Choosing the Right STA Provider 

Choosing the right STA provider in Melbourne is essential to maximizing the benefits of your support. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a provider: 

  • Experience and Expertise: Look for providers with a proven track record in delivering STA services. Experienced providers are more likely to offer high-quality support tailored to your needs. 
  • Reputation and Reviews: Research reviews and testimonials from other participants to gauge the provider’s reputation. Positive feedback from others can give you confidence in your choice. 
  • Personalized Approach: Choose providers who offer personalized care plans that align with your goals and preferences. A tailored approach ensures you receive the most effective support. 
  • Range of Services: Consider providers that offer a comprehensive range of services, including skill development, community participation, and therapeutic supports. This ensures you have access to all the resources needed for short-term accommodation. 
  • Support Network: A strong support network is invaluable. Choose providers who work closely with your family, friends, and other support coordinators to ensure holistic and coordinated care. 

Implementing Your STA Plan 

With your STA plan in place and a trusted provider selected, it’s time to implement your plan. Here’s how you can manage your STA services effectively: 

  1. Understand Your Plan: Familiarize yourself with the details of your plan, including the specific supports and services included. 
  2. Regular Communication: Maintain open communication with your STA provider and support coordinators. Regular check-ins help address any issues promptly and ensure your needs are continuously met. 
  3. Monitor Progress: Keep track of your experience and progress during STA. Regularly review your plan and make adjustments as needed to stay on track. 
  4. Seek Feedback: Regularly seek feedback from your support network, including family, friends, and service providers. Their insights can help you improve your experience and achieve better outcomes. 

Leveraging Additional Supports 

In addition to STA, consider leveraging other NDIS supports to enhance your experience. These can include: 

  • Assistive Technology (AT): Devices and equipment that assist with daily tasks and mobility. 
  • Therapeutic Supports: Services such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and counseling to improve health and well-being. 
  • Capacity Building Supports: Programs that focus on skill development, employment support, and social participation. 

Kuremara offers a range of additional supports to complement STA services, ensuring you receive comprehensive care. 

Regular Plan Reviews 

Regular plan reviews are essential to ensure your STA services continue to meet your needs. An annual review is typically conducted, but you can request a review at any time if your circumstances change significantly. During these reviews, assess your progress, evaluate the effectiveness of your supports, and make necessary adjustments to your plan. 

Proactive communication with your providers and support coordinators can ensure that your plan remains aligned with your evolving needs. Kuremara can assist with ongoing plan management and adjustments, ensuring your supports are always optimized. 


Short Term Accommodation (STA) under the NDIS provides individuals with disabilities and their carers with valuable respite, skill development, and social engagement opportunities. By understanding the benefits of STA, developing a personalized plan, choosing the right provider, and leveraging additional supports, participants can maximize the benefits of their NDIS plan. Partnering with a trusted provider like Kuremara, which offers services such as NDIS registered providers and NDIS services, can significantly enhance your experience. Let Kuremara be your ally in navigating the NDIS and unlocking your full potential.

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